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  1. Good to see all SR crew safe after activation of EPIRB, you would think a Sat phone would be a must for this race or it was also water damaged with the HF. From the photos on the ORCV web site, it appears they have a sat receiver/transmitter unit! That fancy nav station is obviiously not sheltered enough! Turbo looks good for handicap! Not sure if ORCV has recommendations on what justifies use of EPIRB, suspect SR went over the top with this, if they had missed the sked without activitaing an EPIRB, any reasonable person would have concluded, no real danger, but no radio. I suspect
  2. It gets worse at the other end of the Fleet and last I heard there is no weighting to the scoring system, no Rhiannon in AMS WTF? Unless Lowa has some other pressing engagement, it's a pretty clear indication that Sandy are not fair dinkum this year. For the record Rhiannon is clearly leading it's division in the Club Marine series, with nothing but 1st and 2nd ( including their drop )
  3. Would be good to see it stay in Melbourne. Needs a bit of a spend to make it competitive again - Team TF do that well! Pussy Galore (also a Cookson 50 canter) was recently bought by an ex-Beneteau 47.7 owner. Now called Pretty Fly III. Fair to say they're had a steep learning curve since getting the new boat. I'd suggest the TF crew would have that same curve. Not to say they can't. I'm sure they will. It's just a massive step to go from a 47 foot plastic caravan to a 50 foot full carbon canter. Might want to steer clear of them the first few gybes in 20 knots +... C
  4. Looks like Clean and Katie Burns better find another job, at least this reporter gets the facts right and doesn't hog the limelight, just gotta work on timing a little, this may have happened around three days ago!
  5. +1 FFS Don HTFU you might as well draw a target on yourself, you could set your sights higher that being Flatties bunnie, especially with Easter around the corner! While we're on this topic, Flatty, get a life, what kind of sad prick wanders around the Marina while everyone else is out to play, haven't you got any mates ?
  6. Who would you select to represent SYC ?
  7. Was somewhere in Qld. Was entered in last Melb-Osaka 2H but pulled out. Now known as just "Cadi" Was up for sale a while back so don't know whre she might be now. Mooloolaba YC. Are you sure you aren't getting your 7's and 8's mixed up 7= Kontrol 8= Up North or maybe I have it wrong!
  8. LH said they heard the splintering after tearing their #2 headsail. Not sure but probably caused when dropping off some waves upwind. Probably not a great endorsement for their Sailmaker!
  9. Interesting how some boats get out of control, but still keep pushing it, Terra Firma had a fairly big broach, dropped the kite and relaunched fairly smartly, all up, didn't seem to set them back too much. For some of us, it might ruin our whole day! Seemed to be using a pretty large kite too!
  10. Not sure if this is such a good idea! In these troubled times with the GFC, Georgia sinking and the Victorian Bushfires, it's good to have some certainty and normality returned to our lives, the recent return of Don and Rossco to this thread, reaffirms to us that the world as we knew it, hasn't been totally lost.
  11. Sorry, that is incorrect. We did in fact initially sail towards a mark with four flashes (my bad call as I spotted it first) and until we realized we had gone way too far. It was in fact our mainsheet guy that finally spotted R1 well overlayed and we timed the flashes and reached back to round it correctly, losing about 4 or 5 minutes in the process. I can vouch for the above, because as we reached back to the R1 mark, the plotter proximity alarm went off as we came within 50 metres of it, causing me to do a minor dummy spit. Something about thousands of dollars worth of electronic
  12. Still working the bastard out and if we can fix the corners of the course should be better. Hopefully we have another new one in Melb by Geelong and there is a chance that the French boat might be there so makes it even more promising. Anyone know if the old SMB2 is comming out to play ? Don't have any contact with them, but they were at the Corporate Day on Friday, nice of them to support the club, expected they might hang around for the Range Races, but it didn't happen.
  13. A dude from Parks Vic has confirmed in writing that R1 was not there during the (Tam O) race. Not there, and not replaced with any temporary mark. Rossco, WTF did you round ? And you weren't the only boat to have rounded 'R1' - Magic claimed to have found it too. Thickening plot ensues. Actally at least four boats (and more importantly crews) found it. Smooth Criminal, Magic , Delphis and I am advised Flirt.(with a man up the mast so it goes) I suggest the Dude from Parks has only confirmed they replaced a so called missing mark. They never took it away, only replaced what th
  14. Yep popped the kite, lit the after burners and straight to hyper drive , anybody that was standing had to take one or 2 steps backwards! 10 knts to 15 in an instant best anyone noticed was 16 knts but was sure it was more. By the time the kite was up the Jib changed we had to gybe and then hoist jib and prepare to drop etc too busy so no-one hardly had any time to notice the speed!! There were grins from ear to ear I think we pulled out and extra 3-4 minutes on the Beno 45? behind us in that leg, was even 1st boat across the line about 2 minutes in front of Flirt (Div 0) who started 5 mi
  15. Credible witness absent, foolishly thinks his family are more important than other people's shitfight, I would foolishly agree with him on that score. Protest dismissed, not sure why you are so keen to advertise it, it makes your mate Ross look a bit of a dickhead, IMHO.
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