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  1. I can't imagine Emirates having anywhere near the largess it had pre-covid to maintain a similar level of sponsorship than it did last time. I could easily imagine they are no longer sponsors at all, or severely diminished but still present as a mutual show of good-faith. The suggestion of missing 'contractual targets' is the part I was poking holes in. Getting sponsors is now hard (https://sponsorship.org/resources/the-future-of-the-sports-industry-in-a-post-covid-world-mediacom-se/, https://www.warc.com/newsandopinion/opinion/how-sponsorship-marketing-can-rediscover-its-stride
  2. Nope, not a sausage. This is a text book example of myth propogating and stingese whispers giving it legs until it becomes lore amongst the uninformed, a bit like ivermectin...
  3. I didn't see that... Just NZ is more chaotic ATM in terms of instability around event planning than other candidates.
  4. But NZ is special, specifically in that it is one of the few remaining countries still on an elimination strategy - this impacts AC37. Wierd flex on healthcare btw...
  5. dantsw13 said nothing about the Swiss cheese approach - because it had nothing to do with his point.
  6. Ah so NOW you start getting particular with your need for accurate, solid provenance. Lol...
  7. You mean Sir Stephen Tindall (was Chairman of Board ETNZ) https://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/en/news/524_SIR-STEPHEN-TINDALL-RETIRES-FROM-EMIRATES-TEAM-NEW-ZEALAND-BOARD.html Shoebridge is COO (https://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/en/team/35_KEVIN-SHOEBRIDGE.html) and I would suggest is the person most likely to inheret CEO title if/when GD retires from that position.
  8. It's always sad to see the uninitiated get trapped in dg_sailingfan's spiderweb of confused trolling. Please just pop on iggy and avoid the needless distraction and pointless detours into the bewilderness.
  9. But there's a difference between being wrong and lying.
  10. McLaren, Bruce - another amazing Kiwi who ironically took enginuity and minimal money to school a bunch of rich F1 teams who thought they were to top dogs. Sound familiar?
  11. Yes - it hurt Auckland Council's ROI - which *was* dependent on tourism. That's not sponsorship. Globally COVID also hurt the likes of Emirates too, irrespective of NZs particular situation. Its worth noting that AC36 was one of the few international sporting events that could happen at the time with crowds.
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