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  1. g captain report says they lost 1800 contains overboard: Chidori Ship Holding LLC as owners and NYK Shipmanagement Pte Ltd as managers of the container vessel ONE Apus (IMO# 9806079) can confirm that the ship is now safely berthed in the Port of Kobe after losing 1,816 containers overboard when it encountered severe weather on Monday, November 30, 2020,” the latest update said.
  2. it is your own fault. Here you knuckleheads have been jawing away for years about super AC this and spectacular AC that. In the new reality the world has morphed into, large woke corporations are destroying themselves listening to the bunk of the most vocal zealots. They think the 27 of you posters are representative the entire US population for the demand in America of which they control the supply in the US. They drank the koolaid from Larry selling them on the Oracle licensing business model (Use $$$ pricing to denote quality and if the customers dare complain, y
  3. love the license plate. Some serious consumption of quality hooch when the concept of that ad was put together...
  4. Follow these 3 tips and a snowblower will start every time 1. run it completely dry in the spring. Add new gas in late fall with a double hit of gas stabilizer in it (non ethonal gas is even better). and i mean NEW gas, not the shit left over from mowing the lawn that is chock full of water from all the summer humidity. That old stuff can be dumped into a half full car gas tank on your way to refill the gas tank. 2. replace the spark plug every other year with a fresh one that you have gapped to specification. 3. After each use, shut off the fuel and let it run itself
  5. we talked a friend in NH into getting a whole house generator once her old man left her with the McMansion. Her neighbors are ecstatic as they have not had a power outage in 2 years since she had it installed.
  6. Piece of trivia Herman Goering went to college at MIT in Boston (Cambridge Mass). He was so impressed with the uniform of the Mass State Police officers he copied it for the SS. Kept the riding boots but changed the color from blue to black. Rockwell's famous print The Runaway shows the Mass SP uniform mid century. Pretty much still the same today (including those riding boots). Some troopers wear the Smokey the Bear hat, while others use the cap. https://www.wikiart.org/en/norman-rockwell/the-runaway-1958
  7. if you enter snow thrower into the Home Depot product search box, it will find all categories of snow blowers. Likely done by someone who is knowledgeable. You can blow snow, but the wind can blow right back in your face. Wind cannot throw it right back in your face... ;<)
  8. annual lost containers is ~1300. So these quiz kids rolled up 18 months of worldwide loses all by themselves. Brilliant!
  9. troybilt was the best you could buy in the 50s and 60s. alas they are now a division of MTD. They are built for a price. if it were me, I would swap it for a Ariens or Toro and forgo the hassles in the future.
  10. Woody 1. that is not much of a driveway 2. that is not much snow 3. that is not really winter if you can wear shorts. Have snapped the oil pump shaft on a toyota v6 from the cold after a storm. When you have to do this same bs every morning before work with another 18 inches of snow for 3 weeks straight, that shoveling shit gets old. and we will not even talk about old men who die of heart attacks from shoveling the wet stuff. as I tell all my southern neighbors, "shoveling snow is highly overrated"
  11. Do NOT do that! MTD used to have clutches outboard on the axles. great for first use. If you had to make a 2nd pass later that night, they inevitably had melted snow into the clutch assemblies and their detentes were frozen in the middle rendering the unit no drive. You then had to remove the wheel to gain access to the clutch and it was only good for that set of passes. Extra grease made no difference. Both TORO and Ariens have a quick pin that can clock the wheel to the axle or let it completely freewheel. You lock it in the winter as there is enough sl
  12. I had several before I smartened up and moved to where I no longer needed one (hint this is the correct answer..). I would go with the Ariens. They are solid and they are all steel. Toro has started going to plastic parts. Not what you want when it is 20 below. Note the John Deere is last year's Ariens in JD green usually with a 1 hp smaller motor. But you may be able to score one at a good price. Both Toro and Ariens are easy to get parts for 15 years down the road. Changing the power belt for the auger on the Ariens is a piece of cake as you remove 2 bolts a
  13. Old man was a career paratrooper and hard ass NCO like R Lee. Would use a leather belt on us the minute we got out of line. Got the same lines hurled at me growing up as he taught jump school at Fort Benning Georgia after returning from Korea. Fast forward 20 years and I am in basic training in Texas and this instructor gets into my face just like R Lee cursing me up one side and down the other. Had a tear well up in the corner of my eye. The drill instructor had thought he had succeeded in breaking me, but he was wrong. It was the first time in 5 weeks I was home
  14. Ahh the PDP-8 In many ways, the originator of the Internet. Was used as the linkage to many DoD mainframes so they could talk a common language (eg translator modules) Allowed IBM mainframes to talk to Honeywell mainframes, to Sperry Univac mainframes, and Boroughs mainframes. This was the foundation for the ARAPANET which became the Internet. In fact as us old timers remember, the internet addresses were limited to 4 sets of subaddresses with a major address of 1-16.. DEC owned address 16.*.*.* Was also the platform AT&T used to build telephone switches on. W
  15. though almost 40 years ago, I never forgot that crash. There were many hard working stiffs on the bridge leaving DC early due to the snow storm. Just sitting there in endless stop and go traffic wondering how long it would take to get home when that 737 fell out of the low clouds snowing on them and flattened them into the 14th street Bridge. Never saw it coming and never had a chance to react. Didn't matter if they never smoked, drank, drove fast or ate poorly. Sometimes it is just your time. So enjoy life and do not put things off because there is no guarantee you will make
  16. all fun and games until Sally misses and smacks the boat side hard and the inflatable PFD fails to inflate. Dear Mrs Sally's mom. Sorry about your loss. We will be having tryouts next week if you have any other kids who would like to come on out... I would think they would wear water skier pfds to ensure the runner floats should they miss the boat.
  17. Buddy of mine bought a new C-34 with tall rig close to 20 years ago. 3 weeks into ownership the damn thing would not shift properly. Called the engine manufacturer whose local distributor checked it out and said it had a bad damper plate. They and the manufacturer were out of stock and it would be several weeks before they could replace it as the part needed to come from overseas. He calls the complaint line and was surprised that Frank himself answers the phone. Explains this sucks being a new boat and he was going to lose half the season. Frank told him to ha
  18. Was running Kniessel RS at 223 in the 70s. Only thing that would bite into the blue boilerplate ice back east. Heavy and super dampened... Tore the front Look/Nevada binding out bombing down Killington which also took the ski brake with it. Ski accelerated down the mountain never to be seen again. Also ran a set down the side of Tucker's Ravine on Mt Washington. they were bouncing around like some super soft beginner ski due to the speed. Lord save you if those long monsters got away from you. Had my buddy lose it and was bouncing down Cannon Mt in NH when his heavy a
  19. sorry 30+ years and uncounted cases of rum and Heineken will do that to ya...
  20. forgotten fact on the Opera House. When an architect went over the initial design, something did not come up correct on their slide rule. Further investigation found an error in the floating point logic of the computer used that had not been caught in prior years on other projects. Corrected prior to building. Score one for the geeks.. to the left is a small pool adjacent to the Opera House and Royal Botanical Gardens. Used to go for my run before work every day past the opera house and through the gardens. One Saturday in late 86 or early 87 Alan Bond was debuting Steak
  21. Sure it is. take a peek at Cruz'n Anarchy where the fix of adding 2 tons of shit for a real voyage is to move the boot stripe and antifouling paint up 4 inches before calling it good :<)
  22. the Admiral is a clean nut. Should have seen her freak out the time I cleaned the deck and lanai with a leaf blower ala grounds keeper Carl Spatz in Caddy Shack... Used to buy only Hoover commercial units. They kind used in hotels as she could burn up anything else. They can be rebuilt every couple of years and the motors do not die like consumer units. You can get 20 years out of one with periodic rebuilds. But they are larger than normal and a bit heavy. When we downsized houses, she wanted to try something lighter. House has hardw
  23. I wonder what kind of altitude you get after launching off a large wave. and how you successfully land that sucker after finding its maximum ceiling...
  24. Paxton My hardware store uses them Can get me pretty much anything. Order before 10 am and it arrives the next morning at 10 am. https://www.paxtonco.com/
  25. you can drop the clutch just off idle. then again, I had the trailering package with 3.88 gears (rubicons were only ones with 4:11s from factory) instead of the 3.27 which were std. In a small car that will stall it and you need to feed lots of revs which is not good for the clutch. The jeep will act like it is shitting razor blades, but it will keep moving. A couple more times and the student will get it.
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