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  1. https://www.cargoshipvoyages.com/VoyageDetails/?SCID=58&VID=286&SGID=704
  2. Meanwhile, the Tory tries to ban civil servants from inviting speakers who have criticised Boris Johnson or his policies. Meanwhile; "Since 2015 we have resettled 25 000 people, more than any other country in Europe " says Javid, totally unchallenged on SkyNews. HELLO ??? GERMANY TOOK IN OVER A MILLION !! False UK narratives on migration are simply breathtaking. Meanwhile Javid on Marr; UK was the first to warn for new variant, said it multiple times. Really ??? Nope. UK government is really in Pravda mode. Any lie will d
  3. I sailed many times with geusts for demo rides on a production boat, 3 is my answer. 2 in cockpit, one floating around. You could say that was in the style of a sportive day sail. For a relaxed ride in nice weather, aka just for fun sailing, 4.
  4. Get used to it, you have terrible neighbours after you left the house in a hissy fit. So, what is the UK going to do about it? The default answer seems to be, whinge, and blame everyone else.
  5. BJ is back as a journalist. Publishing on Twitter a letter. Reads like a opinion column. It is tabloid fodder, not new, not serious and insulting in the diplomatic scene. Blame the French. UK police patrolling French beaches, no way. Sending migrants straight back, no way. It's an attempt to go back to a situation which existed pre-Brexit (what about take back control???). France, on Britain’s behalf has blocked all ferry, truck or train routes for refugees across the Channel, now they launch from the beaches. Stop them there and they will find another way. I can think of a f
  6. You made me curious, thanks. https://medium.com/microbial-instincts/concerns-of-lipid-nanoparticle-carrying-mrna-vaccine-into-the-brain-what-to-make-of-it-42b1a98dae27 Lots of info, but the conclusion after lots of text with interesting facts; Thus, the mere 30 micrograms of mRNA vaccine injected intramuscularly pale in comparison to the actual virus infection in the capacity to trigger cytotoxic T-cell attacks in the brain or elsewhere. And yes, SARS-CoV-2 is capable of invading the brain and many other organs. Indeed, experts in the mRNA discussion google group who first
  7. I got your point, the moment you feel the UK is not the only idiot on Covid, you open this again. Not before. Should have used cynical opportunist instead of hypocrite. Sorry for that. You mentioning my name in a demeaning manor is childish. TIC et all.
  8. Yes, not dynamic but static. Both sides have the right, in certain circumstances, to take countermeasures if they believe they are being damaged by measures taken (or not taken!) by the other party in subsidy policy, tax rulings, labour and social policy, or climate and environment policy. The UK pushed for dynamic, but EU did not agree. Reason, do not trust the UK. Already been show to be a correct assessment.
  9. Priti Patel says there is ‘no quick fix’ to tackle migrant crossings. Not what Vote Leave promised... get used to it.
  10. Darmanin said in an interview to the French radio station RTL on Thursday that "Everyone knows there are more than 1.2 million illegal immigrants in Great Britain, and that British employers use this labor force to make things that the British manufacture and consume." He also pointed the finger at "poor" immigration handling in Britain, and compared France's deportation numbers to the U.K.'s: "It is often said that France doesn't deport enough, but we deport about 20,000 people a year. [the U.K.] expels 6,000, four times less than France, even though there are more people and twice as ma
  11. Why would France protect UK's borders ? That they do try to stop trafficking shows they have a sense of humanity. By ‘taking back control’ of your borders, you can lose control of your borders. For there is another side to every border. And so, without cooperation, you lose control or influence over what will be happening to your border. Brexit is an expensive and painful exercise, UK government now finding out just how interdependent things are in a complex world.
  12. What a hypocrite you are, months of higher case load and deaths in the UK, and no word. Now a few days the case load here is higher then the UK, you start posting here. In short, the UK let it run after "freedom" day and accepted higher death numbers, here the rules led to lower death number. And the restrictions were very light, nightlife and festivals. Now getting more strict again. Riots here, people already got sentenced with jail time, 2 months for throwing rocks. More aggressive rioters will get more but case takes longer to bring for judges. All now sentenced had a criminal re
  13. Not good that the mighty UK intelligence agencies and being the financial capital of the world the UK can not bring to justice the criminal gangs. I though they were the worlds best ?
  14. But you found it at the sceptics (pun intended). Which are waackoooo's There are numbers for everything, understanding them is key part of intelligence. Which you miss obviously, back on ignore for you and Slutzki.
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