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  1. you really seem to have a thing for jen....., anything washed ashore or shown up in the debris field yet ?
  2. to the contrary,churchills mum was a yank and if she'd just refrained that once then there'd have been no winston and no bright ideas of a dardenelles venture
  3. Ok Dylan,last heard of you were taking to your boat with a hot air gun, havent heard anything more from you so wondered did it work ok, and did you manage to stop short of setting it on fire ?
  4. yup.......... simply brilliant short handed and very efficient reefed, did the southern ocean with 4 set up like this, Yankee had 2 reefs, very easy and quick to reef with the option of a sort of half reef that raises the clew, trisail had a soft reef as well and was used more than once
  5. and as mentioned earlier, no such word as....... ASSUM BUMCHA
  6. you can get as tech as you like but it's ard to beat a chunk of bamboo wrapped in carbon fibre and a decent size polytarp laced to it, rig a bridle and braces to it as well as a downhaul to get it down (you need to semi winch it down) coupla sheets to the bottom corners and hoist it up..... no crash gybes to worry you and surprisingly efficient oh and hoist it inside the forestay
  7. has been known to hit the spot nicely............. at times
  8. argue with this in the start box at your peril
  9. not nearly enough course, same crew much much longer courses and run with what ya brung................ live it within your means in otherwords
  10. thats pretty close but you missed the obvious, NZ is a country full of optomists who love nothing better than to live the 50cent millionaires lifestyle and will go to great lengths to achieve this
  11. sorry but in real world NZ that no8 wire is actually a smokescreen to keep the office boys in their cubicles, the real trick shit has always been done by 10 gauge malleable wire and 16 gauge tiewire, as for genetic success....... put it down to diet , eta crunchy peanut butter, vegemite, weetbix and that abominable milk they made us drink in school...... oh and having no such word as ... " assum bumcha" !!!!
  12. well you didnt front(wont hold that against you ) Strider but this is just for you, Italy were very worthy opponents
  13. hard to think that in 3 short race legs that boat'll be obsolete
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