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  1. Bugger My wife stumbled on the original for sale ad for Blue moon this week and was talking seriously about buying her (hadn't noticed that it was already sold). A couple glasses of wine and 6 days cruising on a TT720 in the rain can have that effect. I was gutted to be told about this thread and her untimely demise. $150K seemed like a very reasonable price for a shipyard built F32ax. Needless to say I will be cruising more and taking more wine while scouring the for sale listings. So sad that they didn't have the chance to salvage her before hitting the bricks. My sl
  2. Gusty, reaches are the time to be hand steering with sheets in hand, I wouldn't trust either setup in those conditions personally. In a steady wind reach/run I would think the strategy would be to get the boat up to speed and drive the apparent wind fwd prior to engaging the windvane. At that point the wind vane would drive down as the boat accelerated and lift up on easing wind or slowing as effectively your back to upwind sailing. I see autopilots/windvanes (of all sorts) as aids when its easy/boring sailing not to replace the nut behind the wheel in more challenging situations.
  3. Apparent Wind Speed Apparent Wind Angle , As Far As I Know
  4. My initial gut feelingis actually the opposite and that they may be too responsive given the faster AWS and AWA changes as well as speed thru the water increasing oar leverage. But that said AFAIK its a basic feedback loop that needs to be adjusted to get the correct Gain in the system. That is part of the reason I'm tinkering in CAD to design my own as off he shelf variants may just be tuned to the more standard and slower craft that they are usually mounted on. My gut makes me think that one needs to reduce this gain proportionally to speed thru the water in the same way one doesn't
  5. I'd be very interested in hearing from those that have tried a mechanical windvane on their multi. Just to get my head around the issues experienced. For me its just an interesting project for our TT720 which would definetly be on the slower end of the multi spectrum. I'm not planning on any blue water adventures but am intrigued to try one out on our sails down the coast. I personally didn't warm to the constant whirrr whirr of our old autopilot. I'm actually a techie at heart but love the clockwork gadgetry of a functional servo pendulum. The ability to have predictive steering an
  6. patzefran why do you say you cant use a windvane on a fast boat? and how fast is fast. I've heard this before and while I get that on a boat running 20knots that does make sense (based on reaction times and gain etc) I fail to see why this seems to be applied to all multis. To me its just a case of getting the boat up to speed prior to engaging the windvane to avoid a vastly different course to the initial one. Windvanes always work on apparent wind its just that us multis have the ability to create a higher % of it compared to slower boat. Cheers Mark TT720
  7. I'm not sure if this has been already noted but I do find it weird that on MarineTraffic (a web based AIS tracker), WOXI was shown a last known position early this morning as in Sydney harbour. And the time of the last known position....2018-12-26 11:08 Later this morning It got an update from Hobart 2018-12-29 09:49...makes me think the jury is testing it or someone finally fixed it. Timing is a bit sus though.
  8. Awesome Clive I'm sure your 4th will come around ...with time. Stick it to Phill to make sure he gets the dates right for next year and lets get 24hrs done in a F85sr.. Hats of to you for being out there and a even bigger hats off to the 24hr guys. Please post a link to your RaceQs track as I'd love to see it.. Well done boys .. well done!
  9. DXF files are usually an added cost and not included in the paper plans but are very reasonably priced... you would have to talk to Ian if the original plan owner did not get them
  10. Unfortunately I'm going to miss out too. But HTFU guys 24hrs or nuthin I say! One lap and 12hr is a dawdle... especially now that it is run in these warmer months. Its how you setup for 24hrs that separates the sailors from the adventures Its hard, you will swear that you will never do it again and it will be something you will remember long after a normal race. Do it once and then call me a liar.
  11. Looks good Evil and I think it will be a good move considering the buoyancy in the floats like you say. I know most of the times only one rudder will be in the water but do you think it would be worth putting bent tillers on the float rudders to setup proper Ackermann angles for when low riding or under power? Your tillers look straight in the photo. Cheers
  12. As it turns out my issue is not a dead battery ... but rather a fault in the BT comms which shuts down when the battery level gets too low and in my case is not resetting. Apparently, there is circuitry to protect the battery from over or under charge as well so my assumption was wrong. ST inc are going to sort this out for me under warranty so despite me getting frustrated with the long delivery lead times and impersonal STinc correspondence style I have to give them full marks when it comes to backing their gear. I figured its best to post this as its easy to forget to correct fa
  13. I'm still sitting on the fence with mine but can say that I'm experiencing the same issues as everyone else.... very long lead times on deliivery and now the battery issue. I'm not giving up on it just yet but it is very frustrating for a device that is meant to be autonomous fails to do so. We have plenty of sun here in Oz yet mine too has lost charge after being up the mast for 3 weeks.with very limited use. Will see what a couple of days horizontal in the sun do but concerned that the LiPo battery management and charging circuitry may be inadequate. Allowing a LiPo battery to dra
  14. Hey do you like the parking job Got to put the first scratch on the boat LOL Who knew that this thing wouldn't slow down as fast as my TT720.... Great day out and its going to be an absolute cracker of a boat.
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