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  1. tape the sheet and guy 1.5 m back and the lazy sheet problem goes away
  2. Which one did he get? The Tritium turboed MOD 70 just went up for sale. Should have waited a few months!
  3. His wife can easily kick your ass, and has likely won a lot more sailing events than you
  4. The boat is designed to win the Maxi 72 class. Everything else is a "fun" event for the team. The boat goes south to specifically find these weak points in the bigger winds and sea states. That way, you reduce the risk of gear failure in the races that matter to you. It's a great deal if you can finance it.
  5. Black isn't an option anymore. Only white hulls from the factory. If anyone really, really wants one now, I'm open to selling hull 3 located in central CT. PM me
  6. Ill get mine this weekend! Spoke to Dave and there will be new rudder heads coming for the first few boats. Hope to get out for a blast with Dave on Sunday afternoon for a maiden sail
  7. For the guys doing the HDPO, what's the deal with needing to carry $300k work of insurance to do the event? 14. INSURANCE Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum coverage of US $300,000 per event or the equivalent. A copy of insurance company documents establishing such coverage, current through the end of the regatta, shall be supplied as part of completing registration and check in.
  8. I'm in. Will get my registration done soon. We should work out a practice weekend or 2 prior to the event
  9. I'll go if my boat is ready. Thought I'd be doing the dingy distance race this weekend, but no boat to float........
  10. Green Dragon is for sale. I can put you in touch with the owner if you're serious.
  11. Yes, and fully support HPDO. Maybe we can convince Cedar Point to let us in the one design regatta?
  12. I'll PM when my boat arrives and you can rip it up. New Haven Area
  13. Probably a decent idea for those afraid of wiggling. Just to share, it's disturbing how well the boat tracks of it's own accord when heeled to weather. I've played around a couple times with letting go of the tiller completely and just hanging in the straps and being the crew while the boat steers itsself. It's very eerie how long it will behave itsself for when I do this. It likely has to do with how neutral the struts are at that heel angle.DRC Except that the moth does that mostly for capsize recovery. Much easier to get back onboard (water start) if the tiller self-centers - that way t
  14. Observations like this really intrigue me. If I can get an hour away from the supply line stuff and get sailing this week I'm going to take a look at dropping a loop out of the mainsheet. There are some downsides to it (lower mechanical advantage) , but for the slow-handed it may prove a useful short term setup fix. This wouldn't violate the one-design, since it would involve simply moving a knot, rather than adding hardware. While there's no substitute for developing a good quick sheet hand, having viable intermediate ameliorative options may be kinda cool. DRC A fair bit of mo
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