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  1. Wintergreen on the tires----6 volt controller with 18 volts to the track--- 6 volt motor rewound and balanced on razor blades to lengthen the time on track before burning out. Must switch hands on the controller to avoid burning your hands. Competing at 15 years old with a bunch of curmudgeons with money to burn was rewarding. my little "stock" revel racer, blistered hands and all.....
  2. Yeah, I took it too. Late transfer into my first year of High School got stuck in Typing too. terrible...fingers kept getting jammed in between the keys. Kept getting scolded for not watching the page I was to type from and accused of watching my fingers...Really? I was staring at the beauty in front of me. Sweet buns, sigh.
  3. When and where is the West Coast tour!!???
  4. Did you mean the Petersen Automotive Museum? https://www.petersen.org/
  5. My Dad had the first '57 ranchero in San Diego, possibly California. It was a "57 wagon with the back cut off. He removed the covering plates on the top of the bed and you could see the interior of the bed walls with some of the frameworks and mechanical setup for rear windows on wagon. He made a mold of the top of my mom's '57 wagon in order to fabricate a shell to go over the bed. His company was called "Scottops" an d he made those shells, fiberglass tops for MG's, TR 2&3's. Austin Healy's, Jag's (120-130), Sprites, Corvettes, Sunbeams and others.... He also made a fiberglass
  6. That certainly looks like Malibu Beach in the 60's. looking from the beach towards PCH.
  7. How many Wilburys are still with us? Seems like this was recorded a month ago. Suffering from old man time distortion...
  8. Is it a secret? You apparently know as you use the label often. I don't have clue but I AM curious so just spit it out. It might make it easier to follow the discussion...
  9. Spent many Friday and Saturday nights there in the late 60's. Park the Woodie with the stern facing the screen. Open the tailgate. Watch for awhile. Close the tailgate and "snuggle". Make sure you both see enough of the two films to survive the interrogation the next day.
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