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  1. REAL Suggestion Drop yer stuff in trailer box Secure boat up-side-down on top of trailer box with removable cross-members Simple, then it has a lid and Room for Beer, Pop-Up Can-O-Pee, Firewood, Rigging, Etc yer welcome !!
  2. just get an outboard and sum Bass Seats for the trailer done
  3. Inside anchorage Zone in DAGO USCG Runs Over Anchored Christmas Boat Parade Family Spectator Boat DESPITE having Lights Do As They Say ... Not ASS They Do ............. 3 families in fatal boat crash suing Coast Guard Anthony DeWeese, 8, died in a December boat crash. Intent is to force change in protocol on S.D. Bay By Jeanette Steele, Debbi Baker Feb. 17, 2010 12:02 AM
  4. Jeep Commander All (4) years Bulbs are Simple - Grab, Twist, replace, insert, twist done Leadlight ASSembly a little more complicate
  5. Nothing like a boat with a couple Nice Racks on it
  6. You from Frisco coming up w dat ..... Gang Smash & Grab all over yer city reports saying The City is facing law-suites over POOP Related Slip and falls while gang members were evading the other gangs trying to Rob them of their ill gotten gain So you say Hot Rod is a hero - in-spite of the Garbage he didn't clean up ?? Troubling !!
  7. As a guy many think Hates Jeeps b/c of what I have learned I just got rid of my Firetruck 2006 Jeep Commander About a year ago I bought New Headlight assemblys for $115 for the pair Sold that POS on Friday and bought a 1988 Dodge Ram Van B250 Swapped out the headlights right away I'm replacing brake/tail lights with an aray of LED lights to fill a 7" x11" opening At least I can see/reach every part around engine / Trans Already sounds better than the Jeep that would have CEL on once a week My Bitch is Price Jump with 80% reduction of light
  8. WTF, don't those thing get Better and Cheaper Or are they All just sitting off LongBeach corroding away ?
  9. "THAT" is the ONLY Question from there you could go walk yer DoG of chop sum wood and Hot Rod likely would Go Off/On for 36 hours explaining the unimaginable Oh Fuck ... 1 more Question .... Did ElMurry (shpelling ?) go down with the Shit .. I mean ship ? oh and was the Harliesky insured I think Guy La Douche still owns the intellectual rights to what is left of The (C) Flyin Hawaiian drawings I heard Hot Rod made a 4'X8' Hard Copy but failed to use Green Board so the plans are kinda moldy and curled
  10. A friend (NO NOT me) Had a Blowie thing in his car Like $600 install + $250 a month to drive When the fucker sounded he had like 10-30 seconds to give it a Good Blow Much more distracting than answering a fone call But That's the LAW in Kalifornia You Could get a Fine for Distracted Driving whilst trying to grab and blow in that thing But that's the ShitLife you live after a DWI or 2 or 3
  11. Winston Churchill had an Alcohol Perscription with him when he came to the USofA during prohibition https://vinepair.com/wine-blog/winston-churchill-received-a-prescription-for-alcohol-to-get-around-american-prohibition/
  12. Yo Bob, just a suggestion well unlike MOST here he Actually Did Design and Build a err umm ah Well it Was Bigger that most Anyone around here has ever owned And Actually left under the GG Bridge for "The LIFE" of a Hawaiian as per records of USCG he must still be under-way (nothing to the contrary) and nothing identifiable found upon any shore H.R. is less than a 1%'er having done what others only dream of What the fuck he wanted, on his terms sick, twisted & ill-fated as it may have been
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