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  1. I use these along with a folding bench. They are a little spendy, but excellent quality and have held up well for the last few years: PowerBlock Pro Dumbbells | Rogue Fitness
  2. A better example of expedition kayaking:
  3. Which model did you go with? 6D or Vito?
  4. I'm sure either the paint you have on hand or the pigmented epoxy would work great. That said, I have used Interlux Bilgekote in the past and it's dead simple to apply and durable. https://www.interlux.com/en/us/boat-paint/topcoat-finish/bilgekote
  5. The Harbor 25 is a neat little boat. I don't know if it will meet your performance needs, but it moves along in the light stuff just fine and has an asym kite and a retractable sprit that is easy to handle (particularly with a sock). I don't have any affiliation with the boat in the link below, but I do have a buddy with a Harbor 25 and have sailed it in a variety of conditions. The boat really does have a lot to offer and is a good value. https://www.boats.com/sailing-boats/2014-schock-harbor-25-7648459/
  6. Spotted 24 hours after being reported missing. His face says it all:
  7. Can you grind a relief (to remove the lip) into the toerail aft of each stanchion base and then slide the entire pulpit arrangement back, then up and out? Might be worth the effort if you really think you can remove those bases down on a bench. I am not sure that's happening though.
  8. J105. Finally planed, only to end in disaster.
  9. I agree - the Alerion has something that the Harbor 25 doesn't. I've sailed both though and they're comfortable and easy to sail. I didn't know the H25 had a wheel option... that would be a strange choice for that boat.
  10. As was mentioned up the thread, the Harbor 25 is also worth a look. Very comfortable, very forgiving, but still a nice sailing little daysailor (with the ability to do some weekending as well). If the Alerion 28 was ticking all of the boxes, I would certainly recommend checking out the Harbor 25.
  11. Here's another view from the water. From this angle, the folks in the dinghy took their time and started at the wrong end of boat. In their defense, it looks hot. (starts at 2:18 in the video):
  12. New England Ropes' Salsa line is great for mainsheets. You can get it in 5/16" (8mm) or 3/8" (9.5mm). https://www.neropes.com/products/performance/product/detail/salsa-line/
  13. Because of the design of the Phantom - the legs are convenient for grabbing and project far enough down that the risk of getting sliced by the blades is reduced. The Mavic has smaller, foldable legs and (particularly the rear) blade sets are quite close to the body. To hand retrieve it, you'll need to grab the underside of the drone which may be a little sporty from a floating platform like a boat. By the way, the drones can be unpredictable when you hand retrieve them as the sensors might sense an obstacle as you reach for it. When that happens, the drone will try to avoid it by flying a
  14. DJI is really the only game in town for consumer drones. If you are looking at launching/retrieving from a boat, Sparrow is correct - the Phantom series is the best bet. If you are looking at filming from shore, then the Mavic series is really cool. I've owned a Mavic and was very happy with it. I wouldn't try to hand retrieve one though.
  15. Just a hole saw. I didn't see any location on mine where the holes were prepared or the core was isolated. Despite that, the core issues were easy enough to repair. YMMV.
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