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  1. I Assure you there is at least 1 person More Adverse to snow hell even rain for that matter or Kold = <70 degrees (friggin Winter nights Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
  2. played DAGO wheeeeeey back in the Daz
  3. Snot what I wood call a Racer likely could be had for < That Much Sail the bastard around (or spend the bucks on the P Canal) but ya closer is King what happened to that Fixer GUNBOAT they towed in ???
  4. I know of a Hunter 28.5 with great sails/Bottom so far this year All Bullets except last Wednesday took a 2nd after the last beerCan it's Going away Juan Way or another I can get you all info if interested, owner Not trying to get as much as he can He Want's Out of it so he can get a single hand boat
  5. I have a couple boxes (100 or so) of albums I bought from a radio station guy in OB Whey The FUCK ago they are all stamped "MASTER NOT TO BE SOLD" or something close but MASTER for sure he said they were not used at the station, he had taken home the extra copies other than thicker I have No idea the difference in material or quality ???? I got a MP3 converting turntable to digitize my collection But kan't be Arsed to get to doing it now you can get Live copies off YouTube, so why bother ??
  6. https://media.giphy.com/media/efUBIKTEo32Pkj6Q5W/giphy.mp4
  7. must be an acquired taste like cigarettes
  8. guess we get Better pandemics
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