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  1. yeah JG I reckon either Buddah or Willo has one, failing that I know someone who may have 'aquired' one once, I'll ask around It was a great snap eh? Ithink Apollo2, Bacardi, Challenge2 and a few others?
  2. wouldn't mind seeeing a photo or two if you could
  3. Commiserations to Mike and Mark for the loss of Wicked's rig last night in Banks Strait, all are ok including vessel according to the ORCV website: http://www.orcv.org.au/index.php?option=co...164:westcoaster I bet they're glad it didn't happen 2 weeks ago t
  4. Congratulations Mr & Mrs T Eelf! That's cool Great way to not get bored on a lay day! Enjoy t
  5. sorry i'm not sure what you're talking about
  6. First, Fuck off Newbie. Long time lurky- no talky, eh? Now that you're officially welcome, are you sure it's a new rig and not an old one on its way to WA? t
  7. so what's going on you guys? is the tp afloat yet, stick up yet? how about some photos of that or Veloce t
  8. Can I borrow your login ? either just creat a (free) account or otherwise you can access the forums through the drop down 'features' tab then 'sailing' (or whatever you want) and you're in. Its a pain how the forums aren't accessible from the front page without being logged-in. t
  9. That's just a little bit cruel, JS, could be read as gloating- no need to rub it in like that But have fun anyway you bastard t
  10. Ok then, well is "program" better for you? so you mean funding?
  11. FFS Don get over it it's a digital world and anyone walking past can point their phone at your pile of shit and do the same better give Mr google 24 hours too or tell the world police they've (probably, unless you live in a cave) published a snap of your house from up in the sky and another from out front too
  12. Flatbag could you take a photo of my thongs which I left out near Cougar or somewhere a while ago? They're black double pluggers and I'd like them back, if you see them, post a snapshot and Ill call by and collect them thanks in advance, t
  13. The Inglis has vbeen replaced then? if so what has become of it?
  14. Here's that photo of the dust storm about to hit SYC in 1983, as Sportscar said it was terrifying being engulfed by it I was in the area but didn't take this shot, don't know who did t
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