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  1. there is something LONQR about Snaggie offering grammar corrections..
  2. for future consideration dept: If a small repair check about the boat as builders sometimes reuse scraps to keep costs down. On Sabres, when you need to patch teak your teak n holly, you pull out one of the drawers and turn it upside down. Presto!, the bottom is long rectangular piece of the same teak and holly plywood. swap a piece of plywood into the drawer bottom, you now have have a perfect repair piece for the floor.
  3. Had to get moving at daybreak to hit a time slot for hauling this morning. Fricking armada of boats heading south on the southern portion of the Chesapeake. More than one sees on the 4th of July. Trawlers, sail boats (reaching as the sun was coming up), big catamarans, you name it. Must be getting cold up North... If one were to go on their own hull, they will have plenty of company.
  4. one more thing: Cost a 6250 watt portable is $650 https://www.homedepot.com/p/CHAMPION-POWER-EQUIPMENT-6250-5000-Watt-Gasoline-Powered-Recoil-Start-Portable-Generator-100496/303291681 a simple 6 circuit gentran switch is 280. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Reliance-Controls-30-Amp-250-Volt-7500-Watt-Non-Fuse-6-Circuit-Transfer-Switch-Kit-3006HDK/202213700 You will need to build a cable to attach generator to panel with plugs so lets say 200 bucks you are talking 1200 bucks to do a house if you wire it yourself. If you own a house, that is not a ton of money.
  5. Still remember the great ice storm of 1998 that took out the North East and Canada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_1998_North_American_ice_storm Fricking crushed those massive towers that hold up major power lines. Lost power for 4.5 days. Sent the wife and 1 yr daughter to relatives No power meant the furnace would not work. House was 6 months old and did not need the pipes to split in NH in Jan. The Propane fireplace running 24/7 and great insulation kept the temps at 45 degrees. But it sucked. F the cost, I got a portable generator and small gentran switch
  6. If a portable, I will suggest the Kawasaki's. Many years ago I borrowed my S-I-L's generator (she had a business that used it) on weekends to power tools in Dolphin Point Maine. Power plugs in the boat yard were under 3 feet of snow until late March but I wanted to sand the bottom. The neat thing about the units is that they go to idle until a load hit thems. The generacs just run wide open no matter the load and consume a lot more fuel because of that. They cost more, but when you need to make that fuel go longer, you will long forget about the extra coin.
  7. Agreed About to upgrade our 13KW to a 18KW which can run the heat pump (eg AC). Cheap pricks who built the house saved like 700 bucks by specing sub optimal power. Awaiting the daughter to buy her first house soon and will bolt up the current unit to her first abode while we get the bigger unit. Neighbor has a 35KW run on diesel. Not sure what the extra power is for, but he is pretty much set for anything..
  8. Have had back up generators for 30 years. Have installed for neighbors along with gentran transfer switches, sub panels etc. A couple things: If you have a portable unit, write down every step and plasticate before attaching to the generator. You may be on the road and someone else has to flip switches on the gentran switch, choke the motor etc. Should also have the sequence and timing on manual gentran switches. You turn them all on and it is likely to pop a breaker on the generator the big motors hit in unison. I used to bring up lights, then furnace. Once furnace had hea
  9. Lost my main grinder at 55 to serious drinking that ended up killing him (dissolved his organs into jelly). Took the crew and his family out for burial about 4 miles east of Half Way Rock off Marblehead. With a storm raging, it was a snotty ride out. As we got set up for the burial, the water calmed, the wind let up, and it was like we were in the eye of the storm. Everyone had their say before we put the ashes in the water. As we headed in the storm started up again. Spooky.. 2 years later I had donated a sunset cruise on the boat as a prize for a charity
  10. just use dual monitors. the top on laptop is down and you never have to worry about it being hacked. Also allows you to monitor SA Forums on one screen while following the office meeting inaction on Zoom
  11. having issues scrolling that page (have a vertical tool bar) same story with comments that rival this asylum... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cnn-new-yorker-suspend-jeffrey-toobin-showing-his-dick-zoom-call Wonder if he tries to get his job back by saying "Well, nowhere in Code of Conduct does it specifically say you cannot bop your baloney in a staff meeting" Another arrogant lawyer who thinks he is above us all takes a giant fall. Idiot...
  12. slight detour.. It is chicks like this that one never uses their real name until you are sure they are not pegging the cray-cray meter. Buddy who used to date between wives (currently on #3) told me his trick was whenever he goes to a restaurant and they run a gimmick to drop off your business card on a chance to win a meal for 2, he would grab a handful of cards if the hostess was busy escorting a group to their table. He would hand out those cards if the chick looked like a 1 night stand. Not his problem when the crazies called the dude's home announcing they were knocked up or
  13. Laugh all you want, but my bow is never going to fall off..
  14. you are crazy to get rid of them. 1. MP3 compression sucks. Try a CD and click to an MP3 version. HUGE difference in the sound. For example Sweet Judy Blue Eyes by CSN 2. wait until they come up with a less compressed version of music as memory, storage and bandwidth gets cheap. iTunes and others will charge you to buy them all over again. 3. vinyl is hot. CD is bound to follow for all the reasons it crushed records 40 years ago. 4. a lot of that stuff will never be found again. Something fun to fire up when you got your buds over for beers. Like Clarence Clemons (pl
  15. to help solve the mystery, do you know how many hotcakes it takes to shingle a dog house? 4 because there are no bones in vanilla ice cream. Hope that helps..
  16. neighbor is a retired farmer. He LOVES to help cut and split firewood. Gets his blood flowing. This year I had tree service drop a couple100 year old oak trees. On my weekends we pulled out the big Sthils and cut them up. After giving the big pieces to a buddy for making bowls, we used his splitter and tossed the pieces into the bucket of his tractor. That allowed us to dump it in neat piles anywhere we wanted . Make buddies with a farmer.
  17. you NEVER do that. NEVER!!! They want something fixed. they are making a lot of noise about the 6th or 7th time they ask you to fix it. You go over and explain how difficult that is going to be to fix it. Then you say Hey, I got an idea. You go out and get the correct tool along with half a dozen other tools, 2 of which you have purchased in the past 2 months. You start to work on the problem, but drag it out like a union guy trying to get some overtime spending money. She shakes her head and goes away leaving you with the problem. You fix the problem,
  18. while watching the 24 hours of LeMans the other weekend, they mentioned an upcoming change where the cars will be racing on hydrogen in a couple years. Looks to be 2024 https://www.lemans.org/en/news/the-automobile-club-de-l-ouest-hydrogen-filling-station-in-le-mans-is-open/53992 If it were a dead technology, the manufacturers would not be allowing such a change. it is the long game. pure batteries are not going to cut it. They destroy the environment especially getting rid of the old ones, the power grid cannot support the additional load, and charging takes too l
  19. you may be onto something. I was going to tear it all off since the old one had failed over a decade. Allows me to scrub any salt out of the substrate before putting the new barrier coat on. But the bottom is fairly smooth and for a cruiser, perfection is not a necessity. 80 grit should tear Need more barrier coats before painting as it is blistering.
  20. if money was not an issue, I would just get a gelplaner and knock it out in a day. Hard to justify a $3200 tool for one use on a 35 year old boat.
  21. how long has it been soaking? PB Blaster is great stuff, but it took me 3 weeks to have a s/s bolt let go of an ALMAG (aluminum & magnesium alloy) hatch that had corroded together over 20 years. If you pull the head, get pb blaster or ATF in there and tap (not beat) each of the pistons a bit every day for a couple days. The vibrations will get the lube by the rings and let it work on the rings below the top ones. Slow and steady will get it done. We are talking diesel and not some lawn mower engine...
  22. Will be tearing off the bottom after a decade with 5 coats of barrier coat, along with fairing the hull sides prior to new paint. Getting all my instruments of pain purchased now. Have seen some videos on Youtube where they are using Flexisander boards. http://www.flexisanderusa.com/sandingboards-2.aspx Are they worth the money over standard flexible boards? What is the best size for hull sanding (doing 32 feet). Does a vacuum attachment catch much of the dust? Anyone try the motorized version?
  23. and locomotives. But Jeff Imelt's financial re-engineering batting clean up to Jack Welch's shenanigans destroyed the company from within. Stock price has gone from 30 to 6 bucks in past 4 years. CEO Culp is working hard but there is decades of cancer to eradicate before they are considered healthy again. Covid means nobody is flying. Nobody flying means engines are not wearing out. that will hit the bottom line. Wish them luck with the new engines
  24. easy Robinson was trying to fuck everyone with crazy pricing. fasteners are a low margin business. people can snap the shanks on torx or allen heads with ease and they are cheap. So why pay crazy money on a robinson design for snapping the fastener shank? the world was built on slot heads until Ford introduced Phillip heads on the Model T assembly line to speed fastening via power tools without cam out. Helped lower the price of a Model T. Henry could give a shit less if it was harder to remove said fastener a couple years down the road. All the othe
  25. close enough for government work.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_E-4 These bad boys had hot rodded engines from the get go 45 years ago. Thrust has always been classified. Air frames were reinforced in order to take some damage. Though based in Offutt, there was always one on the tarmac waiting to fly at Andrews as the passengers were all Pentagon staffers. They took off normally, then pulled the nose skyward and hit the throttles. Amazing site to see something that big just rip skyward. Expect Air Force One has the same hot rodded motor
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