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  1. you say voting like it makes any difference San Diego, California, Measure C, Lodging Tax for Convention Center Expansion, Street Repairs, and Homelessness Programs (March 2020) "AFTER IT FUCKING FAILED to PASS" San Diego Measure C Election date March 3, 2020 Topic Local hotel tax Status Approved Type Initiative Origin Cit
  2. Begs the question, how much is a $1.00 in non metric money
  3. electric windows and door locks should be a nice touch maybe pinch that bottom one when ya close the hatch and I bet each one votes
  4. They came for and never left after the last DEAD Concert at the Sports Aroma
  5. 3 beers for a Hoe is much more than in ALGODONES
  6. 1.5 miles from my house is Not Far
  7. Scripps Health CEO addresses cyberattack in an internal memo Scripps Health patients are still struggling to learn when the hospital system's operations will be back to normal 10 days after a cyberattack. By: Rachel Bianco Posted at 6:06 PM, May 11, 2021 and last updated 6:06 PM, May 11, 2021 SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Patients are still struggling to get
  8. never heard of Mouser, but I see there is one about 2X as far as Fry's was looked at their site and no mention of MB's Memory etc you could back in the day, walk outta Fry's with a basket full of stuff and put a Complete PC together when ya got home
  9. in college, (engineering), a professor once said, "If a machine or program is made by humans, it is easily repairable, replaceable and re-programmable...". = Hackable
  10. ones around here have been long out of shit my guess they OWNED the Land and held out till The Perfect RealEstate Storm that is Today if they were/are an open business, likely some TAX or other MONEY incentives making it worth the wait Unlike a Frys Lifetime Warranty
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