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  1. Total bullshit Fact 1 - almost every drowning I know of involving small boats when racing has been caused by hook entanglement. What is far less commonly reported is the number of entanglements that lead to "near misses". I know of a fair number including myself. I have used a harness with a quick release hook for something like 14 years now and it is 100% reliable. I am not sure why you would say that it will cause accidents. Very worst case, there are 2 thibngs that could happen. It might not release, which is no worse than where we are now and it might release when it shouldn't, i
  2. Sorry, but that is not how it works. Very occasionally, people win medals at their first Olympics, but usually it takes more than one go because of the experience you gain from attending. Then there is the fact that only a few qualify to go to the Olympics at their first try. A very common route to success is to have been training partner for somebody who does go (and even better if they win). Think of Giles Scott, who only got selected at his third attempt (although, yes, he did win Gold) after being training partner for Ben Ainslie. US college is not going to teach you the core skills y
  3. No you wouldn't. When will people in the USA realise that going to college and Olympic sailing are not compatible? There have been a few who have studied for a degree while Olympic campaigning, but it can only be done if you are doing University on a part time basis. I know somebody who took 7 year to complete a 3 year degree. Just think of the number of days you need to put into a campaign - maybe up to 250 per year on the water. Then there are all the other activities - travel, fitness, boat work and more. Consider that you need to do at least 6 International regattas per year and with trave
  4. I love it when Yanks make jokes about British cuisine considering how bad cuisine is in the USA with significantly more obesity, poor quality food and even at the better end, a quarter of the number of starred restaurants per capita. Or is McDonalds now a top rated food experience
  5. Design simulation side of this debate is the whole game. It's the biggest advantage any existing team has over a new team, because new teams, in the most part, have to start from scratch while existing teams simply continue to develop their existing sim software. The only short cut is through employing somebody who has already got their own design sim set up, which is what AM did when they engaged with D3 Applied Technologies. The challenge when starting from scratch is being able to correlate the data coming out of the sim with actual performance, proving that the sim's results are a reflect
  6. LP........ the gift that keeps on giving! Their money issues are a bit like "pass the parcel" - when the music stops a lot of people are going to be left with nothing while the one holding "the prize" is probably going to be disappointed! The more that comes out, the more it is clear that ILCA is well clear of them.
  7. Unbelievable! But at least they don't have to pay "hidden fees" on their non existent new equipment. I bet that makes the supply chain problems worthwhile.
  8. First off, your basic premise is rubbish. Fluid dynamics are fluid dynamics. An F1 designer has more than enough knowledge to make a serious difference. In fact, if you look at past design teams in the AC, there were usually ex F1 people somewhere in the design teams. However, that misses the biggest reason why your comment is so misguided. have you read the CV of Geoffrey Willis, one of the key Mercedes people? To quote In 1987, he made his first step into the world of competition engineering by joining the design group of Peter de Savary's Blue Arrow America's Cup Challenge. Here, he sp
  9. If you sailed at a Fleetwind event there, we probably sailed against each other. I had FW76. I think I had a string of 3rd places. Couldn’t touch Gordon Trower!
  10. The first club I joined when I was 14 years old! It hasn’t changed in 50 years.
  11. The face in the video is 100% Martin. There are a few tell tale scars on his face, plus another photo of him wearing those glasses.
  12. This one is probably too easy........
  13. So let's see if I have this correct. The class association set up by LP in an attempt to legitimise their boats has basically fallen out with LP because the relationship was too challenging, which is nothing new as it is exactly what happened between LP and the class association before everything went bad. Now the main players in that association are walking away. Leaving aside the non compliant issues that led to the class dumping LP, this sounds like a ringing endorsement of that decision. Yet there are still some on here who think LP are OK and that everybody else is wrong...........
  14. ILCA don't sell anything, but don't let the truth get in the way of your prejudices. Just like the implied comment on quality, but if you don't want a Chinese built ILCA, you can buy one built in a wide range of places. Can you show me the evidence of you complaining about LP stopping building in the USA? Did you campaign then to get people to buy other classes like you seem to be doing now? Why are you happy to tell people to buy a Sunfish built in Portugal but won't entertain an ILCA built in England, Italy, Australia Etc.
  15. This is another case of it not being as simple as it seems. Time will tell, but China has committed to a big reduction in CO2 output and presented their roadmap for that. They admit that their emissions won't peak until 2030 because of commitments to new coal power stations but many accept that they have no option but to build them because it is too late to cancel them without significant impact on the Chinese economy. They have committed to not funding or building any more overseas and that they will not add any new domestic coal powered stations to their plans. Their plan shows how they will
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