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  1. Ahh fuck that - we had our flag for almost half a century before the aussies did thankyouverymuch...
  2. @Terry Hollis @EYESAILOR and @JALhazmat you are encountering contributions that are the result of equally poor efforts trying to grapple both with the english language and disturbed intellectual faculties.
  3. I would expect Ashby to come off the boat at some point. When Grant retires as CEO, we'll likely see Shoebridge step up, maybe GA to COO?
  4. You can guarantee a lot less than the likes of Spithill, Ainslie, Slingsby and Outteridge are missing their Auld Mug.
  5. Went down to the base this morning for the fan gear fire sale... Very very cheap prices - $600 north sale jackets down to $75, only really ETNZ and AC36 collection stuff... Small rack for Henry Loyd Ineos polos and tech shirts for $20(!!!!!) Plenty of kids stuff too... Sale on again tomorrow for those around. Got up close and personal with the cup, and then wandered over to LR base. Just the container walls left now, and chase boats still moored.
  6. LR B1 and B2 are shrinkwrapped at the wharf ready for shipping back. Interestingly Max Sirena is still in town - I almost literally bumped into him on Thursday morning as he was wandering downtown with his son :-)
  7. I'd be surprised if they weren't vaccinated - NZ does already have a policy and plan for international athletes (Olympic and others) to get a vaccine earlier than normal public. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.rnz.co.nz/article/9623a212-c082-4796-b504-bc3b832f173a https://sportnz.org.nz/resources/frequently-asked-questions-about-athlete-vaccines/
  8. Whatever GD might be doing it's to try and ensure there is a next boat. My Theseus reference might not have worked as intended.
  9. ETNZ have said very little. I am not going to clutch at my pearls over innuendo and scuttlebutt.
  10. You don't think AC cycles are typically for the better with ETNZ in them? We've got them to thank for the AC75 widely regarded as the best boat ever, amongst other things. I think it would be a shame if ETNZ closed down, and I would think every other team would feel the same way.
  11. Yeah I'd call 4 years and 2 cycles (until they got iced) long standing :-)
  12. Fair play to Jim when he has three seemingly independent souls coming together to share detailed anecdotes as to the virtue of his wealth on the one few places on the internet its being called into question... His PR game is strong :-D
  13. It's a post from TC - we have all the context we need to determine it's credibility ;-)
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