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  1. true, NZ are going to reignite the trekka brand to fuck em right up
  2. in general you're probably right, however, him specifically, face it, he wouldn't know shit from chewed dates as has been shown many many times on here
  3. well the name Eric Wing gave it was....." a kennel full of rabbits".......
  4. how straight is your shaft and just how well balanced are the bits on it ? thats where I'd be starting to look first, oh and engine mounts/ alignment?, the broken bracket could well be the end result of a number of other issues
  5. this , along with a blob of silicone to smooth it all out and no more probs
  6. as would panmure lagoon sailing club
  7. 167149

    Group W

    and here i was so convinced he was the other Jeffery Lebowski
  8. 167149

    Group W

    That's just like your opinion man (quote "The dude")
  9. 167149

    Group W

    bench or comfey couches/ arm chairs/ zimmer frames ???
  10. ask wal, he's way better at putting stuff into words than i'll ever be
  11. the lipton cup has NEVER been lost.......... always turns up somewhere in the club the following day looking immaculate....... Mullet boat sailors are like that
  12. not only dirty brown coal can be burnt here, ti tree burns brilliantly and is second to none when it comes to smoking fish. however if you're in the central nth island that maire can put coal to shame
  13. while you're all waiting hows about a nice singalong.............
  14. still got and use one of these, bought it new in 1982, a stanley one, that really fucks the saw doctors for sharpening, tip for care of the blade, run an oil stone over it occasionaly to get rid of high spots etc and keep it running smooth (no you stop short of touching the teeth) then give it a polish with lanacote, longterm storing I just grease the blade with lanacote then it's simple to clean off when you need it, gives a far cleaner cut than a powered mitre saw in fine work
  15. you welsh didn't do so well against the all blacks today either
  16. enough of these around showing interest and I'm pretty sure a "boom" would be likely
  17. dont worry , black and decker made em too, had to use one way too often in early apprenticeship days
  18. mid 70's round noosa way it was all gum , checked in top and bottom plates and luckily still pretty green, built a bunch of houses in Weipa and that was all cut your own from a load of random lengths only saving grace was roof trusses.......... also hardwood and what seemed like a coupla mllion of those bloody triple grips followed by hook bolts over the rafter through everything to under the floor joists
  19. clearly you've never worked with Jarra
  20. having had a german shepherd who just loved to coat blow where ever suited her I'd have to say 100% woolcarpet is your only friend for dog fluff, oh and one of those vacuum heads that spin and suck, got a beauty from nilfisk though it did/does choke up on her indoors long hair, who knew chicks shedded hair ???
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