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  1. Spent many Friday and Saturday nights there in the late 60's. Park the Woodie with the stern facing the screen. Open the tailgate. Watch for awhile. Close the tailgate and "snuggle". Make sure you both see enough of the two films to survive the interrogation the next day.
  2. Yes, my bank, Chase kept blocking my donation through their fraud division. It took tree attpts to complete the donation. Never had any problem with retail charges going through... even fraudulent ones.
  3. small help, but it's what I can do.
  4. You can knock on my head any time....very dense wood.
  5. Thanks--- I'm looking forward to the long boarding...
  6. Plugs next...ugh! Faring too...
  7. See the, "A Big Project" thread for all things Tally Ho...
  8. Makita... https://www.makitatools.com/
  9. Oh jeez.... They all suck, don'tcha know?
  10. According to this article the evil boatbuilder is creating unauthorized wooden boat joy in the 600 block of Clark Road in Sequim. Google earth is helpful in showing how close the dwellings are in the neighborhood. 645
  11. Here is the video you are referring to:
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