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  1. Chris Welsh? Or Chris Welch?
  2. This gives us something to do with our boats after Mac, when it’s early. Most chi boats don’t do ugatta on the early mac years. And if you want to do ugatta, the delivery across is easy. I doubt I would do hook on the years when it’s before Mac, to much of a pain.
  3. The map, clearly excludes ColYC and it's dock from the order. It includes CYC, but not their docks. I guess you are right, WI boats, come on down and stay on your boat!! Don't worry, we will bring you supplies and GrubHub and Saucy deliver to both clubs.
  4. You don't sail 40.7s do you? Full crew for railmeat is 12. yes, that is way overkill for the maneuvers, but that boat is over powered with the mast 2 feet forward of original design and needs the bodies. i would say a 36.7 would be considered fully crewed with 8, some take 9.
  5. Why change your mind, don’t come, I hope many don’t come, more dock space for us.
  6. This is good news for me, even if i'm not planning on doing the BYCmack, it lets us know for the CYC MAC what the island thinks. 2020 Bayview Mackinac Race Race Chair Communication #5 May 18, 2020 Bayview Mackinac Race - Update Current items to update everyone on. 1. Port Huron Harbor Master has reported: a. Marinas in Port Huron will open on 15 May
  7. Wilmette Harbor Opening & Heavy Lift Wilmette Harbor Club May 5, 2020 Over the weekend, the State of Illinois issued a Summary of the New Order which included guidelines for marinas. With this new ruling in place, the harbor plans to open for the season on Friday, May 8. Unfortunately, the guidelines continued the requirement of only 2 people per boat. Hopefully, the State will revise this guideline in the near future.
  8. I'll just say, you do you. I, for one, will go if the race is running. that goes for Chi-MAC too.
  9. this is big: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1102285884509&ca=91c1555d-e200-4fcd-86b8-f1b3592e531c It is likely that Mackinac Island will start opening in the 3rd week of June. This is three weeks before the 2020 Bayview Mackinac Race and is adequate time for us to run the Race. Due to this compressed timing there will be some required adjustments.
  10. not sure about larsen's, but skyway and crowley's are open to a point. SD in place
  11. SS, when comparing Case 83 with US appeal 72, you should consider the circumstances of the reason for the crew to be outside the lifelines. In the case, the crew is doing a normal trimming action and therefor, was probably happening all the way down the run. In the appeal and the photo, the crew is clearly acting during a douse, therefore doing a brief and necessary job. Please don't confuse different situations by not understanding or paying attention to the the intricacies of that situation.
  12. You might want to let people know what config your 40.7 is. Most of them in the NE have done mast head kites and/or penalty pole. Also, knowing your inventory would be essential.
  13. should have posted this in Chicago area III thread. however, we now have 105 boats.
  14. It was a private member boat.
  15. Well, the RC was dragging anchor, we finished 20 min before the crashes, the line was about 50ft. long.
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