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  1. Where the 'owners' make no money. Really who would of thought! 2011 Well Done. Try 1986. Might have a few more tales to tell & spent a few more dollars at the club than yourself. Crewed on several of those 50 tee footers . Thank you for your reply.
  2. This is why the TP at SYC was sold. Difficult to get experienced crew when the club enforced it's sail pass policy. Crew would fly in or travel long distance's at their own expense & being members of other clubs to be confronted with you must pay to go sailing today. With its youth programme it was about mentoring and introducing dinghy sailors to big boat racing. Guess what SYC you fucked a great programme and a terrific owner over whilst you used that boat as a promotion to it being the best/most visible boat in the bay. SYC is a business not a Yacht club.
  3. The whole TP 52 Championships have been abandoned. The owner of a certain Botin 52 has been told it is not a TP by TP owners, and therefore the gigs off.
  4. I think they might of got the header wrong. You click on Association Cup 2012 and you get photo's from a RYCV club race with the odd picture of other boats it seems sharing the same course marks.
  5. It is rare for us to receive a post that demonstrates so conclusively why the poster is a complete fuckwit. Way back before you were born doughbrain, Geelong Regatta was the equivalent of a family get together - the uncles, brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. all got together and had a party with some vicious racing thrown in for good measure. People slept on their boats, well anyones boat actually, there was lots of alcohol and tall stories. The event was run over a long weekend and everyone had a good time. We didn't mind paying the Geelong "Beer ticket tax" because
  6. Just making observations is all. How many boat would do a "Port Philip only" entry do you thing? I don't see how not allowing a particular rating system has anything to do with whether a boat chooses to only race the port phillip races. And the entry fees, quite un-fucking believable. Anyone here from RGYC care to weigh in ? Its the event organizers in conjunction with RGYC that set the rates.The event organizer tendered to run this event within a budjet that had inflated the running costs over the recent years due to Skandia/Audi. No big name sponsor hike the rates.Doug Jarvi
  7. No big name sponsor = Cost increase for entry and god knows what else. Entry list down 40% on 2010
  8. They pulled their main down when they got hit by a 35+kt rain squall and didnt think that it was safe to reach into Stanley with zero visibility onto a lee shore with very little runway after the finish line. We made the same decision to retire being only 15nm from the nut, the visibility was close to zero with constant rain at night. All the boats in the same area made the same decision based on the safety of the crew and boat for the sake of risking trying to finish We had two reefs in the main only and hit 19 knots boat on return to Port Phillip with peaks of 40 knots wind s
  9. I may have to move to QLD. Are there crew up there? First race of the season and NO CREW available, and by NO CREW I mean None, Zero, Nada, Zip, not one. So I may have to race a Reichel Pugh 36 carbon fibre sportyacht weighing a grand total of 2,477kgs with more working sail area than a S38 and large asy kites off a 2 meter sprit, single handed. Oh Joy, Oh glee. HOW THE FUCK AM I GOING TO GET TO THE ICEBOX FOR COLD BEER??? I think Wharro's free!
  10. Something to do with not having the A3 tack line on a winch, it pulled thru the jammer and all went pear shaped in some big time breeze. One dude came up under the boat and saw the tramsom disappearing fast. Major wing damage to his arm so it's in a sling for the next couple of months. Major rebuild of the arse end of the boat, they did away with the platform thingy in the mioddle and widened the side decks. Mounted the stanchions on fibreglass spigots and surprise surprise, down came the fence and swims for some.Lot$ of freight involved in the mod$ apparently. Maybe they should have spent a b
  11. But were you born on the back seat of a Greyhound bus?
  12. Good rumour. The US is certainly flush with bargains in the grand prix racing space. And at 55 feet it would give him a little gap on the hot 50-52 footers and so frech aire around the race course. Interesting. Mex Is this your new job Mex? Why, yes it is! But who's the clown on my left? Mex You know its Bob. Bob's your uncle!
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