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  1. CDC Releases New Orwellian Guidelines For Those Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19
  2. News BREAKING: FDA Pausing Use Of Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine After Women Face Deadly Side Effect Published 2 hours ago on April 13, 2021 By Corinne Clark ... The COVID 19 vaccine rollout is facing a major hurdle today as FDA makes a major announcement about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. ...
  3. for some reason it's Too RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, and Too American to ask for Any ID to VOTE Butt ....................
  4. It's Tradition that someone shall fly flags saying something quite offencive likely they will need to tell others what it says as no one likely will notice best to change someone else's display if they set them up the evening before you are welcome
  5. I once called to have someone come out and give me a Quote on Shutters They sent a Blind Guy that didn't go over well on FB either
  6. that Fone and yer Kamera Batteries # The SAME Risk This was a Battery Pack at a place I drive for now and then was on the proper charger with All the safe guards working Only 1 cell exploded into flames - then those to each side and on and on This happened in a clear spot yet in the office ,,, lacking Fuel close by so flames did not spread fire extinguisher was Wasted as it ain't No Use in That situation The Building Saved !! Na Fire Dudes Hosed it All and the Smoke went everywhere Looks OK from Outside BUT needs to be Gutted You likely have a few o
  7. the nerve of FUCKS using all that water to feed plants that do nothing more than feed us while purifying the air and said water all the while keeping life on earth healthy FUCK THAT, More Laws and Taxes and lowcost housing over the fields that once feed us we can buy shit to eat from countries saving money by using tried and true methods of farming Like DDT and Malathion Better living through Chemistry .... ask any Monsanto Scientist GET YER VACCINE before the Stage 4 TEST is completed !!
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