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  1. if organizations had a active backup plan, they could have restored up to the day before in 24 hours, reset all the passwords and be happliy going about their business. But not everyone has a CIO who understands risks/level of destruction. Or they have a board that is too cheap and/or stupid to pay for proper backup. The money on the line is at a level of inconvenience. You gore the big boys, they will hunt you down like a dog. Back in the 90s, some of you may remember the KAOS computer hackers coming out and saying they had hacked the Pentagon and NASA. Made the news worl
  2. got an email from a long time buddy in Ottawa saying he was watching TV today and they had the sailing on from Bermuda and he really enjoyed it. Did I mention he is a life long powerboat guy who hates sailboats? If it gets to the smokers to come over to the dark side, EXCELLENT, production values be damned...
  3. I did buy during the BOGO, but: I tried to buy at the start of the sale online, but it would not take the order. Had to wait 3 hours for the West Coast to come online so I could talk to a sales person in Watsonville. They told me the reason I could not do the order is because you could only buy what they had in stock. I had wanted chrome Evo 30s as they are half an inch shorter and these were to replace cockpit winches behind a dodger. No go. Also no go on black anodized EVO 30s or plain aluminum ones. So I ended up getting chrome 30 waves as those were in stock. One was
  4. a better example is Lou Gerstner at IBM in the 1990s. His brother was a senior VP at IBM and being groomed to take over when John Akers retired. But his brother developed cancer just as John gave his 1 year retirement announcement and IBM started looking about. Well brother Lou had done well selling smokes at Phillip Morris or one of the other cigarette makers. Lets put him in charge for the interim. So they make Lou the CEO and he turned IBM around (that time). Brother recovered from the cancer and wanted the CEO position but the board said "We are sure you do, but your b
  5. Bingo! Seeing how you are on roll, do you happen to have tonight's winning lottery numbers???
  6. Looking for board members to email my displeasure on a winch I paid for that has been backordered for 7 weeks and no resolution in sight, I see West Marine got taken private by investment firm L. Catterton. This happened on the 14th of April according to CBS marketwatch and investment site Seeking Alpha. https://www.crunchbase.com/acquisition/lcatterton-acquires-west-marine--24b2a6b4 The executive team looks almost all new comparing folks on the WM site, so there must have been a major shakeup. Seems like internal focus is the current order of the day (eg navel g
  7. want a Jeep like ride? Then buy a Jeep Want to go offroad? then get the Wrangler Rubicon Want the most badass Rubicon, get the new one with the 470 hp 392 V8 from the factory... and a sound that stirs the soul....
  8. Glomar Explorer plucked a Russian sub 5,000 kilometer down 50 years ago. It can be done. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glomar_Explorer They also knew where to find it back in the day based on listening buoys. Never understood why the Malaysian jetliner was never found as the sound of that hitting the surface had to be picked up. My guess is the US, Chinese, Russian and Aussie intel services do not want to show their hands..
  9. A clay bar will take out minor contaminants in the paint before you seal it. If your paint is faded, you are going to need to polish it to remove the chalked paint as the clay bar is not aggressive enough. If your paint is rougher than a night in county lockup, you will need a to compound, then polish to remove the scratches. In some cases you need to wet sand (eg color sand) first. I have turned totaled paint to better than factory new (eg no orange peel) before sealing. Whether you use ceramics, wax or otherwise, you need to get the paint right first. Just like
  10. I said rub it on LIKE a like wax, not put on a wax. You pour a bit from bottle onto an application pad (I use those circular foam pads) and just rub it onto the surface. Let it haze (even though you cannot see the haze) and the wipe with a clean towel. Done!
  11. I was a Mother's carunba wax (no cleaner) for 25 years on all my cars, suvs and motorcycles. Polish out car, rub it on, let it haze, then remove the haze. I switched to the Meguiars ceramic wax last summer on my Volvos. https://clean-garage.com/meguiars-hybrid-ceramic-liquid-wax-16oz-advanced-sio2-technology/?sku=G200416 Wash your car and rub on like a liquid wax. You then wipe it off with a mircofibre towel. - It does not haze so you need to remember where you applied it. - Easier to buff off reside than traditional wax - You can put it on pla
  12. sure. It has a great ROI over 7 years versus your $6 paper cup of coffee every morning. and I do not have to get in line or take any shit from some flunky who thinks they smart, or listen to the buttheads/Karens in line in front of me.
  13. This is supposed to be about stupid taxes, but to answer your question: No they are not different models. For ANY good or service, there is a price people are willing to pay. You cannot charge more unless you have a monopoly like the government. With competition, if your expenses get too high you either cut the costs or FAIL. This applies to big and small companies. Here are examples of employees thinking they were owned something for just showing up, but found out differently when their job disappeared: In the early 70s I remember the 6 pm news with strikes all t
  14. that's Polaroid man. The SOBs who bought the company totally FUCKED the employees and stole their pensions to pay off the junk bonds. for the UAW, the past 20 years have been a slow transition from sweetheart pensions something more modest for the new hires. Remember reading at the time of the resentment of the new employees getting less money, only a 401K and less health care benefits next to the older stiff doing the exact same job on the line. But Olds plant in Framingham Mass is a distant memory. And with it, that $60 gig went POOF! Defined pension plans hav
  15. who gives a shit what new dealers like? They have nothing but opinions based on clown degrees with no basis in science or economics. You can bully folks with regulations on what to pay, but in the end, economics always come into play. Just takes time. But when it does, it strikes with a vengeance. You raise minimum wage to $15 and I have 10 people making $12 recurrently in my burger joint, I am going to can 3 people for I a going to make my profit for my time and investment and I cannot just pass increased costs on in a competitive world like the government can as they are
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