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  1. After a year, the beams are almost finished. Infusing the final layers of uni on the top. I have been lucky enough to get an industrial unit (130m2) which has made the whole process a lot easier.
  2. Make the base of the stanchion bigger, so you can bolt either side of the bulkhead.
  3. If they were sailing in bath tubs and had $200 million to spend, they would.
  4. An open box rule, maybe 60 feet long. Let the designers come up with great ideas.
  5. Side foil that lifts out of the water - There is nothing new! 1950's Foiling Sailboat "Monitor" - Cup Experience Gordon Baker developed and tested Monitor in the 1950’s. Monitor could get up on the foils in about 13 knots of wind and sail at about twice the true wind speed. Top speed was reported at over 30 knots, with some reports claiming 40 knots. At 40 knots, cavitation would probably have set in. Monitor is on display […]
  6. My plans were originally sold to an ex-employee in Christchurch New Zealand, they were then sold to the West coast of the USA. I have brought them back to New Zealand. At number 21, I believe they the last set sold. I am currently having discussions with the local building inspector regarding the large tent (pissed off the neighbours) I have started building in the back yard. Apparently there are building regulations I should follow!!. I can't be too mean as the building inspector has been very helpful and he knew what a Farrier Trimaran was.
  7. The wax will help to protect from the UV and you won't notice any speed loss.
  8. Sand it down and paint with International paints two pot Perfection https://www.international-yachtpaint.com/en/au/boat-paint-products/yacht-varnish/perfection-plus I did my Tornado mast and is still like new after five years, and that is in New Zealand with high UV.
  9. Impressive - Well done. I am just starting my build and will be referring to your blog. - Thanks.
  10. Have a look at the waterlust sailing canoe from CLC boats. It is similar to your boat and there are different rig options. I thing the Opti rig is a good option and starting point. https://www.clcboats.com/shop/boats/canoes/waterlust-sailing-canoe.html
  11. Looks like a two-hander for the Olympics.
  12. I have been told the crew inside the hull did not see any hole in the hull and from the outside, the break was flush with the hull.
  13. There is a huge amount of money and effort being spent on what is fast but fairly average racing. The racing will get better as the crews get better, but will it last that long? I think it would be better if they did racing for two or three weekends in each location. You will get a lot more racing, exposure and build-up for the sponsors. The points could be double on week two and triple on week three to keep the excitement and interest.
  14. Currently watching on You Tube from New Zealand (Geo lock not on, or isn't working to stop me) and 901 other viewers.
  15. Looking at the timetables for Sky and Prime, there is not sign of any sailing on either Friday or Saturday. It must either be on a separate pop-up channel (not listed), or it will be kicking rugby, cricket or golf off air.
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