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  1. Ah, thanks. Yep, Brexit is done for must in the UK and EU. But there is still a lot to sort out. I m curious how BJ will solve the NIP problems. Normally first shout at the EU, then sign something he says he will not sign.
  2. Laser, are you gong to vote ? Is there a difference with a settled status in voting rights for EU citizens in the UK ? BTW; Johnson said that if he concluded the Irish Sea trade checks were not working in the interests of the UK he would invoke article 16, which allows either London or Brussels to temporarily suspend the protocol, according to the BBC. The broadcaster has issued clips from the programme, which goes out on Tuesday night at 9pm. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/apr/20/boris-johnson-uk-trying-to-cut-ludicrous-northern-ireland-checks
  3. Regarding Brexit. NIP talks are following a route we have seen before; EU; shows us some plans. UK; we have non but ideas in some areas, be flexible, it is your fault. Both; let's call the talks constructive. Very similar to WAB an TAC talks of the last years.
  4. JGH, he is lost, ignore him for your health, and thank you for not quoting him. UK press is in a horrible state, every newspaper or TV channel could have done the ROI requests and found out about the Oxford finances. Now the medical sector itself got enough of the bull shit coming from BJ mouth.. Who of you is the biggest scumbag ?
  5. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.04.08.21255103v1.full.pdf EU was the largest spender of the research on new method of vaccination at Oxford. At the time UK was in Horizon programme for this, so paid into that EU fund too. But EU spending committee was independent. UK funded for AZ the research to make it an AZ jab. Suddenly no EU or US money to be seen. Waisted money for the EU ? Nope, EU funded this fundamental research at other EU universities too. At the time they all worked together, and together they worked out the fundaments. Jannsen (J&J) vaccine is ba
  6. Germany has fined and deported three British electricians. Customs authority officials in Stuttgart acted after they inspected the men's paperwork while they were fitting out a sports shop for a Slovenian company. Thomas Seemann, the spokesman for the customs office in Stuttgart, told The Times: “The official accusation against the men is that they were working illegally in the Federal Republic of Germany, as they did not have a place of residence or the correct paperwork. “Based on this, they had to deposit a ‘financial security’ for the expected penalty. "The public prosecutor’s o
  7. Yesterday’s news: German agency connects AZ to risk of blood-clotting. UK press and politicians; Unscientific! They put everyone at risk! UK public empathised so quickly, so completely with “their” agency over ”other” agencies that the outcome could only be: our agency says no connection, so an agency that sees a connection must be unscientific. Today’s news: How brilliant UK doctor linked blood-clotting to AZ, rightly wanting to raise awareness of a risk. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/apr/13/how-uk-doctor-marie-scully-blood-clotting-link-astrazeneca-covid-jab-univ
  8. Leading MEPs on Tuesday once again refused to set a date to ratify the EU-U.K. post-Brexit trade deal, saying they would wait until London gives reassurances it will apply the deal. The decision will be "deferred due to the need for progress on roadmap for pragmatic yet full implementation of the WithdrawalAgreement," tweeted Christophe Hansen, the lead Brexit MEP on the European Parliament's trade committee. "Cool heads must prevail," Hansen added. https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-uk-trade-post-brexit-deal-ratification-delayed-again/ -------------- Seems IMB and delaying NIP h
  9. Probably a Weymouth Speed Week participant from yore.
  10. UK admission to Lugano Convention looks like to be blocked by EU commission. An accord that facilitates court jurisdiction over cross-border civil and commercial disputes. Bad for UK SME and London FS. For divorces etc it will be the previous Hague convention that will deal with that.
  11. Both China and UK and US and ROW will have to pay VAT for access to EU single market for stuff under 150E. Import One Stop Shop for the EU, register in one country and it is valid for 27. https://shiptheory.com/blog/import-one-stop-shop-ioss/ https://tax-technology.expert/ioss-demystified/
  12. If you use OMP like Ebay, they will collect the VAT & customs fee by using a parcel delivery who will try to get it from the costumer. If the costumer refuses taking delivery the parcel will be send back and you have to pay.
  13. And regarding VAT and UK boats in the EU or selling to EU; Unprecedented collaboration brings VAT and customs clarification for recreational boaters and companies. https://www.rya.org.uk/newsevents/news/Pages/Collaboration-between-leading-leisure-marine-representative-bodies-yields-positive-confirmation-on-post-Brexit-VAT It is now a bit more clear but a headache..
  14. According to European commissioner Breton the EU/UK/AZ talks ended over UK claim to EU AZ production. UK sidelined as they wanted 50/50. It is now 70 EU/ 1.5 Somewhere else. AZ agreed on this according Breton; From stock and future production from both EU factories, Halix and Seneffe, quarter 2 will see 70 M to the EU, 1.5 M (estimated to be one batch from Halix) to be exported, probably to the UK. No comments on this news from AZ. UK response; “ The details of any commercial vaccine supply agreements between national governments and AstraZeneca are commercially sensitive and
  15. yeah, that is all there is. Nice spin. Adult criminals along the route are cheering on criminal youth so drugs can flow. A senior Belfast policeman, Assistant Chief Constable Jonathan Roberts, said Wednesday night’s rioters, some as young as 13, “were encouraged and supported by adults, who stood by and clapped and cheered and orchestrated those children in becoming involved in violent disorder.” On whatever side they are,for whatever reason they are inflaming sectarian passions, if they are using children they are scum. Brainwashed kids. Despicable adults.How low can you go.
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