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  1. What are you going to blame their starts on?
  2. Message from a mate, “Nervous times for the camera boat driver. He might get some of the ben rage”
  3. And we missed both your delusional trolling insights
  4. Bummer, looks like Ineos got the dud FCS again...
  5. Except he made it sound like TNZ had sent the updates late...
  6. Well that Pommy boat didn’t help . I wonder what Toon and Tim have come up with
  7. COVID affects us all in different ways. If you need a hug just reach out
  8. Might explain Russell dangling the carrot in front of NZ’s favourite sailing sons.....
  9. I’ll chime in, definitely a chine...
  10. Wow, you really care about him don’t you. So sweet
  11. Fond memories of skiing Mt Baker
  12. Ouch! I still can’t understand how making it so hard to see online is going to grow the audience.
  13. Press release or it didn't happen. Sorry, Mfluders rules!
  14. Clarkey, trust me on this. Someone inside Core told me they were working on these boats. His response wasn't prompted, I just asked what they were working on at the moment and he dropped that clanger. I was as surprised as anyone. Having mentioned this to a few others I got the impression that quite a few people already knew about this,hence the reason I started this thread. Do I think it will survive? That's a whole other story
  15. This was from a guy who is building the foils. He also said that the BAR boat had just turned up. A mate rang me the next day and he had beard about it too. Definitely not a rumour.
  16. I agree, but the difference with this is that the boats exist, some of which are at core, and they are spending large modifying them and building boards. This doesn't mean it's commercially viable, just that Larry has some loose change lying around...
  17. Core are building one design foils and modding the boats. Anyone heard anything else?
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