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  1. Hamilton with two Honda's before him Gasly and Verstappen.
  2. ^ On a talk show with sailors here in NED the discussion went the same way. But still some wondered if they understood the rule book enough.
  3. I used this in a discussion with an antivax, she agreed in the past with the lock the elderly down for protection. You should have seen her eyes when I took that same reasoning to her. Her main reason was , no strange stuff in my body. Someone here mentioned tattoo's, alcohol vegan etc. She was a tattoo artist and is covered with them on put hundreds on people. I used the argument she is already full of shit from the ink in her body not to worry about a vaccine. She is anti mask too, so I laid out that the hate of masking up counts for medical staff too. Only volunteers should tr
  4. ^^ At the start we protected the old so the society et large was capable to handle the virus. Effectively locked them up, no visits, no touch etc. Around 15% of the Dutch society had very strict rules. Now the society is at risk by anti-vaxxers, around 13 % here now. So what goes around comes around. Protect them in the same way as the elder endured. They are mostly healthy and younger, so less mental damage. And can make it up later in life. It means in short, lock them up in their homes, and only food and essentials by delivery. They can stick indoors for a year. A
  5. Jury refuses to give the video to the Dutch coach. They based the judgement solely on tracker. Anyway the hunting of the Den of Ned, while Ned was out of gold, and making a big mistake is karma.
  6. Top 8 close. Bouwmeester protested jury, tracker said she was over, video coverage shows not. Jury had no visual. But decision stands. So many restarts with Bouwmeester pushing it... one to much. Why Den visited Ned at start line was weird... And leaving the race was karma. Both Den and Ned a fucked race. Now close in points 1st & 2d...
  7. Road,Time Trail & MTB done, man and woman; 1 Swiss 1 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze. MTB and TT 2 Netherlands 1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze. Road and TT 3 Slovenia 1 gold, no silver, 1 bronze. Road and TT On a bike Track and BMX to go.
  8. Irony says anti vax argument is right. Covid is like the flu.... yep, if you are vaccinated. Italian news; Almost 99% of Covid deaths in Italy since February were among not fully vaccinated, say authorities Almost 99% people who have died of Covid-19 in Italy since February this year were not fully vaccinated, the National Health Institute (ISS) has said. The study, contained in a regular report on Covid-19 deaths released by the public health body, added that the few fully vaccinated people who died of Covid were also significantly older than those who died without full
  9. Point of rider view of the drop, if you xpect a ramp...you can roll over. It is a pity MVDP missed the info, he will feel shit. Even the last training man only, ramp was there. But he noticed almost everyone dropping off there, brainfog... but coach should have confirmed his knowledge...
  10. Womans race now, wet, plank installed, Neff in the lead.... Edit, Wow, Neff really rocking, she rides the technical parts better then any man I have seen yesterday. While it is muddy and wet. I hope someone do a comparison video.
  11. Blind drop, can not see it before. If you roll over just an inch before the ramp you are committed. It happened 10 minutes into the race, no chase or blowing up happening. Pidcock, WVA and MVDP are all multi talents. But it looks like Pidcock is the only on with a shot on a grand tour win.
  12. Yep, in 12 practice runs he did the last days, ramp was there. Then a miscommunication prevented him knowing it was to be removed. Coach at fault. But a brain fog of MVDP too. He missed some signals. But what a performance of Piddy, little fucker. So small and light...
  13. Or not. Immunity can reduce over time.. reinfection is happening, in the UK too. Still a drop though. 0.5% with limited testing for it. And at which cost ? We will know end Sep.
  14. Looks like a customer out of hell, all whining but no details.
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