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  1. Glad we got away from those 4ksbs
  2. We are far, far from done with the pandemic in the US. We should all be thankful that the Kiwis won the cup in Bermuda. If the US or the Brits had won we would not be having a competition right now.
  3. I don't understand why all of the republicans who have aspirations of running for president in 4 years would want the asswipe aquitted. Sure, if they vote to convict him they will lose the possible vote of the deplorables but if they don't the have got to know that he is not going to go away and he will still be around to disrupt the election in some form and and they won't get the deplorable vote anyway. It seems to me that it would be better for them if he were to be barred from ever running again. I don't get it.
  4. A friend of mine had a Precision 19, i don't know what it weighs but he towed it with a Chevy half ton 2wd which he replaced with a 4wd after he got stuck on a not very steep but slimy ramp and had to call his wife to pull him out with her Explorer.
  5. I like the style of Patriot (hate the name) she reminds me of the profile of Dart beach cat including the keel line, and a well executed reverse sheer.
  6. Meade Gougeons Adagio trimaran is a good example of the longevity of a well built and well maintained lightweight multihull, 35ft x 2400lb okoume plywood /epoxy, 50 years old and still winning races on the great lakes. I read a lot of negative comments about various materials such as plywood or balsa core. I have done more than my share of core replacement and while personally I prefer foam cores for my own boats I have yet to see a rotten balsa core that was the fault of the balsa, it is always a human at fault, be it the builder cutting corners or a negligent owner. Same goes for plywood bo
  7. Too late for most countries that didn't go early and do a proper lockdown, where i live its a lost cause. New Zealand on the other hand with the exception of the tourist industry people are going to work, schools are fully open, food is being harvested, sports are going on, if you watch the Americas cup racing there are hundreds, if not thousands of spectators watching live in close proximity of one another without masks, the type of freedom we can only dream of. I will be surprised if we get back to that level this year.
  8. Absolutely, beats the hell out of hockey and I live in Minnesota.You guys bitch a lot about it but still keep watching.
  9. The TNZ cat did go on to win the cup after that capsize so there is that. Hopefully Patriot will be able to be rebuilt to race another day. It is really amazing what these shore crews are capable of in a short period of time when they have to.
  10. Dean has experience from the very beginning of foiling in the AC.
  11. Your opinion, not everyone feels that way. I can't change the channel quick enough when hockey, football, basketball etc come on. Zero interest.
  12. They have been morally bankrupt for years.
  13. I don't think the glue used in BS 1088 marine plywood has evolved at all in the last 50 years, it was a perfect product then as it is now.
  14. New Zealand has done such a competent job handling the covid 19 pandemic that they have shown an 11% reduction in deaths from all sources between march and september when compared to previous years, presumably due to lower deaths from automobile accidents during their real lockdown and the usual deaths from seasonal flu and pneumonia etc due to social distancing and handwashing etc, as well of course to the very small number of covid deaths.
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