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  1. enough of these around showing interest and I'm pretty sure a "boom" would be likely
  2. dont worry , black and decker made em too, had to use one way too often in early apprenticeship days
  3. mid 70's round noosa way it was all gum , checked in top and bottom plates and luckily still pretty green, built a bunch of houses in Weipa and that was all cut your own from a load of random lengths only saving grace was roof trusses.......... also hardwood and what seemed like a coupla mllion of those bloody triple grips followed by hook bolts over the rafter through everything to under the floor joists
  4. having had a german shepherd who just loved to coat blow where ever suited her I'd have to say 100% woolcarpet is your only friend for dog fluff, oh and one of those vacuum heads that spin and suck, got a beauty from nilfisk though it did/does choke up on her indoors long hair, who knew chicks shedded hair ???
  5. errr not quite, biggest losers in this game thus far are of course the poms, who haven't had their hands on it since day 1
  6. He's a provincial pinhead ( pronounced phiff like a fart) expect no logic there
  7. to give him some credit though at least he is a consistent idiot
  8. " Alaska blues" was a stunning read and very well illustrated, one of the major reasons I went there in the mid 80's
  9. know where you're coming from, likeliest source is probably the sun ........ however..... that'll bite us in the arse long term as the plastic islands we're hell bent on creating will insulate and raise the ocean temps to a point where we cease to be
  10. yup, quite a place, right now though I'm into another challenge, trying to find the "right" tuck for an eye splice in 4 strand left hand laid rope, not quite as easy as you'd think , however I'll get there
  11. there was (1985) a standing school of kahawai just off head rock going south toward Te arai sort of centred on where that new bar was, caught 98 in 35 mins to feed the crew building the R Tucker Thomson, ate the lot too , was a well kept secret till some prick with a purse seiner wiped them out for cat food . Bleed them well and they're a bloody good feed which holds together for stir fries and all sorts of other stuff, Used to get Schnaps as well as gurnard too, do recall surfing head rock and being visited by Orcax2, fuck are those fins tall sitting on a surfboard, quite a few sharks used t
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