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  1. Lets go back to 2008 and the financial melt down. The brokerages made lots of money as regular folks had to liquidate their positions/life savings. They do not care if you make or lose money. They just want their cut for executing the trade. Now they see the risk that the short sellers has no way to pay for the trade and they may have folks come after them. There is no law to protect them. The SEC is clueless. How will they handle the margin calls? Love to hear the phone calls going on this weekend on how to extricate themselves from this mess. Bet is it ruining
  2. Be sure to double check your background before any Zoom conferences or live likes to the BBC...
  3. best explanation of what is going on by Matt Taibbi, a long time reporter for Rolling Stone: https://taibbi.substack.com/p/suck-it-wall-street some SOBs got caught with their pants down and now they yell it is unfair they were caught screwing everyone for their personal gain. Fuck em... Hiawatha (eg Liz Warren) wants a 2% tax on stock transactions to "feed the kids" More likely to become the stash fund for restoring malinvestment by the time once Wall Street gets done making phone calls to DC.
  4. I expect this to come to a head real quick. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks gave the WSB a silver bullet on Friday. He explained, they since they actually own the shares and have put them out to be "borrowed" for shorting, an owner can call in those borrowed shared forcing the hedgies to pay for them NOW. No paying to get another month of time to let this die down. If Wall Street plays hard ball, the WSB folks can force this in days. The only question is what short do they attack next (and who will get destoryed by such a move). This short
  5. I am hearing rumors Robinhood may be the new Leham Moment. If so, that could trigger the next crash. There will be pressure on clowns like Citadel to back off, and lick their wounds for if they crash the system, all bets on the economy with their puppet in office go clean out the window. 2 years of planning out the window.mbe I can remember reading a book on Lehman by their CEO. He thought he had the damage under control. All the sudden he is getting calls people in DC are making decisions and not involving him.. They were out to make Lehman the whipping boy for the infusion of che
  6. Robinhood relents and allows GME to trade. funny how it was right after Citadel said it had no involvement. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/you-can-not-purchase-additional-shares-robinhood-reportedly-removed-shuts-down-buying but Citadel looks to be cutting off its trades from Robinhood which could cause Robinhood to fail itself for lack of revenue. They are hitting their lines of credit and trying to raise a billion bucks. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/cash-strapped-robinhood-scrambles-raise-1-billion-rich the term rock and a hard place comes to mind
  7. Millennials should read up on how the market locked up in October of 2008 when stockholders could not execute sell orders and lost their shirts. Big boys had no issues. Robinhood has already stiffed it's clients 3 times in past couple years shutting down under load showing they will be one of the first to have "system issues" which will block the the exits when next crash happens. Have already told my daughter to stay away from them. When the great reset happens, those thinking they can wait until the last minute and just key in a sell order are going to get slaughtered because they w
  8. steve crest at seeking alpha (investment web site) has a list of companies and the percentage of their total stock that is currently being shorted. He cut it off at companies with 25% of their stock or higher being shorted. Companies that if you own may be at more risk than you thought by the hedgies. Some big names there. Some you expect (AMCX), some that are surprising (SKT or Tangiers Outlets which is considered one of the best mall REITs and looking to capitalize when the other malls start to fail). Subscription is for free. Great way to get educated on invest
  9. looks like some hedgies saw this backlash coming and got out in time: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/carson-block-massively-reduced-his-firms-short-exposure-amidst-retails-recent-buying-frenzy A sea change is going on. As Hobot says, there are a lot of pissed off people who love sticking it to the man and his scams.
  10. Dragon You are missing my point. gamestop was at 5-6 bucks until June. it went to 11 during the fall. Beginning of month it took off as the millennials punished the hedgies. Now at 300-500 depending on the time of day. If each millennial buys 1 share and holds until Monday, there are going to be big repercussions on wall street, and the game of hedge funds ganging up to destroy a company will slow down. This is rubbing salt into the wounds as last year the millennials using Robinhood to cause crazy valuations had a better return than all the hedge funds. That
  11. IMHO Tesla is a ponzi scheme that does not even pay off the original suckers. They have a capitalization bigger than most the world's auto makers combined, and only make a limited volume of cars. As the big boys enter the mix (Porsche at the high end, VW and Ford at the low end) they are going to be squeezed. And when Americans wake up to the deal Elon cut with the Chinese which basically says if there are any slowdowns, Tesla has to first sell chinese made autos before any manufactured in US or Europe, they may blow tesla off for good. They have burned through their set of
  12. That is what a bunch of people thought last year when Tesla was way below the price that would soon trigger covenants that would destroy Elon Musk. they are still patting out hot spots in their smoldering pajamas. The best part will be the hedge fund letter to investors explaining how they lost all their money on 1 play to a bunch of kids on the internet who were 1 step ahead of them. These letters usually contain statement of the obvious at the level of an explanation by NASA of why a rocket exploded.
  13. wall street is not happy having those darn kids give them a good ass kicking at their own game Looks like they called up Sleep Joe... https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/sec-joins-biden-admin-actively-monitoring-option-volatility
  14. that is not swearing. It is "salty talk"
  15. found a series called The Gymkhama Files on Amazon Prime Video. Shows how they make these crazy videos. Put to your big screen and crank the volume up.. The Ford deal was for rallying. In the series you can see he is getting frustrated getting close to being the world champion, but never pulling it off.
  16. good thinking outside the box by that guy. When Tom is pissed and sets his mind to something, NOTHING gets in the way. Just ask the Atlanta Falcons... This is not about another Superbowl ring. It is personal. He is out to prove Bill Bellichek was hobbling him with poor members (aka no credible running game) around him for past couple of years in Foxboro instead of using some of the early draft picks. Patriots were willing to match any other offer, but Tom declined that deal. A win may make Hand Job Bob Kraft question some of BIll's decisions. Amazing to think Tom
  17. Thanks to all for the sage advance. I will try the scratch test first as I had read that in the product materials. May save a lot of dirty work. Alexseal sells light and dark grey primer. Intend to use the dark primer. I already have a can of Mirka guide coat on its way to the house. People say it works well on dark primer. intend to use it with 220 after fairing, and again with 320 after the primer has been sanded.
  18. I just did my boat with Citrus-strip. Got it at Home Depot or Lowes in the half gallon sizes. slap it on, cover with sheet plastic and let it sit overnight. Removed 9 coats with a quality pull handscraper the next day. Pull, snap wrist to fling wad of paint into trashpail, repeat until done. Remove the plastic only as you need to. You do not want any stripper to dry out else you have to re-wet and let it sink in. No fumes, organic and cheap (came out 1/3rd the price of Soystrip I used the prior time (Cannot get Soystrip in large containers anymore).
  19. Cray supercomputer. At the time, the most powerful machine in the world. Little story for you computer geeks: Late 80s I was at a computer symposium in Boston where the featured speaker was Dr Danny Hillis of MIT. Heady days of computer design as each company out did their competitors every month. Mini computers were giving the mainframes a run for their money, memory prices were dropping by the week. Dr Hillis had founded Thinking Machines, an endeavor to build massively parallel computers which did not exist commercially at the time. So after lunch e
  20. C-130 Hercules is one if not the toughest plane in the sky. Can land on dirt roads. Used to fly into hurricanes. Can even drop tanks off without landing Imagine the surprise in 1978 when one of these planes snapped one of its rear landing gear while taxiing past the 89th hanger (eg Air Force One) at Andrews AFB bending the props. Plane belonged to the Venezuelan Air Force. Seeing where it broke, they scrambled a bunch of airman on base to unload the Hercules so that they could deploy giant air bags under the wing to lift the plane and replace th
  21. With the bottom work under control, my efforts will soon turn to the topsides on my 6 ktstbx. The boat has a 30 year old flag blue Awlgrip paint job that is dull and tired with light scratches. Have already washed and dewaxed it, and then scrubbed with Comet. so any Awlcar is gone. Getting ready to sand off the color coat before fairing the hull and preparing it for Alexseal paint. Question is should I try to pre-fair the scratches with Totalfair prior to sanding off the paint? Doing so would make finding the scratches easier since they stand out being the yell
  22. $35 plus your time to build it. You can pick this up for 50 bucks and snap it onto any bucket and go to town. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dustopper-High-Efficiency-Dust-Separator-12-in-Dia-with-2-5-in-Hose-36-in-Long-HD12/302643445 What is your time worth to construct that thing? It also has a baffle inside to help keep the dust in the bucket and not your vac. Just cleaned my shopvac after tearing off the bottom of the boat to do a blister repair job and then fairing the hull. Took 2 gallons of fine (40 & 80 grit) barrier coat and epoxy filler dust out
  23. M More likely dad had enough of that loud rock and roll and added the limiter when junior was at school..
  24. F-105 was a also a POS, earning the name Flying Coffin. 30 percent of those flown by Canada crashed. 50 percent were lost by the German who were still flying them long after the US got rid of them. The joke used to be it was was the only aircraft in the USAF fleet that had a glide path worse then a rock. Boss told me of losing one in England. Pilot ejected safely but that sucker crashed straight into a peat bog. He said it took them days with an excavator and other heavy equipment to dig deep into the muck to find the rocket powered lawn dart..
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