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  1. problems i have with a boot stripe is with the paint.. i haven't found anything that lasts at the waterline.. any paint suggestions?
  2. i'm sure Guv and his workers have to sand that shit, ain't fun..
  3. pollsters still sucking elephant dick... UM should be ranked ahead, possibly MSU also..
  4. stories that have leaked out.... it's a low budget production.. Baldwin was one of the co-producers.. Union set personnel were complaining over conditions and pay, forgotten benefits... etc (local lodging as opposed to driving 50 miles one way to the set) union workers left the production... weapon in question had multiple incidents in which union rules would have pulled the weapon off set until it was fixed.. non-union armorer was in place... I would say baldwin was partially at fault, as co-producer, and the fact that he was pointing the prop/weapon at people during the
  5. letter says, come pick up your 12 children...
  6. everyone needs to remember, most of those early sci stories actually started as magazine serials... that's how they were written and a lot got hit by the editor... remember the time and source.. btw, I heard Foundation has jumped the shark already.... too bad...
  7. they're also pretty cool at launching boards across the garage..
  8. we have 3 starting WR's out for an offense that is having "issues"... we gonna get whacked.. lol, I like how UGah and UF both took the week off before their game..
  9. fresh, hand pampered by mamasita flour tortilla's
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