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  1. Dude 1: I heard it's downwind all the way to Hawaii Dude 2: I got a 2x4 Dude 1: Sick! let's go to Diamond Head!
  2. The same was the story (the deck and build issues) with the Sov 33. The Olsen built ones were lighter, but always seemed to need bulkhead and deck work. The Tartan built Soveral 33's were bomb proof. It may be the same with the 27, Tartan has always built great boats.
  3. You sure could "recycle" a lot of Melges 24's for that pre-order cost...
  4. Isn't the J dimension on that boat pretty big? Recutting an old 135, with heavy forward draft, may do just the trick. Still a bunch of sail area forward. Likely wouldn't be a true JT, but may be worth it.
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