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  1. Mate, you can avoid this problem and associated expenses by using pool paint. Theres a good thread here about it.....
  2. even with that said, you are still a fucking twat 'TheTruth".
  3. the marq is pretty good, i was given one from work..... i dont think i would ever buy one. it makes more sense if you have garmin instruments on the boat and use it as a personal repeater.
  4. the exchange rate is pretty favourable right now....
  5. these guys built a beautiful, modified (approved by Ian) 32 ax. the owner wanted the cockpit wall in the aft cabin position with no aft cabin. the boat came out amazingly light and scary fast. i know they have the rights to build one more....... https://tomcatboats.com/custom-projects/
  6. still easier to train then people. gawd people are fucking stupid. just put the fucking mask over your mouth AND nose. jfc.
  7. so, we are over a year, and almost 2.9 million deaths into this........ three weeks ago we added a new member to my family. we got lucky and saved a terrier/shepherd pup from the pound. she is three months two weeks old. she is now house broken....... i went to Lowes today. i saw three full grown fucking idiots not wearing their masks right. easier to train a pup than a person.
  8. sometimes, Darwin doesn't move fast enough.
  9. kinda surprised this has not come up yet........ https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/02/capitol-hill-on-lockdown-after-police-say-vehicle-rammed-into-two-officers.html
  10. pretty anticlimactic, kinda like this thread...........
  11. Id suggest that in this case its not quite equal parts of column a and column b.
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