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  1. I found this list fascinating. Don't even know what half of these items are. Made me wonder how we ever survived. How did we not get into trouble cruising for 5 years with a compass, hand bearing compass, Walker log, sextant, leadline, Baron wind instruments that never really worked despite my best efforts. And the Seafarer depth sounder that just went round and round whenever the engine was on. Our best instruments were our eyes and good binoculars. Constant observation and "keep your head out of the boat" kept us safe and sound. Fog in the Frisian Islands, visibility in the Tuamot
  2. Why is it impossible to simply take out the garbage/rubbish/trash? Can't figure it out. It is like a virus with these boats.
  3. Think he said he is launching on May 3rd. Thanks, wondered where he was working on the boat.
  4. We enjoy watching Sam's videos. Unpretentious. The guy you want on your boat when stuff breaks. And stuff does break. Looking forward to his Atlantic crossing this spring/summer.
  5. Did notice about $100,000 on Kick Starter a while back. Don't know how much they were given in the end. I realize it is all theater but noticed the surveyor lighting the stove to see if it worked. And the tv. Suppose they have a system but I would rather have them spend their time checking the hull or deck for moisture etc. I wouldn't be paying someone to turn on the stove. Think most of us can handle that. Then again, maybe they weren't allowed to check things or the owner didn't show them etc. Perhaps they didn't even meet the owners. But there was a listing broker,
  6. Since we all have opinions; Kinda hoping for a LR win as I always go with the underdog. I think NZ is much faster even in the lighter stuff. And not slow in the tacks either. Hate to bring up conspiracy theories but could NZ be sandbagging in order to extend the series? Don't really know why, but just have the feeling they could pass if they desired. The numbers don't lie. They are quick. As many of us here know, you can cover a lot of mistakes with speed.
  7. I will second that and third it etc. and Shirley R doesn't seem to like LR much.
  8. Is there any way to just have the onboard audio stream? that way I wouldn't have to listen to the "commentators" .
  9. I would put money on it that she sank. Maybe not completely but low enough.
  10. With all the chase boats and technology, surely "they" know the speeds. Not saying to keep everyone thinking it will be a contest? Will be interesting on day one but I would think lots of people already know the outcome.
  11. Surprised that no one seems to know for sure the speed differential between ENTZ and LR. One would think with todays technology, it would be fairly easy to at least approximate. So is it 5kts? 10 Kts? If there is a huge speed differential, is ENTZ going to slow down to make it more of a TV spectacle? A bit over one week to go. Thought we would know more. Hoping it will be close and that LR takes the cup just for a change of scenery.
  12. So do we know when the next race might be? Asking for a friend.
  13. Okay, you guys finally did it. I have never needed the "ignore" before today. I guess it will be a very sparse "Prada" forum for me but I can live with that. Something about "not suffering fools gladly".
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