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  1. I think they mean a transit with a laser or a theodolite. You adjust for the angle on the hard. Then verify the water line. go up 3 inches or whatever you want. The red line is at 3 inches vertical to original line even if the stripe at the stern is 12 inches wide due to curve. I think it was jamestown distributors who had a video on it. Was funny as the guy looked like some old Down East boat builder and he whips out the electronics... You can also use a cell phone with an electronic bubble app to do the same. Just more work to set al the points along the hull.
  2. Andy at the Youtube channel Boatworks Today has been working on a 15' sailboat prepping and painting with Alexseal via rolling with their new secret chemical that pops the bubbles like a heat gun. Looks pretty damn good. Hope for those of us with lots of time on our hands. Had a guy show up with a 45 foot catamaran this fall and painted with alexseal in 5 days (including bottom paint) with his wife. Looks really good at 5 feet. Needs a couple sags sanded out to make it perfect. Amazing paint due to the rolling additive. I am currently getting ready to repaint my
  3. Nhaaa, you use an aluminum big block... ;<) https://donovanengines.com/donovan-engineering-aluminum-big-block/
  4. what my brother and his neighbors use for their floating docks on a lake in Vermont. Work really well.
  5. Check inline strainer. and make sure handle on screen is not in line with inflow/outflow. I have had a family of tiny muscles trying to breed in the strainer and kill my water flow late in the season. If there is a Groko strainer prior to the pump, see if the cap has a cork washer under the lid. If so, replace with a rubber flat washer from hardware store for less than a buck. The cork ones harden over time and induce air leaks which can have a big impact on water flow as that pump is trying to suck water..
  6. reverse polish notation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_Polish_notation Now we are delving into IT anarchy which is the domain of www.theregister.com
  7. and the price keeps falling... https://store.hp.com/us/en/plp/accessories/hp-calculators&amp;availability=in-stock a couple years ago to celebrate it's anniversary, HP did a limited run of the original 8C. Sold out in a couple days. Emails came in from customers saying they not only had their original 8C from college, they use it every day at work. "they just don't build them like they used to..."
  8. It is a little known fact that if you lose something it always be the last place you look for it. This is due to the fact once you have found it you stop looking..
  9. Nhaaa, the 1%ers will pick up their cell phone and call the resort/development manager/owner and demand they redeploy the guys plowing streets/shoveling out fire hydrants and get a half a cord of wood up to the house and lit in the great room fireplace Chop Chop, else there could be delays the next time said resort/development needs to refinance long term debt.. Problem solved! Culprit is likely some jackoff from Portland who is pissed the mayor is not going to allow any more looting.. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/portland-mayor-turns-antifa-vows-battle-lawlessness-and-
  10. Mid seventies a group of us young enlisted guys graduated programming school for the Air Force Couple of us were assigned to Military Airlift Command, but basically wrote code for the Pentagon and other DoD organizations, and were stationed in Washington DC. Our buddy Jimmi was assigned to Tactical Air Command. Poor SOB supported a new test system to integrate some forward tactical radar system.. Anyways Jimmi sends us a message saying he had been in Bumfuk-Nowhere deep in the desert where it is 115 degrees, getting eaten alive by sand fleas, chiggers etc while trying to
  11. My SIL and her dad owned a huge landscaping and maintenance company. Everything Marcjsmith says is exactly what she told me years ago. Listen to him and you will be happy.. Or as an alternative, you could do bottom jobs without a vac. That nasty grass will never grow back once you mix in enough bottom paint dust into the soil..
  12. the software the power companies communicate with each other the distribution folks has been wide open and ripe for attack for 30 years. Just google US power grid vulnerabilities There are articles upon articles on the weakness and yet your wireless router at home is more secure that the US power grid. Russia took out the Ukraine power grid several years ago and still these bozos sleep on the job. When it finally happens, the CEOs will throw some PR weasel in front of the camera and say "Who could have thought this could happen?" Why DHS is wasting time
  13. I just went through this with an HP laptop. I went to the hp site via a 2nd laptop and clicked support. I chatted (eg skyped) with a support engineer and gave them the PC serial number. They gave me pointer to the installation file and my MS key. Also emailed it to me. Used the 2nd laptop to download thewin10 file to a thumb-drive and did booted the brain dead laptop which asked for the key which I keyed in. Up and running in no time.
  14. At 27 miles offshore, they are likely not to be seen to from shore. It will be interesting to see what is left after the first cat 4/5 hurricane scores a direct hit. Back to thread.. Hope they were no idiots in their boats out there last night. We had a gale going on from mid afternoon. By 1 this morning it was blowing 35 knots constant and a 10 minute hit of 50 knots. Also tornado warnings in the local counties with 2 touching down just across border. Any fool out there in a boat would have been in deep do-do.
  15. Actually in the REAL world, it is done all time quite successfully.. You get to 95 percent and you move on to something else that needs fixing instead of focusing on one item since there are never enough resources or time. If you fixate on one item, you then start to dick with wording to show you are doing something, which only confuses people. Lord knows those chuckle heads have scads of issues that need addressing. Actually a triage plan might be a good idea for whomever takes over that organization. Once you have gotten all the fires under control, you
  16. Yamaha RD 350/400. originally had wire wheels (see bike in background). just before they discontinued in US (emission compliance killed them) they made a Kenny Roberts commemorative edition with those spoke wheels that looked like a bubble bee in yellow and black. A real back road burner. The RD's soldiered on overseas. Note the cast wheels are the same design as the Yamaha logo. Was racing one of those KR specials Memorial Day weekend 1981 with my 1977 Suzuki GS750B. At 104 mph, I dropped the hammer into 6th whereas the Yamaha had plumb run out of gears/r
  17. When nothing else is going on, I like to try to buy the service and they link me to a human. As we talk, I begin speaking softer and softer knowing they are turning up the volume of their headset to get my details. then BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Sure canned air is expensive, but worth it.
  18. Anything you can do to bring on a wardrobe consultant? The hat in that Cal 40 video looks like it came with a free bowl of soup (props to Rodney), but on Scott with those sunglasses that are similar to my granddad's, he looks like a cast member of Jersey Shore. I would suggest you do some pre-work on product families and at the beginning delve into the evolution of the vessel. like J-22 to J-24, or Frers 30-33-36. If you ever read one of Practical Sailor's compendium of boat reviews, they make a point of covering lineage of a design. Just need to keep it light and tight s
  19. it is not an offset. If you watch at 1:40 he has the rudder hard overs to hip check the port bow of the catamaran at full speed. As he backs it down, you can see he spins it back to recenter it. Then he cranks it back 1 more time while hammering the throttle for another hull to hull, rub'n is rac'n power drive. Gotta love a skipper who is confident in their skills/manhood and does not pussyfoot around.. ;<) Taylor Products needs to come out with a hull condom (tm) to protect against such hijinx from captains who think Robert Redford in All is Lost was a su
  20. At the time of the incident, it originally was reported in the Boston media as a heart attack. A couple days later when rumors that it might be coke surfaced, the Bias family threatened to sue for slander. Only after did autopsy did the heart attack story die.
  21. gotta love that boarding ramp raking the side of the catamaran at 2:00. Musta left a heck of a groove in the gelcoat. boom says sailgreece.gr which is a rental company. who checked this twit out prior to departure?
  22. could also be the same thing that killed Len Bias after he became a Celtic... Same age group, same strange heart issue.
  23. National Hurricane Center (a part of NWS) is always in trouble when a big one is barrelling in. They should look at cloud computing and lease resources when demand is overloading their systems. It is what differentiates cloud from traditional distributed processing. anyone know how iBM pumped the pooch on interactive radar? Weather Channel and Weather Underground radar does not work on firefox for the last couple of weeks. Have to use Microsoft Edge and other tosser browsers..
  24. g captain report says they lost 1800 contains overboard: Chidori Ship Holding LLC as owners and NYK Shipmanagement Pte Ltd as managers of the container vessel ONE Apus (IMO# 9806079) can confirm that the ship is now safely berthed in the Port of Kobe after losing 1,816 containers overboard when it encountered severe weather on Monday, November 30, 2020,” the latest update said.
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