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  1. For 30 years radio station WBCN in Boston would play that cut in its entirely commercial free starting at noon on Thanksgiving Day with ads running for days beforehand.



    Must listening for the college kids in the area who thought that station was the end all...

    And immortalizing Arlo to all us teenagers in central and western Massachusetts.  Most of us who never knew who his dad was until much later in life.

    Locals....err townies can recite the lines off that album at the drop of a hat like golfers orate Caddy Shack dialogue or hockey players doing Slapshot lines.

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  2. Was building a set of steps for a 5-stand this weekend when the retired carpenter consulting put us onto My First Pencil from Ticonderoga and available at Staples.



    Suckers are 50% thicker than normal pencils so they do not break.

    The also have a super soft lead that makes a highly visible line on wet or pressure treated wood.

    Easy to see when cutting with your saw.

    Comes with a sharper which is needed as it is too thick for traditional sharpers.

    Eraser cleans off lines on the wood you did not mean to draw..


    Much better than those flat POS pencils you get at the big box stores.

    Guy said his grand-kid came home from their first day of school and proudly showed him their first pencil.   First words out of his mouth were "where did you get this?"


    Suckers are bomb.  Great cheap stocking stuffer for those with buddies who do a lot of woodworking..

  3. good luck with that.

    There is an old saying in systems development "build a foolproof system and only a fool with use it"

    There will be ways around this in no time.

    You can do all the sensors you want.  Nothing to stop someone from overriding the sensor or cpu just like folks do to those idiot engine kill features when you come to a stop.


    All those hair bun losers in the city sure are angry they have to ride bus with smelly winos while us cool kids drive v8s and turbos with 2000 dollar sound systems.  Will do anything to try and make us as miserable as they are.

    Fuck em..

  4. 7 hours ago, SloopJonB said:

    I have a Snap-On spoke wrench I bought in 1973 for my E-Type's wire wheels.

    Been sitting unused in successive tool boxes since 1975.

    It's probably worth something - when was the last time you saw one?

    Hang onto it, you never know...

    Last year I met a couple who had just purchased a Catalina 30 a couple slips away.

    The Atomic 4 would not run.  i took a look and it had some grotty ignition points.  Went home and dug out the points file and dwell meter i had put away in 1978 as everything after that was electronic ignition or diesel.  A quick YouTube video refresher and I had it humming like a sewing machine much to the appreciation of the couple.


    You too can be a hero.  Just takes time (and the right tool)..

  5. 15 hours ago, SloopJonB said:


    The only thing good about those old mainframe days was the status and perceived glamour of the job by outsiders.

    People who weren't around then can't understand the effect of telling people you were a "senior computer operator at IBM". :D

    They thought you were Buck Rogers personified. Working at NASA during the Apollo program must have been similar - in perceptions at least.

    The compute center I worked in was on the main floor on West Pender - at night we'd draw the curtains back and we'd regularly have an audience being wow'd by the flashing lights of the main console.

    Very space age sci. fi.

    It seems very Model T viewed from now where my phone is so much more powerful than that floor full of 360 & 370 hardware.

    absolutely.  Family would marvel when I told them I could sort every word in the dictionary along with the definitions in 10 seconds.  Pure magic..   Had the respect of a doctor when people in town found out what I did for a living.  


    One can also tell movies and TV shows of the 1970s and 80s as any scene with the sleuth scene would have spinning 9 channel tapes, blinking lights, impact printers giving up the culprit or the next clue.

    I once wrote a piece of code to run a mini-computer with lots of color screens on the monitor (eg display) looking important in front of some super computers for a scene in the movie Godzilla 2000. that was filmed in our data center in Tokyo.   I be a star!!!


    i also remember being in the data center of Lotus Corp (Lotus 1-2-3 forerunner to EXCEL and shareware we all use today) in Cambridge Mass next to MIT.  Was on the 1st floor and they would open the blinds so folks driving down the street would be impressed which upped their tech creds.   This was right after the 1st attack on the WTC in 1994 and I was besides myself as to me it was taunting every terrorist to take out the data center.

  6. On 11/16/2021 at 3:58 PM, hobot said:




     this is an acoustic coupler, the forerunner to the modem.

    You connected to your dial phone.

    Had one of these exact babies when I was in the USAF in 1976.  A whole 300 baud even though the phone lines were running at 56kb.   Talk about slow...


    Remember having real issues with one connected to a terminal that we linked to our Burrough's 4700 mainframe to make code changes online instead of driving to the data center with a stack of cards with our edits to the code.

    But the SOB was acting flakey.  My boss was an old avionics man and decided to take it apart.  Suddenly he started curing like a sailor instead of an old air force NCO.  Evidently the units we had were used and some of the circuit boards had cracks.  Instead of resoldering the bad circuits, some genius defense contractor had used pencil scribble thinking the graphite would carry the electrons.  But graphite is variable resistor and made the coupler freak out.  


    Good old days my ass....

  7. On 11/17/2021 at 11:31 AM, DarthSailor said:

    must be a data load, never saw a program stack that big. doesn't mean there wasn't one but shit that's a lot of cards.

    I estimate about 250,000 cards.

    Must be data, as in the day, no machine had enough memory for a compiler to handle that many lines of code in a single program.

    Looks like monthly payroll for the Pentagon and General DC area.

    Used to have to sort by ssan in reverse order prior to processing everyone's card into the mainframe. 

    Start at position 9 and make a pass on a card sorter.

    Then do position 8.  Then 7 etc.  Used to take 2 days 24x7.

    If you fucked up anything, you had to start all over.   What a PIA...

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  8. Hope you are lucky and like it.

    Once you put the key in a Carvana purchase, that is it.

    Sure you can return it. But only get another carvana shitbox.

    No chance of getting your cash back.


    I am more than happy purchasing factory certified autos.

    If anything goes wrong, I know the dealership actually knows a thing or 2 about the vehicle, has access to parts and technical tools and documentation.

  9. 1 hour ago, fastyacht said:

    Never mind the headship--tahts just a Zfoil Phoyon Tunneling panel layout--redirecting photons so you can achieve eyestrain withcless Jeffery.

    Thecothervquestion what o a this?



    That is the emergency exit ladder.

    You know the old saying "You stay with the boat until you can step up into the life raft"


    For when, you know, you collide with an air craft carrier due not paying attention while trying to trim the jib with the forestay being made out of stretchy nylon.

    All perfectly normal...   ;<)


    No explanation WTF is bolted to the back.  Looks like an garage ATV jack from Harbor Freight.

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  10. 6 hours ago, Yachticus said:

    you have no idea what One Sails were doing   - I know for a fact they were mighty pissed off - not only head office - but those lofts who have been looking after their clients working very clean and successful  businesses. there is a very long convoluted history of this franchisee ripping everyone off - not only customers  - but also the OneSails group. this fact alone should make you stop and think a bit.  I am not a sail maker  - but I am a business owner - and bullshit commentary from the sidelines by ill informed people that have little if any of the facts  - "keyboard warriors" if you will are  bloody disgrace. 

    So why did One Sails give them a franchise if the loft was known to be dodgy?   A tiger never loses it's stripes as the saying goes.

    Nothing but fucking greed to expand their global footprint and that shit is going to stick on them for a long time as the Internet never forgets.


    I come from the 45 years in the corporate world at fortune 100 companies.

    Fastest way to find a career ejector seat in your cubicle is to do ANYTHING that tarnishes the company brand and then not do everything humanly possible to resolve the situation.  Even sat in a customer escalation position which was to resolve such fuck ups on a world wide basis.  We had a saying: "first you fix the customer, then you fix the problem".  There are folks on this web site I would do this for in the background when they had an issue with our products even if there was not a contractual obligation. 

    I would immediately contact the customer, apologize and get their side of the story, then call our office or vendor.  Then I would come up with an action plan to make the customer happy and ride herd on the office/vendor/engineering dept until the customer said they were happy.  I would be emailing that customer 1-2 times a week with updates so they knew what was going on.   I also ensured senior management (eg country manager and Hq VP) were aware of the issue and progress to resolve should the customer start making calls.  Made the customer feel empowered and this built a customer for life out of a clusterfuk.


    Back in the 80s there was a company that ran an ad campaign in the WSJ that said "We hope something is screwed up just so we can show you how much we value your business".


    The fact One Sails did not get involved until the shit hit the fan shows poor decision making.

    Did they immediately have another loft build the sails and eat the cost as goodwill?

    Have they terminated the relationship with the loft yet?

    Sorry, no free pass...


    When Hobie Cat came out with the SX18 in 1990, they came with factory sails made by Neil Pride in HK.   Turned out the new fangled laminated sails came apart after a couple sails. Hobie and Neil Pride sprung into action and replaced EVERYONE's sails for free no questions asked as soon as the problem arose. That is how you build a great name.


    Now retired, I see small business owners fuck up all the time.  Be it garage owners, roofers, plumbers etc.

    They forget they are there to provide a good or service to a customer.

    They start to believe they are more important than the customer.

    And they forget it costs 10x more to find a new customer than to keep a current one.

    If you have done it right to address a customer issue, you can respond to any "keyboard warrior" with facts and the Internet is going to side with you.




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  11. 4 hours ago, El Borracho said:

    Imagine having very limited visibility and incomplete charts. Now imagine traveling at an unsafe speed for the conditions. One of the conditions is there is presently no war. No reason for endangering lives or treasure. Imagine being but one incompetent naval officer among hundreds. Go Navy!

    "you train like you fight."

    Rather dent up a sub in peace time and know where the chart is fubar, then in a hot war where losing such a mission capability for a year or more is more serious than a heart attack.    I can see why China wants to know where the accident occurred.  Not for navigation purposes, but to know where the US Navy is snooping about in their back yard.


    EVERY DAY, young men and women risk their lives whether or not the US is at war.

    Planes go down, trucks flip over, parachutes fail to open.  Hence why many of us hold service people in high regard.  Putting their asses on the line every day and night for minimum wages.


    You think the same logic regarding going to the moon?  We lost people on that one.



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  12. On 10/21/2021 at 9:15 PM, Great Red Shark said:

    Sad news,  Wes Cooley passed away


    He was the Grand Marshall at Vintagefest in 2017.  

    That sucks as he was a hero of mine.

    Remember him at Laconia NH driving a Pop's Yoshimura GS1000 superbike in the 1980s.

    One year he was leading by over half a lap with 3 to go.  But Wes would never back off.

    Came out the last corner onto the straightaway flat out and clipped the wall in front of the grandstand at speed shattering the left cover and killing the motor. Cost him the race and NOBODY was in his league that day.


    Everyone swooned for those garish green Kawasaki Eddie Lawson bikes, but Wes could out drive him with ease on his Suzuki.


    Ride On brother!



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  13. 10 hours ago, Point Break said:

    My semi auto won’t always cycle properly with light loads. It’s the only drawback to mine but I really Ike how easy it is to shoot quickly. I just can’t run over a hundred rounds though it in a session with knowing it the next day.

    For misfires I suggest a total tear down and cleaning with solvent and a toothbrush. Gunpowder reside is like glue as it builds up.

    For kick back, I am not sure what you are shooting.  My competition Beretta has a piston that absorbs most the hit. 


    You can add a recoil pad to your vest for short money no matter what you shoot. They make a huge difference when going through a lot of shells in a day.  I find folks at our range wearing fancy vests and the pad inserted in the wrong shoulder pocket. Boy are they happy when I point it out.




    if you have a shotgun with a recoil piston, may want to make sure it is still working, else get a replacement and swap it out. Sometime folks with older weapons never think about.


    For short money you can add a limbsaver buttshot end in foam rubber.  15 bucks at Walmart..



    I use one to extend my stock for a better LOS.  With it, the gel pad in the vest and the piston in my shotgun, there is no kick when firing my Beretta 12 gauge.


    and of course you could learn to shoot better and move down to a 20 or 28 gauge..  ;<)

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  14. these MFers were out of control.

    They already had 3 accidental discharges on the set according to this link.



    Let that sink in.   Wouldn't you get a bit gun shy if there are accidental discharges in your place of work

    Just 1 accidental discharge at my range would create an immediate cold range, and an inquisition for the idiot and the  RSO (Range Safety Officer) on duty likely by end of day with the board members to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.  There are no a short cuts when it comes to gun safety.

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  15. 5 hours ago, B.J. Porter said:

    "What size batteries does that thing take?"

     Much as this link explains ad nasum what the standard Amazon logo is all about, I still believe the Amazon logo is a giant hard on.



    so a space ship that looks like dildo fits right in.


    What is amazing is that when I search amazon.com for space suit  nobody is hawking blue origin suits.

    How could Jeff miss such a money making opportunity?? 

    That boy is slipping...   ;<)

  16. On 10/7/2021 at 11:39 AM, SloopJonB said:

    What I never understood about that incident was why the authorities felt it necessary to attack - why didn't they just lay siege to the place and starve them out?

    actually, the FBI under Janet Reno fucked up royally on this one.

    Sure the dude was a cult asshole banging anything he could get his dick into, but he also came into town EVERY WEEK to get supplies.

    They could have waited behind a door at the store for David to show up for his stuff and just cuffed his sorry ass.  End of story.

    But Nooo, they thought it would be cool to come in guns blazing SWAT style.  Unfortunately someone tipped off the David and he had time to turn the tables and fuck with them them instead.

    So then the federales crank it up to 11 because they were shown up by a crazy man.

    Besides, there were lots TV cameras out there...


    And again, that sick SOB had the last laugh as the feds were popping holes in the compound with their tank full of gas  and he lit that joint up. 

    WTF???  The nightmare played out live on national TV in full color.


    A lot of lives lost on both sides because of some cowboys in the FBI office in Texas.

    And nobody got canned for their bad judgement which means they never learned a damn thing.

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  17. 2 hours ago, Marcjsmith said:

    can coaches  be fumduck...

    exhibit A  Coach Meyer


    what's wrong with that?

    Back in the go-go 80s, when any of my software engineers decided to look for greener pastures, we would throw them a going away party at a private room in a certain Chinese restaurant.   Everyone would attend as we all would be blowing off steam after a long week.   We would get the engineer shitfaced early on a friday afternoon.  By 7 the "entertainment" would arrive as would all the attendees.

    We would hire this 350 lb belly dancer in full regalia who had Good Luck (first name of engineer) written on her stomach in lipstick.

    We would march the engineer up on stage and onto a chair along with the exotic dancer who would grind all over them much to the hoots and hollers of the crowd.

    We would also have several folks taking photos.  


    Over the weekend, the film was developed and 2 copies made.  One for us in the office, and one that conveniently got dropped off at the engineer's new place of work.  (this was before digital cameras or the Internet).

    Photos of a shitfaced engineer with a 350 lb belly dancer are always good for a laugh or 3.  Not sure what the other companies thought of their new employee...


    Best of all, I had one of the lowest turnovers for software engineers in the company as none of those guys wanted to be the subject of a going away party. 

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  18. 23 hours ago, WhoaTed said:

    If you believe in coincidence you’re just not paying attention.

    and pissing yet more gasoline onto the fire:


    Love to know what was scrubbed during that downtime at Facebook when nobody could see.


    Now we have Markie saying "Nothing here folks, just move along.."

    Can only hope some FB employees with a conscience have whatever was blown away hidden away on a thumb drive "Just in case".


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