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  1. You missed some good times. There was an epic photo in the hallway at the Frantic (which I have not been able to track down subsequently) of a weather mark rounding during a Big Boat Series One Ton Cup with a dozen Ranger 37s rounded down simultaneously in a row as they tried to hoist kites before getting bloopers set. Fun! (not)
  2. One of the (many) things I don’t like about these boats is that there is no proper full time tactician which is the most interesting part of the game. If you look at the TP52s or Maxis, the helmsman is basically a very, very, very highly trained monkey who points the boat in the direction he is told while the tactician makes the calls requiring intelligence and judgement. Full disclosure: I am a tactician.
  3. Great example. One reason that worked was that Russell was clearly an extraordinary sailor in his own right who commanded the respect or Spithill and everyone else. It obviously was not a demotion. Sir Ben needs to think of it as a promotion to run the sailing aspect of the team and delegate the helm role to whoever happens to be the right person for the task.
  4. It seems to me the question isn't really whether Ben is the best helmsman but whether it is too much to put on any one person's plate. You don't see Lewis Hamilton running the Mercedes F1 team or Toto Wolff driving. If you don't like the F1 analogy use your own elite sport analogy whether that is football (American or the proper kind) or basketball or whatever. Among other things, making the general manager also the helmsman is an inherent conflict of interest as he cannot objectively determine whether he is the best helmsman for the job.
  5. It was not the Schaefer one but done to a similar quality with an outright focus on racing performance. The owner has had a series of Viva's all done to similar quality: Etchells, Melges 24, Cal 40, Knarr. He is a very, very good sailor coupled with the financial resources to do a good boat well. In one respect I agree with the analogy to an old classic car. On the other hand, a perfectly updated (not restored to original) Cal 40 is not a compromise. It is a better boat in every respect than, say, a brand new Beneteau or Jeanneau of similar size.
  6. I am going to go out on a limb and speculate that would have been... somewhere on the border between exhilarating and uneasy.
  7. No change to the sail plan and no reason to change it. The Cal 40 (and the Lapworth 36 which is the same) sail very well up and down. The big triangle main does create a bit of weather helm on a close or beam reach.
  8. There is a Cal 40 in our harbor named Viva that was restored recently to the highest standard you can imagine. New Ballenger rig, Dyneema standing rigging, full 3Di inventory, carbon everywhere. It is absolutely spectacular and hard to imagine a better 40' racer/cruiser no matter what your budget. This is probably the reason Stan (who is possibly the smartest sailor in the world) chose one. Full disclosure I own a Lapworth 36 which was the prototype for the Cal 40 (71 built).
  9. I would argue that you get more marketing dollars from a huge spinnaker going up and down than, hang on a second, who sponsored the last one? I just re-watched the last leg of the 7th race of the LV final in 2000. Has there ever been a better race?
  10. OK, but if I am VP of marketing for Heineken or Procter and Gamble this whole thing is a shit show. Please provide the narrative of the plucky Kiwis in their own harbor against the might of UK and SUI. I could sell that.
  11. Let's think about this, for a moment, as a taxpayer or resident of Auckland or Cork or Valencia or Jeddah. * In Auckland or Valencia the infrastructure already exists and the weather is pretty agreeable. * In Jeddah there is no bacon & no beer. When they originally invited us they thought it would be a couple of weeks like F1 or football. They didn't realize it was a multi-year event. * In Cork the weather sucks and there is no obvious support from the government * Spain is broke. Do we really expect Valencia to come up with enough money to bribe TNZ?
  12. Isn't there anyone willing to explain (in this largely anonymous forum) the source of this "mistrust"? It seems to me that the NZ government has put some firm ($80mm?) money on the table. Dunphy has put some firm money on the table. Between the two it is certainly enough to mount a viable defense with the likelihood of more dollars to follow. Mr. Dunphy has already apologized for his premature wish to see GD ousted. It appears that he is very sincere in his desire to spend $40mm of his own hard earned cash to keep the defense in home waters. There is no need to spend money on the d
  13. The first installment of the initial entry fee is US$1,000,000. And then the second installment of US$1,250,000.00 needs to be paid by the 1st September 2022. And then there are the additional fees. ACPI contribution – US$25,000 Website contribution – US$150,000 Performance Bond – US$1,000,000
  14. I suspect Toto is smarter than anyone in Milwaukee or Memphis.
  15. 18th in the last Grand Prix was Mazepin driving for Haas. What are you on about? Mercedes AMG has 1500 employees, and they cannot keep them all under the new budget limits. This is a very sensible way for Mercedes to keep the talent on the payroll.
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