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  1. Thank you for all of the replies. You’ve reinforced some thoughts and taught me several new things as well. I’ve got a little research ahead of me to make the right decision and this thread has been very helpful.
  2. Monkey - It's a J/105, but surprisingly dry offshore. It doesn't need to be waterproof, but given the "nav station", it's liable to get a little beat up. I've read quite good things about the Lenovos and they are currently high on the list of considerations.
  3. I am in the market for a new laptop for work that will also be used onboard our boat for offshore racing if I can find one that can meet both needs. The primary purpose onboard will be to run Expedition and the necessary grib downloads, etc... The work purposes are general Office work, so no heavy duty computing power necessary, but I generally like to have a reasonably powerful computer in hopes that it will last longer. We have had a dedicated boat Panasonic Toughbook and GETAC tablet in the past that both worked well enough, but are several generations old now. Any suggestions?
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking 15sec/mile credit was extremely generous, maybe because the kite is so small? I thought the intent was to be more competitive by going faster, but I guess gong slower with an even slower rating is also a viable solution. It will be interesting how this turns out, but with a 15sec/mile slower rating I think he’ll be happy!
  5. We sailed our J/105 to Hawaii with asymmetric kites and did pretty well. We’ve also been competitive in PHRF in Portland and the NW. J/105s have won Swiftsure overall least once, I think twice, all in class trim. There might be reason to convert to symmetrical kites, but I haven’t seen it. Eric
  6. We've got our powerboat in a Shelter Island marina for another week. We can leave the truck/trailer at the ramp as long as we move it every 72 hours, but it would be nice to store the trailer separately so we can use the truck. Is there any place relatively nearby we can rent a space to park it? It's about 38' long.
  7. We have a board meeting tonight and would love to consider any additional comments and/or questions anyone might have. I will definitely bring up the concept of a double-hand division as well as the potential continued Canadian waters restriction. Post any other thoughts here. Thanks - Eric
  8. No promises, but I will definitely bring it up. With the way things are going, we may all be double handing, or a least limited to two households...
  9. Good Point! Race Passage wasn't seriously on the table, I just like the challenge of going through there (most of the time), but your point regarding Canadian waters is important. We'll have to make sure we address that and limit our course to US Waters in the Straits if necessary/appropriate.
  10. Russell - Hope you can join us, but to your question there are specific safety requirements you need to meet. You can find last year's here, they are unlikely to change much. J24Soup - Yes, distance is pretty close to the normal Victoria finish. I was thinking maybe we should have included Race Rocks as a mark of the course (starboard rounding).
  11. With cautious optimism, CYC Portland has released the following: CYC and Schooner Creek Boat Works Announces the 2021 Pacific Northwest Offshore is On!! June 10-13 2021 Ilwaco, WA to Port Angeles, WA With 2020 now in the rear view mirror and with title sponsorship by Schooner Creek Boat Works, the Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland is committed to hold the PNW Offshore this coming summer. We made our decision with deep respect for the challenges faced by every one of us this past year, but with an optimism that by the time set for the race in mid-June p
  12. While that is no doubt true, Race Week is now to be held in Anacortes.
  13. Regarding the PNW Offshore, the CYC Portland board anticipated a cancelled Swiftsure and been considering our options for some time. We would like to run a race if we will have enough participants to make it worthwhile. We have considered Port Angeles and Port Townsend finishes as well as alternate dates and if “feeding” into Race Week makes sense. We have not made any decisions yet. We will be sending a survey out to past participants in the near future. If you have thoughts about what would drive more boats to race, we’d love be to hear them.
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