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  1. Can we have a wing mark? Then we'd really see some foil development shit happen
  2. Doesn't sound very safe in some very busy shipping lanes
  3. Gotta say, have been regularly checking progress and getting excited about the closeness of the racing after so many days. I do have my favourites but really, it doesn't matter to me who wins as everyone has done so well that whoever is first will have deserved it.
  4. Also feel for Isabelle, It's yet another swing keel issue. They're still breaking after all this time. Is it time to re-re-evaluate the whole swing keel thing again?
  5. Loss of pace seemed to coincide with his "jib problems". Is it possible L'Occitane has lost its J3 and Armel is just using storm jib with a single-reefed main? Romain, in similar conditions but without the ability to single-reef so sailing double-reefed, is unhappy that he is overpowered with the J2 in the squalls but underpowered with the J3 in the lighter stuff. Armel is sailing similar numbers but might be headsail-limited instead...
  6. The last few days of sport have been a horrible rollercoaster with French competitors. There was no way Romain Grosjean was going to survive that fireball but he did, and then Kevin _should_ survive once he was in the life-raft but was not 100% sure. Thank goodness.
  7. Not those bloody trap harnesses again that keep randomly dropping crew in the drink. FFS. The road to hell is paved with this shit.
  8. What about then starboard tacker is lifted, such that a port tacker that was in the process of safely crossing now cannot but also has nowhere to go to keep clear. If I read this change right it is now OK for starboard to point up and protest whereas previously this was disallowed. Is this the correct interpretation of the new rule?
  9. gaw

    what is it?

    And it's orange with the reflective cross on the back - railway worker standard.
  10. gaw

    ticky tack?

    Grabbing a sail or someone that has fallen overboard may be regarded as "brief" and "necessary" reasons to put yourself at risk outside the lifelines, but getting the best set on a sail is never "necessary" no matter how brief. Protest the cheats. P.S. Would you ever trust anyone that calls themselves "MR.TRUSTWORTHY"?
  11. I recommend the Martin Luther King Cicada for when you've got hold of your rod but your fly needs some attention.
  12. I understand that the first train failed to protest the truck in what is essentially a self-policing track crossing. Did the second train get redress?
  13. All working here. More worried LH is looking a bit anti-climatic at the moment with WOXI getting a jump on the others. Maybe BJ can catch up. A 5 hour Derwent park up would at least allow some sleep before work...
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