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  1. Slippery as fuck. Russia is now visually confirmed to have lost 700 tanks since it began its invasion of Ukraine three months ago. This includes: - 18 T-64s - 417 T-72s - 133 T-80s - 20 T-90s - 112 Unknown tanks. So now they bring in T62's. Around 300 spotted on transport near the front. 60 year old tanks.. after 3 months. No autoloader, 4 man crew. Light armour. Not really updated to modern specs. Still less valued as the T72 they used. Means their stock of thousands of T72's are not suitable for action.
  2. Putin signed decree allowing for fast-track naturalization of Ukrainians from Kherson & Zaporizhzhia regions. Technically, this is an amendment to the April 2019 passportization decree for Donetsk & Luhansk. Just as in 2019, Putin shows he has zero interest in negotiations.
  3. Donbas, to many displaced people left the regions. Most of them because of Russian occupation. Crimea, same displacement, and lot's of Russian import. So very hard to do a fair referendum. Or even impossible.
  4. Russian propaganda again, read up on Minsk and Minsk 2 and the reasons it collapsed both times. Hint, DPR attacking in both occasions, with Russian help, which they denied.
  5. Kissinger was in Ukraine kissing up to the Russian minded president then. Trying to get a job. A few years before (1988) he did not believe Ukraine should be independent et all. He is intelligent, but not always right. Here his judgment is wrong. Selling Ukraine out to Russia as a great power won’t work. This isn’t the 18th or 19th century.
  6. Hope it does not collapse but moved West, unfortunately. It is going to be a hot and long summer. It still is only a small part of the front at risk. Moving them will cost time, and being moved out they risk loosing whatever they gained.
  7. And they are upping the game in the other direction too. TRADE SCOOP: The U.K. is preparing to ditch checks on freight trucks leaving Britain with nothing in them, in a bid to ease headaches for exporters, POLITICO’s Emilio Casalicchio reports. Ministers hope the move will take effect from the start of July, on the assumption that tax office HM Revenue and Customs will sign off on it. Hauliers welcomed the news that the regulation, carried over from the EU after Brexit, will be ditched, with the government estimating that about a third of trucks that enter Britain filled with goods return
  8. The importance of Severodonetsk: if Russia gets it, they could claim they have the entire Luhansk oblast administrative borders. For Ukraine it’s important not to have its troops in the sack there. If Russian attacks result in plenty of Russian troops getting killed every day, it might make sense for Ukraine to try to hold Severodonetsk as long as possible. Overall Russia will only stop the war after they have lost to many soldiers.
  9. Day 88 of the 3 day invasion. One of the sparse nights no missiles were send into Ukraine. Saving them up for a big day ? Talk on Russian Telegram channels, massive reinforcements of Ukrainian troops in the South, thinking they will attack to draw away troops from Donbas area. True or not, the front is very long. Can happen anywhere anytime. Combined with modern communication (cell phones everywhere, drones in the sky) behind the front makes finding targets a bit easier for Ukraine. They have a website you can upload your info about Russian hardware. They were even asking info abou
  10. Here some nice propaganda from Russia, there is no Ukrainian equivalent.
  11. LOL, but from different sides, not state controlled. Big difference. Makes you wonder who is right. That is why I doubt every word said.
  12. Ukraine does not much news to boost morale to fight, they know it from their experience or from close ones.
  13. Follow Russia propaganda channels for a while and you will see that even their propaganda is not strong enough that critical stuff like heavy losses and sending in conscripts against the law are seeping through. Follow Ukraine a bit and you could see they admitted to sending in one group of TDF into war without enough training and weapons. Will not happen if propaganda was 100% Zelensky just said 50 to 100 soldiers die now every day. Only North Korea is very effective in controlling media. And only conspiracy nutters think media is being totally controlled. Not even in Russia (Mosc
  14. Nope, there are political parties that will say anything to talk down their opponents. There are people aligned to those parties that will say anything. There are persons who have a grudge against France and Germany that will twist every word they say.
  15. The read is that some circles say that, but is there proof ? It is really a echo chamber all quoting each other as the source. Even when official government officials declare statements they quote are not true. Last one I noticed, Italian La Republica announced Italian government had send in a proposal akin to appeasement to the UN, they did not. But it keeps being reported for days now. Be aware who says what.
  16. Russia's chief propagandist Vladimir Soloviev shares a message that helps clarify what is already obvious. Russia is waging war to occupy Ukraine and eliminate Ukrainian statehood, "liberating it from German, Anglo-Saxon and Jewish colonizers" https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FTX2UKTWQAUP9Hq?format=jpg&name=small And they are doing that in the occupied areas. No more Ukrainian language at schools, no Ukrainian history allowed. Teachers who do not comply will be "infiltrated in camps".
  17. Noting Mick Jagger calling Brexit "a nightmare" in the Sunday Times, but of course Roger Daltrey was a big fan. Even in the demographic of sixties rock stars the split continues...
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