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  1. Hobot what's this? I have an identical pistol. My older brothers found it in a barn.. Maybe in the 50s? -jim lee
  2. Hobot, I'm just loving you pictures! -jim lee
  3. Looking for a simple solution to USB charging? Kill two birds with one stone. 12V Sound system with built in USB charger. Not cheap stuff but actual marine grade & extramly power efficient. http://leftcoast.biz/iWeb/Left_Coast/Simple_stereo.html -jim lee
  4. You beat a Dart?! Damn, that makes me sad.. -jim lee . .... at least he was sailing a melges 24 So then.. No fluffy cushions? -jim lee
  5. You beat a Dart?! Damn, that makes me sad.. -jim lee
  6. Why are projects tough to manage? 'Cause we are hardwired to think linearly and projects by their nature are non-liner. Its a recipe for having things blow up in your face. ..over and over. -jim lee
  7. Hey i550 people.. Do any of you run electronics or lights on your i550s? I ask 'cause I'm betting all the nifty LC Dart electronics gadgets would work just as well on i550s. -jim lee
  8. I wonder about how they are faring that hull. I don't see any long boards in use. Every time I've seen people faring hulls like this they use really long long boards, like two people, one on each end. Maybe we're just missing the pix of the long boarding? -jim lee
  9. Build a half a dozen PSCDs? Gak! The boat building part of my brain would explode! -jim lee
  10. Of course they are all cruising boats, Bob only designs cruising boats (they just often turn out to be faster than racing boats.........) Exactly! I always maintained that "cruising" boats could and should be made to sail as fast or faster than "racing" boats. No reason not to, no silly handicap rules to hold you back. I love this thread, without it I'd have almost nothing to read in the mornings. Thanks everyone! -jim lee
  11. Isn't fake teak, or any teak decking kinda' heavy? I know I'm really pedantic about CG, but I still get all edgy around things like that. The lighter the boat the more it hurts CG. -jim lee
  12. Oh and.. The stereo will charge your cell phone. Handy if that's all the radio you have on board. Forgot to point that bit out when you where there. -jim lee
  13. Kim buzzed up through Anacortes today to pick up some sails for the Day Sailor. While he was here he visited Left Coast and let us give him the Dog & Pony show. It was s lot of fun! Bob, you missed out! I'll let Kim give you the report in his own words. -jim lee
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