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  1. Much as this link explains ad nasum what the standard Amazon logo is all about, I still believe the Amazon logo is a giant hard on. https://www.designyourway.net/blog/graphic-design/amazon-logo/ so a space ship that looks like dildo fits right in. What is amazing is that when I search amazon.com for space suit nobody is hawking blue origin suits. How could Jeff miss such a money making opportunity?? That boy is slipping... ;<)
  2. actually, the FBI under Janet Reno fucked up royally on this one. Sure the dude was a cult asshole banging anything he could get his dick into, but he also came into town EVERY WEEK to get supplies. They could have waited behind a door at the store for David to show up for his stuff and just cuffed his sorry ass. End of story. But Nooo, they thought it would be cool to come in guns blazing SWAT style. Unfortunately someone tipped off the David and he had time to turn the tables and fuck with them them instead. So then the federales crank it up to 11 because they were show
  3. what's wrong with that? Back in the go-go 80s, when any of my software engineers decided to look for greener pastures, we would throw them a going away party at a private room in a certain Chinese restaurant. Everyone would attend as we all would be blowing off steam after a long week. We would get the engineer shitfaced early on a friday afternoon. By 7 the "entertainment" would arrive as would all the attendees. We would hire this 350 lb belly dancer in full regalia who had Good Luck (first name of engineer) written on her stomach in lipstick. We would march the engineer
  4. and pissing yet more gasoline onto the fire: https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/its-just-not-true-zuckerberg-responds-claims-facebook-puts-profits-over-people Love to know what was scrubbed during that downtime at Facebook when nobody could see. Now we have Markie saying "Nothing here folks, just move along.." Can only hope some FB employees with a conscience have whatever was blown away hidden away on a thumb drive "Just in case".
  5. Max Remember this app started with a research grant from the CIA after Peter Theil did the initial investment. https://thehackernews.com/2011/04/truth-about-facebook-cia-us-government.html and zdnet which is not tin foil hat folks https://www.zdnet.com/article/facebook-and-the-cia/ or the Herald https://www.nzherald.co.nz/technology/facebook-the-cia-conspiracy/DJV2SVOSNF4NX7MJ4C22JSIDLM/ If you pay close attention, you know that the intell folks like to tell you a story. Not THE story. A story.. Think about that russian sub Clark Gable brought
  6. I read on a financial blog his worth dropped 6 billion due to the stock hit. But do not feel sorry for him as he still has 115 billion bucks to ease the pain... and I do not believe the DNS corruption story FB is peddling. They are too damn big to employee network idiots who cannot restore/reboot servers anywhere in the world. New software versions are tested over and over prior to rolling them into production, and at their size, he makes 1 call and the network vendor has their A-team engineers doing the work. I think they either tighten down security, made some dubious re
  7. Cannot agree more. Ford bought Volvo for the safety engineering and then tried to lower the costs by using Ford parts in place of better engineered Volvo components. I just finished swapping the front struts out of my xc60. Should have been a 2-3 hour job. It took 12 as nothing would come apart and I ended up having to pull the control arms to get the &^%$ ball joint to let go, so I could finally get the knuckle apart as it refused to let go of the strut and there was not enough room to sledge the knucle down. It was a single bolt style knuckle which is strange as Volvo FWD/AWD cars
  8. I had a 75 Impala that basically was cheap made caddie, sat 3 across with lots of room (or 4 snugly), and had a 350 which I installed electronic ignition (had just come out) to help salvage some mileage. When I floored it, the speedometer and gas gauge would race to see which could sweep its needle across the instrument face faster.... ;<(
  9. You want a xc70 or v70 with a 3.0, 3.0 turbo, or 3.2 inline six (aka Cologne 6) If you can find one the 2015 models came with either the 3.2 or 3.0 turbo. The turbo is 309 hp and 322 ft/lbs of torque. The 3.2 has 240 hp. Takes 8 quarts of synthetic oil, so the turbo is always cool and collected (and stays intact). You slap it into sport mode and hit the go petal. It will impress you. The absolute best ones are the Volvo Ocean Racer editions, as they have everything on them (T6s with Premier package). But they are harder than hen's teeth to find. Stay away from t
  10. Well you could sell that Harley for a Victory with triple Brembo brakes from the factory.. ;<) Or you can do the hot set up we did in the 80s to stop in the wet. Pull the pads, and then using a hack saw, cut off a bit of the leading edge at a 45 degree angle before reassembly. This will sweegie any water off the disk to the outside and eliminate performance killing water on the disks. Also works on leading edge of brake shoes for those with really old scoots...
  11. sight divergence: I am in the middle of brakes, struts, sway bar components as part of a mid life renew of one of my cars. 80,000 miles ago, I had installed quality rotors (drilled/slotted and no Brazilian or Chinese cheap crap) along with ceramic pads. Taking the units apart, they are like new. There is may be 10 percent wear on pads and rotors look like new. Traditional pads put out a lot of dust and braking is so-so. Metallic or semi-metallics brake well, but tear up rotors by the time the pads are down to limits. This is what most people see. The cer
  12. the 1st mate fudged the numbers so they did not have to re-ballast which would have kicked in the expensive discharge regulations If he had used the onboard computer to ballast the ship, it would have forces the decision. He had to know that. The 1st mate likely was under orders of his management to wait until they got out into real water to take on salt water instead of water full of silt. That is why mgt got him out of the US before anyone could talk to him. My question is why did the NTSB not highlight this? This video really needs to be sent to some congresscritte
  13. 2nd this. Replaced mine 15 years ago an not a leak. They used to have an option for clear coating them. If I were to do it over, I would eat the cost, as each spring takes a couple hours to get the frames gleaming like jewelry with some metal polish and a microfibre towel. If you need to enlarge a hole, go with a rotozip tool as it has the extra power you need to rip through the skins and laminates. Also have a shop vac running on the inside to suck up as much debris that rotozip is creating.
  14. any asshole can fill an old rowboat with flowers and call it a planter. THIS is a REAL Landscape focal point.
  15. ntsb report out. total cluster fuk by 1st mate who has "disappeared"
  16. the peel away you get from Home Depot is chemically the same as the stuff you get from your chandelry. Only the paper does not have the little anchors on it. I checked the MSDs and the called the folks in Long Island. Same stuff, just a premium for the anchors on the paper if you are so inclined. and the stuff does not work below 40 degrees. The folks there laughed at me when I asked why it was not working in the middle of winter in New England. I find Citrus Strip works better and is MUCH easier to apply provided you use a 3/8" roller and not a paint brush. Then lay on
  17. A companion way padlock is 1 large screwdriver from coming off (aka "the keys to the city"). as the old saying goes " A lock is to keep an honest man honest". Not a deterrent to a real thief. And every knows the key to start 90% of boats are down below in the 2nd drawer by the nav station. Right next to bright red plastic key for the battery switch. It is the one with the key float attached to it...
  18. I used to watch the Volvo Ocean Racers do day racing off Marblehead/Nahant when stopped over in Boston. not as good a view as on a boat, but it can be done. We run our off shore races on the bay where it is 30 miles wide. But if the wind conditions favor it, we will try to have a mark as near shore as the water depth will allow in order to generate interest with the non-sailing public. Its just a term to define the capability of the vessel. I doubt many would consider a Navy 44 a "lake boat".
  19. Jesus, I need a drink one less IBM => HAL One more VMS -> WNT
  20. I hosed my explanation as my mind was on the suspension/brake upgrade I was about to do this morning . In 2001 a Space Odessey, Stanley Kubek went one 1 letter to the right so HAL became IBM Dave Cutler did the opposite going 1 letter to the left so VMS became WNT. Sorry for the confusion. I need to slow down and drink more.... Forever..
  21. In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey the name of the computer (and a main character) taking over was called HAL. It was a inside joke as H A L = I B M if you use the letter 1 to the left of the actual. At the time, people were starting to wonder if computers would take over the world from imperfect humans. And IBM was the computer company everyone knew. Fast forward 20 years Microsoft had been plagued with buggy software (Remember blue screens of death?) and security holes galore. To develop a better operating system to compete in the commercial space they hired Dave Cutler
  22. Annual US offshore championships start tomorrow off Annapolis using the USNA Navy 44s. Course are as such file:///C:/Users/sabre/AppData/Local/Temp/US-Offshore-SIs-2021-v-1.5-9-19-21.pdf see Page 16. Anyone know the best position ashore to watch the teams battle for each course? Thanks
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