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  1. I’m hoping Michigan can cool down COVID cases. You guys are pretty risky right now. Please get vaccinated so we can race.
  2. I’d rather not do a Mac on a $3,000 boat, thank you.
  3. Not for nothing, but there are a lot of 70 footers from Bayview, et al.
  4. Hope all is well, Joe. What a fucked up season & world. I hope all of our Chicago Area 3 sailors are well and that we will see each other in 2021. Stay safe, stay on corse and don’t wipe out. jim c.
  5. I sailed on that exact boat exactly once and I witnessed the bow to stern flex/twist phenomenon. It’s unsettling.
  6. Anyone doing Colors or Verve?
  7. Yes. It’s best that we all be kept in the dark about this potentially deadly incident. Smart choice.
  8. You are winning fans all over the Midwest.
  9. In Manitowoc All quiet on the Western Front
  10. If rather not talk about it?
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