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  1. jk is a killer, responsible for more lead on the ocean's bottom than any other 'designer', as well as the yard sale, that took Bart's life, that was Artemis' Big Red Dog. the first 30 thats up your way is a bit of a killer as well, having taken the life of an O30..... fuck Juan K
  2. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=what's+the+modulus+of+elasticity+for+SK75+and+SK78+Dyneema%3F
  3. and thats that...... looks like joetheknobgobbler is done and dusted.
  4. what part of 'fuck off newbie and show us your wife's tits' is so hard to understand?
  5. Its just a Wess sock.
  6. When you make statements like, 'The only firearms present at the capitol building on Jan ,6 we're possessed by law enforcement.' it shows that you are an ignorant piece of shit.
  7. You are a fucking idiot.
  8. what the hell are you doing in Las Cruces N.M?
  9. so long, and thanks for all the fish.
  10. this is the exact reason I, as a Pastafarian Reverend, get to wear my religious headdress in any american government identification.
  11. highly modified Tomcat 6.2. gawd i miss that boat.
  12. one of the better covers, but i do love the Hip, so Im biased.
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