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  1. Didnt Hutch sat TNZ was making some flat panel? He should get his money back....that panel aint flat
  2. 2000 Cup...Technically 1999
  3. "if" being the pivotal word...….
  4. Six if you include the 57 in the tent.
  5. Those boats need to unify....FT needs the board job, and Flow needs the transom job.
  6. Yeah. Deal with it.
  7. Soma, I'm impressed with your refits on 62/1/02/03....I wish I had such a resume Do we agree that weight matters? Not sure why you separate Melvin from Morelli That's a well defined established design tandem going back to 62-01
  8. Soma, The (2) Harvey 62s were the benchmark: Light shells and well executed structure. The 2nd two 62s were executed "less well"...they contained a lot of parasitic weight...a concession to poor boat building, bad management and an economic squeeze...….boats 3 and 4 were the only ones commercially built. Execution is everything. The GBs after that were a whole different economic model....M/M or not.....a lot depends upon the builder and the mandate.
  9. I think the dock flotation on the "roof" shows me that HR is not completely out of his mind. What are those wheels for?
  10. And some consolating TitZ! I trust I am now forgiven? yikes! her tits have tits!! that's almost as awesome as three tits!I thought that was Marty Feldman for a second....
  11. Has that been a year already? I really gotta get a life......
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