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  1. Total Tread from Jamestown Distributors is a non-skid paint that looks promising. Can be installed, they tell me, directly over existing molded in non-skid. Just scuff it up.
  2. The non-skid on my Andrews 28 is much too slippery. I have 2 ways to repair it: non-skid paint vs self adhesive non-skid product (eg SeaDek). Total Tread is a new non-skid paint made by Total Boat and offered through Jamestown Distributors. They tell me that it can be applied directly over my current, ineffective, molded in dimpled non-skid surface. The SeaDek like material that is available will also apply directly over my current non-skid. Assuming costs, labor, etc. are all similar, I am considering applying the Total Tread. If it works as advertised, I'm done. If it doesn't, I can alway
  3. I installed SeaDek with PSA over the molded in dimpled nonskid in my cockpit. Just overlapped the nonskid by ¼” for extra adhesion and it worked perfectly.
  4. Never intended my earlier response to be "snitty." Sorry guys. In response to Zonker, she's an Andrews 28, only 4 built, that sat on a lift, outside, in Annapolis for nearly 10 years with no real care given to the deck and only a boom tent. I had some sheets of SeaDec which I used in the cockpit. Great improvement. I was trying to find a solution less expensive than SeaDec. I'll check the price of Raptor. I agree that Treadmaster is too heavy. I was thinking that if I used the Harken tape that I would lay it in strips and not cover the entire non-skid area.
  5. You are both wrong. I've wiped the non-skid down with acetone to remove any contaminates. No effect. And it's a 2010 (not a 1980 model). Any other suggestions. Harken tells me that their new non-skid tape will go over that type of surface and adhere. We'll see.
  6. The foredeck on my 28’ racer/cruiser has a molded dimpled pattern that’s totally ineffective. I want to apply a nonskid product over the existing surface. Suggestions?
  7. Thanks. Did you apply it on a flat surface or over molded in non-skid. Your thoughts on applying over a dimpled non-skid surface?
  8. It's extraordinary that no one appears to have used this product and I can't get Harken to respond either. Was it just a failure?
  9. Sent you an email a while back asking about the FE26. No response.
  10. It appears to be a completely different product. Not foam based. More like a tape.
  11. Earlier this year Harken announced a new product developed by a surfboarder. A non skid tape that wasn’t abrasive, available in a variety of configurations and easily applied and removed. Has anyone used it? Can it be applied over a typical dimpled non skid pattern? How much of the area should be covered? I would especially appreciate anyone’s first hand experience.
  12. Will there be a "crew wanted/boat wanted" link?
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