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  1. Using your logic, it is easy to argue that the crew of Ineos have more medals and success than that of NZ so they should have been better. If you think that if Ainslie and his team had sailoed the NZ boat they would not have won, you are stupid. The NZ boat was a better design. That is because the NZ team did a better job of designing the boat. When it came to the racing, the better boat won. It could be argued that for much of the racing, the Italians, in a very inferior boat, sailed a lot better than the NZ boys, but you are too blind to see any of that.
  2. Spot on. That's because the AC is a design competition where the best design wins while SailGP is a sailors competition where the best sailors win.
  3. People can make all the excuses they like but there is a simple truth. In one design foiling boats, Ainslie has a winning record over everybody. He was the man in the foiling AC45's (beating the NZ boys), he has a perfect record in SailGP (competed twice, won twice). In the SailGP it doesn't matter who win the most races, just who won the event. Day 1 of a SailGP event is more like a training day because unless you are well off the pace, your aren't going to lose the event on that day. When it really counted (day 2), Ainslie won 3 out of 4 races, including the big one. Slingers won 1 out of 4
  4. This sums up Wess and his warped attitude. I have no issue with buying locally and supporting small business over global corporate\ions. That is a choice I make based on what I believe is best for the country I live in, its future and its economy. I do it on the condition that the quality is equal to (or better) than the alternative and that the price isn't ridiculous. Yes, I will pay a small premium. All of this I openly admit and I cannot see how anybody could have an issue with this. I would not have any issue with Wess if that is what he was saying. He thinks that he is doing the same
  5. There’s a major misconception about Chinese brands. They have some of the biggest and widest recognised brands but many of those brands don’t operate outside of China. And why would you when that one market gives you access to nearly 20% of the world’s population. and in response to Wess’s challenge, I have owned 2 very high performance, technically advance boats (Moths) that were built in China and which were of the highest quality. If I was in the market for a new ILCA, I would buy a Zim, made in China boat without hesitation, one one condition- it is the cheapest available, becaus
  6. Wess always resorts to abuse when he gets called out for an indefensible position. He was prejudiced against boats built in China well before any appeared.
  7. So that confirms that it's just prejudice, because I have read and there really isn't anything to justify your comment saying they are crap. Have you really never heard of a leaky bailer on a new Laser/ILCA before? I have seen new Lasers that were built by LPE that had fittings rip out first time out and that had leaks. So, at best, you are trying to hold these boats to a very different standard. Robbie reports all is well and that the owners are all very happy, but that certainly isn't good enough for you.
  8. Unless you have evidence that these boats have a problem, your comment is simply prejudiced rhetoric that is baseless. Some of the best built, most technically advanced boats come out of China and there are world class boatbuilding facilities there. So let's have some honesty. If you are saying that you have an issue with buying a product from China, irrespective of quality, are you applying the same logic to other countries? Is your real problem with China ideological?
  9. Maybe a little OTT to give him the title of skipper but ask other team members what happened and they will tell you that Ainslie took over everything about how the boat was sailed and was the conduit on board for all discussion and decisions. Everything went through him. Part of the problem had been that Jimmy was second guessing Kostecki and didn't have confidence in the calls being made so made mistakes. the "shut up" comment was Ainslie forcing Spithill to stop talking abut things that were distracting him. Nobody else would have spoken like that. So, maybe not the skipper title, but in eve
  10. When it comes to the triple crown, it's sometimes hard to know what really counts. For instance, With what Ainslie did on Oracle in SF, does he count as a winner of the AC? I would argue that when he stepped on board, he took over as skipper (remember his comment to Jimmy "shut up and just do your job?"). I therefore think that Ainslie as 2 out of 3. Then you have maybe the closest with John Kostecki with a Volvo win, AC win as tactician and a silver medal from the Olympics. Still not the triple crown, but not bad. I would disagree with your assessment of what it takes to win the Vol
  11. So you think they are the best. I think these guys are the best Winning the Volvo has proven harder than winning the AC. ETNZ failed in their attempt in 2011 despite using all their team resources. Dalton managed 1 win in 4 attempts and only one person has been winning skipper more than once. The Volvo gets a bigger audience globally. Or if you want a design and sail event, how about this The Vendee is probably the hardest sailing event to win and probably has more people following it than any other sailing event. It might have just one sailor, but it is a huge team
  12. Some of you are truly amusing. Let's start with a simple truth. This event was probably the best televised sailing I have ever seen. Sure, there is room for improvement but the racing was epic, there were real p[lace changes and you could see how one mistake can be costly. It seems to me that so much of the back story is to create something. Don't forget that many of these guys are really good friends. Slingers and Ben have a great friendship from their Oracle days, Slingers and Nathan have been very close since early teens (add Goobs to that group). And so on. Even among the crews,
  13. I don't think boat work is specifically a Moth thin, but more like a high performance boat requirement. The higher the loads, the more systems there are and the more speed the boat is doing, the more important boat work is. Bolts come loose, ropes stretch, things get knocked. I suspect I spent more time doing boat work on my 18' skiff than my Moth, a little less than the Moth on my foiling A Class which is about the same as I used to do on my I14. The challenge for any boat is learning how to do the things that are specific to that class. As for whether you really are able to do the
  14. Really? Yes, I know it is genuine but this newbie is rather suspect. Consider the 4 posts he has made - promoting LPE products, throwing shade at competitors and an attempt to make LPE look good. Just a "concerned citizen"?
  15. Really? What foiler is that? I hope you don't mean the new TF35, because that wasn't designed by Alinghi but by a group of ex Cup designers who came together for that project and who won a design competition to choose the best boat.
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