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  1. I have a nice pair of ss pipe births in storage taking up room. PM me if interested , I cans send pictures.
  2. What is the administration hiding? And why are they hiding it?
  3. If Holder goes down he takes Obama with him. That was clear when Obama raised the stakes with the executive priveledge claim. This will create a constitutional crisis and I don't think Obama minds as it takes the bad economy off the front page.
  4. Failure to appoint an independent special prosecutor for leakgate and now executive privilege for f & f its going to be a field day for the media.
  5. Yea, MSNBC,CBS and ABC are not biased at all.
  6. Claiming executive privilege will tend to male folks lean in that direction.
  7. 18 months and we still don't know who authorized this operation.
  8. 7600 pages of heavily redacted documents selected by the AG. Holder has been stone walling for months if the ranking minority member did not see this comming it is only because his head was up his ass.
  9. They may have been able to get away with claiming exec privilege six months ago bit after all this time stalling and revising testimony its not going to fly. The story has wings now. Just like the attained dress, the story just became more interesting. Newspapers are selling.
  10. Classic overload the system. If you want to limit something, create a problem then come in with the solution to solve the problem. No one said these guys were stupid. Had we not had a couple whistle blowers it may have worked.
  11. Who is Rachal Maddow and why would I care if she agreed with me. Really!
  12. Get your facts straight. Project gunrunner is not Fast and Furious. Any attempt to link the two is a diversion by the administration.
  13. The Bush program was much different. Guns were sold and followed so they could catch the intended user and the Mexican government was informed. The Obama program let the guns walk and made no attempt to follow. Worse yet the Mexican government was not informed. This is why there were whistleblowers. Again, the got some catching up to do.
  14. Liberals in general are not up to speed on F&F as the do not watch Fox new. Fox mews has been covering F&F since the death of the border agent. The rest of the media have been ignoring Fast and Furious.
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