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  1. Funny to see this thread .... just the other day I came across an ad on the Seattle Craigslist that I swear has been on there for three or four years. Really wondered what was up with it ...
  2. Is it just me, or does it seem like Boris is consistently sailing 8-10 degrees higher than Apivia and Bureau on both gybes. I am sure it is what his polars are telling him he needs to sail. But with every mile important it seems like it is costing him.
  3. Yup! Then if you are on the helm, you can't help but think that if something goes wrong, you are on the rocks in a jiffy!
  4. Pretty funny to read the conversation about "jeans" on the bow. It would take some big Mr. Ebb to get him into foulies. Being a donated boat, we didn't exactly have the big clothing budget of some other programs. One year for the BBS we showed up at the starting line with white tyvex suits, blue sail-ties for belts and Avery stickers on our chest with the boat name. They didn't last very long .... but for a few moments we looked pretty sharp! (and we got a good laugh out of it!) Regarding the tide question ... SF Woody is correct. When to use the "Cone of Alcatraz" is T
  5. Wow ... this brings back memories. I played on the water umpire for the U30 event on the bay (when S. Green took that picture) in the early 90's. I will never forget the first downwind start and the guy running our umpire boat set himself to leeward of the line ... ready to go. The gun went off .... they popped their chute and proceeded to accelerate to within inches of our cockpit. Our driver gunned it .... barely staying in front of them. Way way too close! Actually the racing was great. Leeward marks were carnage! Big fun on the Cityfront! Sad to see where cool boa
  6. What an amazing force in the business. Went to the factory in the late 80's to beef up a fleet of Coronado 15's we bought for our sailing school (i.e.: 2" x 4" 's under the foredeck, beefy chainplate and mast steps, etc. etc.) Frank was right in there with us with ideas. You would have thought we were buying a fleet of his big boats. My favorite part was his "spanglish". The scale of the operation was amazing. ' Great guy .... great life! Sail on Frank!
  7. I was involved with her when she was donated. She arrived with a fresh paint job after being chartered to the French Corum team for the Admirals Cup (there is a great picture of her broaching as CORUM) The construction by Cookson was incredible. Unfortunately I don't think she could compete at the level Irv wanted to be successful at ... thus the donation. One little interesting factoid seeing her MDR sail number. Her original number was US-17. Part of the gift agreement stipulated that the number would be retired upon the sale of the boat. Apparently Larry Ellison had made an agre
  8. Those were the days! (I think this was from the 1990 BBS ... we ended up third in our division)
  9. No worries. There were plenty of owners in those days that when you sailed with them you felt like you were getting a root canal! Regarding the Frers 46, she was a great boat. Here is a shot from the trip to Florida (SORC) you referenced ....
  10. Thanks for the good laugh this morning. Thinking of Irv looking in people's mouth is a great visual. Actually Irv was a prominent Oakland Lawyer.
  11. Funny when something like this pops up on SA. This is literally just down the way from me. I think I know the building where it has been hiding. That said ... it will need to be trucked a few hundred yards ... where it will take a BIG (well stabilized) crane to lift it into the water. From there you have another problem. The only marina's in the area are regularly silted in. Commercial piers with depth are very few. Can't imagine they would want a half built floating church taking up valuable space. Of course you could launch it and have it towed downstream to Portland. C
  12. I agree. The SF Knarr fleet is a tough group. I think I have a little PTSD about the Knarr. Long ago I crewed for a buddy ... big cold breeze, big flood, short tacking the City Front in a fleet that would gladly eat their young before they give up an inch! (And if i remember correctly ... we had the additional joy of pumping the boat out all the way to Blossum) Really ... just a normal Saturday on the bay!
  13. I guess you miss the point of the Mercury reference ... It doesn't matter. As long there's a group of equal boats ....I don't care. The joy of racing sailboats for me has nothing to do with the boat. I have raced a good many classes in my past .... sailed against some of the best. Apart from some great racing in Starboats and Finns .... the clunky "fat guys snipe" Mercury was the best tactical fun per dollar ... hands down. Back in college the same sort of thing involved the Tech Dinghy. What a pig! Don't know if they still sail them on the Charles ... but damn there were some gr
  14. I didn't think amuricans were very welcome in BC these days?
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