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  1. If you haven't found anything yet, another Bladerider: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/688989742416642/
  2. Bladerider in CT: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1983175125178707/
  3. I'm not sold on winglets as the answer based on new iteration of the rule. Choose your foilborne craft and I don't think you see many winglets having great success. This is just drawing from what folks are experiencing in board (kite/wing/surf/etc) foiling and watching those foils develop. For sake of clarity just look at Armstrong foils, which BTW are as close to AC as it seems you're gonna get in foiling at the moment. (https://www.armstrongfoils.com/) 1st gen "CF" foils were generally thicker, more anhedral and generally rounder for lack of a better term. 2nd gen HS foils trend
  4. I love how in worlds of sooooo many variables, including some oddly light bays, trades and transitions, people are writing off a boat that has way less data than most due to late launch and limited development last cycle and after 10 days is sitting less than 20 nm behind the winner of the last Vendee as I write this (it's actually less than that based on position to rhumb or whatever the tracker is showing but YOLO) and forget that MichDes was involved significantly (https://www.tipandshaft.com/en/vendee-globe-2020-2021/michel-desjoyeaux-corum-is-probably-the-boat-i-have-invested-the-most-in/
  5. That is prime Lake Saint Stupid time. Any of the Grosse Pointe venues will also likely be extra lumpy due to jet skis and powerboats and the ever present Lakeshore Drive concrete seawall. Best bet will be further out in the lake but then you're also dealing with more N to S current as you get further out and further south. May the odds be ever in your favor...
  6. FWIW for those who don't subscribe to Seahorse, from the March edition: "...Three new IMOCA 60s had been ordered before the winner of the 2020/21 Vendee Globe crossed the finish, including a replacement for the blisteringly fast if trouble-prone scow L'Occitane..."
  7. This one. Watch from about 5:15 I think they're even doing this against the current. You can sort of see what erdb is talking about with the rudder angle but I don't think the rotation of the boat as a goal is a thing. I don't think you want to be rotating the hull, to include more pronounced skegs now, more across the apparent wind as it'd increase drag nevermind what happens when you put a skeg into the water at 40+ knots at some angle of attack. The discussion about cats is less relevant because they were twisting the platform to generate righting moment out of the
  8. That was me. It was pretty obvious from day 1 of the rule that if you sailed with the foil arms at less than "max down" you could drive a significant lift vector to windward. Look at how moths and kitefoils and really anything with a t-foil goes to windward. You don't rely solely on the foil arm to provide lift to windward like a keel, you rely on the foil operating at some angle. It's a very different dynamic than anything that is leeway coupled like keelboats and the AC cats. I think this is why folks much closer to the programs than me have been saying they'll be quicker around the cou
  9. VMG monsters. From about 5:15 when they tack onto starboard, watch how quickly they climb to windward. First good shot of that I've seen.
  10. What is it that you want to do, other than spend money? I bought a MPS over a decade ago and the class in the US could only get a handful of events together as we were too spread out. Great fun boat though. I bought it instead of a moth as moths were very early in development at that point. Moths are now a lot further along in refinement, that refinement has also led to higher prices and the top end of the fleet being worlds away from most mortals. The boats are obviously fundamentally different ways to go fast on the water. Coming from a dinghy background I also rationalized it
  11. Yeah, going to be a little confusing when the 69F pops up at Cagliari and does a series then the "youth series" in very similar boats is a different thing.
  12. Seem similar to the 69F that was in Seahorse recently? https://wilson-marquinez.com/69f/
  13. Aside from plans changing after I shrunk the boat for the winter that'd be easy. It actually serves as a useful filter and I can fire a link to a google drive trove of pics if they email me and it's not fully bonkers. We could start another thread with best emails you get selling stuff on CL, got this one recently: "Thank you for getting back to me. Can you assure me that it is in good state and that i will not be disappointed with it? I'm ready to pay your asking price, but the issue is I'm a Marine Officer and I'm not in my own state now, I'm on a secret mission in Marine Corps L
  14. Allow myself to quote myself... Ad for this is up on craigslist: https://providence.craigslist.org/boa/d/21-seaway-seafarer/6548459964.html Before anyone gets up in arms, I just bought an ad for a sailboat here at SA so I'm claiming that as good enough as nobody comes to SA to browse ads for powerboats.
  15. Glad folks are talking about Irens' Rangeboats here, the LDL concept is a good one for efficient cruisers. There was one with a Nanni hybrid/diesel powertrain a bit ago. I just hope I can still get my hands on one when I can afford one. In the meantime, this is the current ride, mainly used for cocktailing and taking pictures of sailboats: Seaway Seafarer, 115HP Suzuki 4 stroke so you can get up and go, or idle around almost silently. Seaway is now owned by Eastern who also builds the Sisu 22. Unfortunately, I have to move halfway around the world shortly so she's
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