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  1. that is one ugly fucking mess. what the hell is that? a big lump of 5200? And its all over the place. smdh
  2. the Infinite monkey theorem. you know, 100 monkeys working on 100 typewriters given enough time will bang out Shakespeare. same idea, but i think its 100 lying fuckwits on 100 keyboards pumping out word salad. how do these people sleep at night?
  3. im a fat guy, and i have regularly hit 20 on my well abused Supercat 17, with a beach bottom and old sails. verified on my Garmin Marq watch.
  4. that sounds very Pastafarian, and as one, I agree with you and I will strive to do better to remember the teachings. 'Suggestions 13. Thou shalt be amused rather than angered by the words and deeds of Idiots; for I am the noodly Lord and I have created Idiots solely for entertainment purposes, Mine first and thine likewise.'
  5. 21,628 dead from covid in her state. +1,614 new cases today. 1,163,795 total cases out of a population of 10,617,423. 109,612 cases per 1m population. she needs to put down the pipe and help her people, or fucking well resign. i wonder if she is vaccinated.....
  6. Fuck. Now we are going to have the 'only way to stop a bad guy with a paving stone is with a good guy with a paving stone' crowd.
  7. surely you would notice someone trying to take your gun.....
  8. it should be that everyone is entitled to an EDUCATED opinion.
  9. Who would have seen that coming? The Qanon Shaman is not working with a full deck....
  10. We need more Pirates, as there is a direct link between the decrease in Pirates and global warming. May the sauce be upon you.
  11. absolute legend. fair winds
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