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  1. If he paid his taxes...then yes.
  2. Unfortunately, the mess Billionaires leave behind accumulating their wealth, requires tax too remedy.
  3. Italy has a good high mode off the start. One trick pony....great paul simon album
  4. I think pressure is building on LR. They know they generally don't extend when ahead where TR do. So that might be just in the back of the mind of LR...and might start to produce mistakes.
  5. After 4 races...no one knows who's going to win....In fact there has been some wild flip flopping from Anarchy supporters. Got the makings of the best cup ever, even if the intensity is in the first 3mins.
  6. I've got a couple of mates like him....lovely people who like to be inappropriate for a laugh but have no malicious bone in their body...and certainly know that what they are saying is definitely wrong.
  7. Maybe they made the decision dependent on overnight results.
  8. ETNZ...so we can hopefully get a regatta uninhibited by a global pandemic...that is if GD doesn't take it away.
  9. Nothing beats the prolonged build up....the speculation of the designs being evolved....the politics and egos. ..all culminating at the first race of the AC. It's unique...thats why it will always be the pinnacle. Or just don't watch and go do something else. The AC will survive.
  10. Etnz against Ineos, etnz were 3 or 5mins from winning a race which was abandoned. Had they raised a cz...they may have made it in displacement mode. No stone unturned.
  11. If it it comes down to one final race (6-6) I'm going have to be 8 beers in to handle the nerves.
  12. With such radically different approaches to foil design...one is going to be right, and the other will be left rueing their choices
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