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  1. As Ron White quips: You can't fix stupid
  2. if the boat is on a mooring, you want the name aft or on transom so the launch operator does not destroy it when they come in to drop you off/pick you up ( eg controlled crash).
  3. from Channel 4 in Boston: Moments after the Buccaneers finished off a 31-9 victory over the Chiefs, the official Patriots Twitter account sent out a short and sweet message to the GOAT. Congratulations to the greatest of all time. — New England Patriots (@Patriots) February 8, 2021 The Patriots made sure to send a message to Rob Gronkowski, too, imploring him to not damage this year’s Lombardi Trophy. (Gronk may or may not have dented a Lombardi while bunting a baseball.) And Gronk, be careful with that trophy… — New England Patriots (@
  4. I ran the test at several locations on Saturday. For each test, no paint came off, so this will save a metric shitload of work. Great news after 3 weeks under the boat fairing the hull bottom (well it has built up my abs and shoulder muscles...) Have printed the entire Alexseal manual and am now going though it page by page to ensure i do not miss anything else. Can you say RTFMS (Read The Fucking Manual Stupid)? Thanks
  5. Lot of good advice here. First thing is the wrench sounds like an idiot who is just replacing parts and hoping to find the problem while you pay for his education. I would be all over the service manager for unleashing a fool on my motor. check the air cutoff is in fact working correctly. But the fact you were motoring points against that being the issue. But we then know it is getting air. Which leads to fuel. The electric pump is likely a facet you can pick up in any automotive store. westerbeke paints them Toro red and triples the price. Yes there is a filter in th
  6. Massachusetts but they are bolting there too.. My theory judging by the bumper stickers is they are from Boston proper. Have the casket to use the HOV lane on Rt 93 to cut commute time figuring nobody is going to look inside for the extra person.. ;<)
  7. PB If intact, they can always autorotate for a landing if you lose power. 6 month prior to my getting out I was assigned an old NCO from the 89th to retrain on coding. The 89th was responsible for maintaining Air Force One, and a group of UH-1Ns for ferrying brass around the greater DC area. The most senior and best mechanics in the USAF had to compete to get into the 89th. The NCO was getting ready to retire and starting all over for an airline working on 747s at 2 am in sleet was not in the cards as far as he was concerned .. Anyways I had a week to go and had worked
  8. Army version of the UH-1 Huey. the Air Force version was UH-1N which had dual engines originally designed for the Canadian Air Force. Air Force thoughts were in a hot zone, any bullets entering the front would break blades in the turbine which would break yet more blades in the turbine turning it into a jet engine enema and dooming the chopper. With dual motors, if the enemy shot into an engine and destroyed it, it would still have 40 percent power which was plenty to get out Dodge and back to safety. After 50 years of daily service, the UN-1Ns were retired in 2019.
  9. Bezos retiring from Amazon while stock is soaring. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/amazon-reports-blowout-quarter-bezos-stepping-down-ceo Watch for more retirements. when you see a bunch of CEOs concurrently retiring when their stock is at all time highs, it usually signal a major reset in stock prices is coming. They want to exit via a victory tour and leave the cleanup in isle 5 to someone else. The new CEO gets the reset at a lower stock price so they too look like heroes when they retire having fixed the company and brought the price back up. The sha
  10. those kiddies best watch out. The criminal element is about to be unleashed. Yellen to lead panel after takingc lose to a million bucks from Citadel Capital. Wonder how much that ethics waiver cost and whether she paid for it, we taxpayers paid for it, or Steve Cohen paid for it. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/yellen-gets-ethics-waiver-lead-regulatory-crusade-against-hft-after-taking-700k-citadel
  11. though a parody of country and western , The Fools nailed it 40 years ago:
  12. Sure... The economy would crash within a month. Our society is built on cheap energy 1.Will see inflation on all products and services as every business adds this to their cost of doing business. 2. You annual Amazon account would either get rid of free delivery or your annual fee would triple. 3. when it hiappens, people will not travel. the hotels and end destinations are toast. 4. will be some good deals on 68 chevelles and camaros from kids who will not be able to afford them. 5. Head shot to the struggling restaurants. Folks will forgo eating out to fill
  13. My daughter took up roller skating at Christmas. After teaching her the basics in the garage, I brought up the old Roller Derby videos on Youtube. Grainy as hell, but fond memories of Psycho Ronnie Rains returned Until C19 hit, the sport was making a comeback with local leagues all over the US. Hopefully they will start up when this BS is over with..
  14. Steve Cohen is in a bit of trouble. His Point72 fund tried to save Melvin Captial last week. That money went POOF! with Melvin's. So he starts a new fund as the ROI on POint72 is not going to pretty. Already trying to distance himself from this flaming pile of dog poop. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/steve-cohen-opens-fund-new-investor-cash-after-losses-melvin-capital-bailout the investors at Point72 and Melvin Capital are not going to be amused that their money is gone.
  15. This is not about making a profit. Many Robinhooders are only buying 1 share. This is a kamikaze mission where you lose your 500 bucks on 1 share, but make a hedgie take a major hit (so far 7 billion dollars lost and the interest is killing Melvin Capital). The 2.3 billion lent to them by Citadel and Point72 on Thursday is GONE! Wall Street at least wants the kiddies to sell so they can begin the process of wrapping this up. Ain't happening. With no shares to buy, Melvin is screwed. Another thing I am hearing is there may be up to 30 million counterfeit shares of
  16. So true. Also was expecting him to send someone forward for a damage report.
  17. https://gcaptain.com/terrifying-video-shows-cargo-ship-break-in-half-off-turkey/ looks like the captain was a bit lax alerting the crew. Over half are dead or missing.
  18. first rule of gold; If you don't own it physically, you ain't got shit. you'll say with me If you don't own it physically, you ain't got shit. They give you a piece of paper saying you own x ounces. How do you know they did not print that same piece of paper 1000 times and sell it to 999 other trusting folks? Or that they will not disappear with all of it should SHTF? In fact how do you know the federal reserve has all the gold they say they do? That is why Rand Paul wants to audit the Fed. Could be the US dollar is actually worth a lot less if it were found that the
  19. Looks like Silver shorting is next on the list. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/reddit-preparing-unleash-worlds-biggest-short-squeeze-silver\ This is the territory of big TBTF (To Big To Fail) banks. The shit is just starting to hit the proverbial fan.. Anyone want to do a drive by of Treasury in DC to see how many cars are parked in front on this snowy Sunday morning when everything is supposedly locked down? Willing to bet there will be a lot of pizza delivered over the course of the day. Just like for Hank Poulsen and team mid October of 2008. Hard to sh
  20. not like the public was not warned such things could happen. from October https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-54436575
  21. Lets go back to 2008 and the financial melt down. The brokerages made lots of money as regular folks had to liquidate their positions/life savings. They do not care if you make or lose money. They just want their cut for executing the trade. Now they see the risk that the short sellers has no way to pay for the trade and they may have folks come after them. There is no law to protect them. The SEC is clueless. How will they handle the margin calls? Love to hear the phone calls going on this weekend on how to extricate themselves from this mess. Bet is it ruining
  22. Be sure to double check your background before any Zoom conferences or live likes to the BBC...
  23. best explanation of what is going on by Matt Taibbi, a long time reporter for Rolling Stone: https://taibbi.substack.com/p/suck-it-wall-street some SOBs got caught with their pants down and now they yell it is unfair they were caught screwing everyone for their personal gain. Fuck em... Hiawatha (eg Liz Warren) wants a 2% tax on stock transactions to "feed the kids" More likely to become the stash fund for restoring malinvestment by the time once Wall Street gets done making phone calls to DC.
  24. I expect this to come to a head real quick. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks gave the WSB a silver bullet on Friday. He explained, they since they actually own the shares and have put them out to be "borrowed" for shorting, an owner can call in those borrowed shared forcing the hedgies to pay for them NOW. No paying to get another month of time to let this die down. If Wall Street plays hard ball, the WSB folks can force this in days. The only question is what short do they attack next (and who will get destoryed by such a move). This short
  25. I am hearing rumors Robinhood may be the new Leham Moment. If so, that could trigger the next crash. There will be pressure on clowns like Citadel to back off, and lick their wounds for if they crash the system, all bets on the economy with their puppet in office go clean out the window. 2 years of planning out the window.mbe I can remember reading a book on Lehman by their CEO. He thought he had the damage under control. All the sudden he is getting calls people in DC are making decisions and not involving him.. They were out to make Lehman the whipping boy for the infusion of che
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