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  1. There is a Astus 20.5 that competes in the Watertribe Everglades Challenge quite regularly. To my knowledge they have never failed to finish, and I find myself lusting after her in Key Largo. I would buy one in a heartbeat. AndyMan
  2. https://youtu.be/Da06Po6yKrY Nacra C 20 Tornado G Cat 21 Big cats in the Everglades Challenge, finished in that order. AndyMan
  3. G Cat 21 2021 Everglades Challenge
  4. Monster to shove off the beach. 2021 Everglades Challenge
  5. GCat 21 in the 2021 Everglades Challenge.
  6. Jeff, It was another amazing experience. SuperFreak was everything we hoped for and more, very difficult to get off the beach, and needs at least a foot of water to do her thing, she will go up wind double reefed in 25 kts plus and power reaches like mad. Naviguesser NateDog had us avoid every major cut, mainly due to wind direction but also to avoid the confinement of the ICW, Nate really got it done for us in some very difficult conditions. We easily could have shaved off time and I think a 2 day run for us is not out of the question, you are going to have to ask Nate ab
  7. No likely, I know too early. AndyMan
  8. Southern Cross slipping across Chocko Bay
  9. Sounds like you are in the ballpark. I retrofitted a G Cat 21 with a asym and I set the pole length so the kite sheeted to the forward beam. (I had just bought a 21sqm Hobie Tiger kite) I then played with the hoist by just duct taping a microblock on the mast above the hounds. You want the ability get the luff tight. Once you are happy with the distance make the block fast. Remember a windsurfer mast is quite flexible, make sure the guy lines have downward angles. My G Cat has a front beam so I made a dolphin striker and a "down wire" I ended up 4 ft above the hounds,
  10. AndyMan and NateDog have one more sail on our new to us G Cat 21, SuperFreak. Huge thanks to Masthead Sailing Gear and Sunrise Yacht Products for custom fore and aft tramps. Picked up a sweet 21sqm Hobie Tiger kite from Andy at the Tackle Shack, and the Freaks sprit is a slightly shortened Laser Radial mast. Super Cat rudder castings and extended blades replaced the dodgy originals. Keels ground down and replaced with fiberglass dowels. Etc, etc.... Our goal is two days, fingers crossed. AndyMan
  11. Safety Dance 20' Highlander Class Sailboat For Sale Highlander # 912 2 Time EC finisher. 3rd in Class 2019 2nd in Class 2020 Full optimized for the EC, a fast reacher and runner with remarkable windward ability, even in shallow water with very little board down. Centerboard is faired, tough aluminum. Full bow bulkhead, 1500 GPH Rule electric bilge pump, Hobie Bob masthead float, 2 deep reefs led to the mast. 2 jibs rigged for the Harken High Load roller furler with a halyard top swivel. new shrouds and forestay. Large factory seat air tanks with foam blocks inside
  12. We will never actually know what happened. Face it and stop the bickering. AndyMan
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