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  1. you know, with all your anecdotes in GA, you could have at least 50 chapters done by now... chapter 37: Things up the bum...
  2. yes, only someone from the west coast would come to dallas and trailer a bike home.. the ride would have been more fun..
  3. interesting that whatever "epoxy" put down wasn't compatible with the barrier coat. which barrier coat? I took my boat bottom down to very worn gelcoat, fixed the irregularities, and laid down a skim coat of WS 105 to seal up the surface. 5 coats of Interprotect 2000e and have not had a problem...
  4. after WW2, dad in the reserve, checked out a plane for cross country training flight, Pensacola to Wisconsin, didn't tell them it was to go see his girlfriend ( my mom) . back then the rule was nothing longer than an overnight stay... once he got to Wisc. he called in and told them the weather was bad and he had to stay for a couple of days...
  5. I wonder if they have the speakers for the water skier on that rig
  6. don't know, but they kept coming, back... a good day would be when one of them was catching a ride home with a guy two floors down in the dorm and she had 30-40 mins to kill... go Central Wesleyan College, weird school, they had a 10pm curfew ...
  7. great , they're doing it in 3mph, let's see them try it at 20+
  8. FFS, how hard is it to drill out a couple of rivets to take a look? how expensive are rivets to replace? like $.02 apiece? dwyer mast or rig rite could be a good source for a new one
  9. i found that, while in college, preacher's daughters fuck the best...
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