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  1. Grinder


    Doxing is a thing, unfortunately.
  2. Deep fleet. Not a peep.
  3. Back to PHRF in 3 years
  4. https://www.ssyc.org/images/Finishes.pdf
  5. Pretty interesting to see docking locations based on entry time, to the minute!
  6. How ‘bout a pic so we don’t have to fucking imagine it?
  7. There are zero vax restrictions in any bars or restaurants
  8. We’ll be there in the J111 section.
  9. Dang. Mac Island has incredibly stringent fire sprinkler codes, which generally means a fire doesn’t get to this level. That fire may have started in the attic, which if inaccessible, doesn’t require sprinkler coverage. Perhaps a lightning strike? I hope no one was injured.
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