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  1. There are two big problems with the new class. One is that they are so fast that even a small delta (say 15 seconds) is hundreds of yards so the boats are never close to each other (except for 5 or 10 seconds at the start) which makes for very boring spectating. The other is that with the wind so far forward on the downwind legs there is never any opportunity for the boat behind to gas the boat in front. These things might be good for something or other, but they are not good for match racing.
  2. You mean handcuffs? At least that is what we called them. Sometimes came in handy with the owner's daughter as well.
  3. No, they are ridiculous and impractical for anything larger than dinghies. It requires a hoist with a full crew to step the wing every morning and remove it every evening. How would that work during say, Big Boat Series or Cowes Week? We have all benefited from the many technological advances of the America's Cup designs over the past 170 years, but solid wings won't ever trickle down.
  4. Under 60.1 (a) a boat may protest another boat(s) for an alleged breach of a Part 2 rule if she was involved in or saw the incident even if she was not the one who was fouled. The protest requirements are the same. So informing at the first reasonable opportunity via hail and flag. First reasonable opportunity is very quick. You can't wait to see if anyone does a circle. People who can't figure out where to put a red flag or whether to protest within 10 seconds should really take up a sport that doesn't involve moving objects. Sudoku or something. Bear in mind the following from 61.
  5. He wasn't. Do you understand that the fact that you once had a bad experience is not a very convincing indictment of a system?
  6. Are you familiar with the difference between anecdote and data?
  7. I certainly hope so. Protest validity is no more a "technicality" than port/starboard.
  8. Perhaps what you meant to say is "I usually lose my protests before the hearing starts because I am too much of a moron to follow the simple black and white procedural rules required to file a valid protest. I forget the red flag, or I forget to say protest, or I forget to file the protest on time. I cannot keep track of three things because I am a halfwit." In your post #11 you said "I'm pretty sure that no PC walked away after dismissing one saying 'darn, I wish we could have stayed and heard that one'." This is 100% factually incorrect horseshit as you will learn if you either re
  9. The word scuttlebutt contains two instances of the same double letter in the form of "tt" This is substantially more instances of "tt" than Latitude 38 or Sailing Illustrated or Sailing Anarchy or Tip n Shaft or Sail-World. If you search AskJeeves.com for the sailing blog whose domain name in 2011 contained the most instances of "tt" Scuttlebutt is #1 ranked. I believe this is undisputed.
  10. Not true. We are in a prestigious group with Liberia and Myanmar.
  11. The International 50-Foot Class saw some of the most competitive racing ever in the IOR era, through the class association's own "World Cup" circuit raced in several venues each season. The development of the International 50-Foot Yacht Association ("IFYA") arose as a result of those owners who wanted to race their yachts on a near level-rating basis, similar to that enjoyed in the smaller Ton classes, and the larger Maxis. The IFYA established a rating band of 39.0 to 41.0 feet IOR, for boats known as 50-footers for their approximate overall length. http://rbsailing.blogspot.com/2015/08
  12. This was an IOR 50 start in 1989 I think (Newport, RI)
  13. But the 50' fleet raced level at Clipper/Kenwood Cup, etc. didn't it?
  14. Apologies, it was not meant to be tricky.
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