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  1. that MFer is a genius. He leveraged 10:1 using the Prime Broker's stock. Did not buy a single share. In doing so, no SEC reporting is needed since they did not own the stock. Expect that to change STAT! And some large banks are in serious do-do as they have to eat billions in losses. Gory details can be read here: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/rehypothecated-leverage-how-archegos-built-100-billion-portfolio-out-thin-air-and-then-blew
  2. Golf: the sport for folks who do know know how to sail....
  3. at my old club, the winner in each class got dinged 10 seconds/mi the following week. If they won, they continue with that rating. If they lost, they got back their 10 seconds. If anyone complained, we said the winner was already dinged 10 seconds. Face it, you suck..
  4. the holy mother of all shorts is getting ready to roll out. They are going to take the flaming pile of dog manure called WeWork (re-lease commercial office space IPO which was not close to being profitable before COVID and now nobody goes into the office and it NYC you cannot have more than 50 percent occupancy) and try to sell stock to suckers. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/wework-go-public-9-billion-spac-deal-18-months-after-ipo-collapse You need to be drinking the Kool-Aid to buy into this. The shorts on this will be EPIC! The hedgies must be licking thei
  5. "Cocaine, its a hell of a drug" - Rick James
  6. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/suez-canal-crisis-morphs-global-supply-chain-wrecking-ball
  7. fly a bunch of us fat fuckers over 1st class (always wanted to go to Bumfuck Egypt). we all grab a six pack and sit on the rail (on the top containers) talking shit and roll that bitch on its side so the tugs can pull it off. We high five each other and get some more beer. This technique works every time we fuck up and find shallow water. Man am I a super genius or what??? ;<) On a more serious note, it is turning into a giant parking lot south of the canal... evergreen2.pdf
  8. any way to put a couple Caterpillar D9 - D11T on the other bank and pull? Tons of torque and a solid footing.. With the oil industry, there has to be a couple in the area that a lowboy could trailer in.
  9. according to marinetraffic, they have 4 tugs yanking on it right now. evergreen.pdf
  10. already unfucked.. https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/megaship-blocks-all-traffic-suez-canal-after-running-aground-bizarre-incident
  11. Not only a role model for women, but for all of us. One of those people who LOVES their job. It oozes out of their pores. A sad loss to a terrible disease.
  12. your government in action. Same as channel 1. We used to broadcast NTSC. Ever notice no channel 1? Go to Japan where they run NTSC-J. It does have channel 1. everything else is the same (I used to bring home the latest technology from Tokyo and just change the power input from 100v ac to 120ac). What gives? When the FCC first set up the frequencies, they reserved channel 1 for government usage (emergency broadcasts and covering congress) but did nothing to create programming. Back in the day the tuner was analog and you cranked the channel selector, where each
  13. Other ideas: Just stick a pole in the hull and mount it to a street light like the other great winning NZ boats. Only put this one in North Auckland so they have a point of reference when giving directions to tourists. Or put it in the rental fleet with the old 12 metre warhorses for us tourists to come over and tear up and down the harbor before dinner at Sky Tower. What could possibly go wrong? Race them in Fremantle when the Doctor is in and prove they are real boats and not 1 trick pony lake boats. My hunch is they would make the AM crash look like chil
  14. Years ago we ran Payroll for Air Force personnel in the DC area on a Burroughs mainframe at Bolling AFB which is adjacent to Washington Naval Yard. During a staff meeting the Commanding Officer said there was a leak in the very old building we were located in and the water was accumulating in the the subfloor of the datacenter. Some of those machines used 440v so it was a serious safety issue due to all the power cables in that subfloor. They though the water was coming from gutters/roof so it was not like they could just shut off faucet. I told the colonel that it is easy to resol
  15. any idea how many 3rd world flunkies one has to employ to wipe off all the water spots every morning? Did not see it in the specs.. Wonder which community college naval architecture program this designer graduated from (did they graduate?)
  16. Very True. Years ago, Eric Clapton was quoted as saying "I listen to some of my work from 20-30 years ago and I honestly do not know how I did that. " A couple years ago I saw Robert Cray play in Boston as lead to Kenny Wayne Sheppard. He was a feeble broken down old blues man with about 6 minutes of brilliance. Such a fall from grace when he was in his prime and could make a guitar sing all night like nobody's business. Or the time he was the warm up band for Eric Clapton and came out to do a set with EC and Phil Collins on drums. What Saturday nights will sound like in heave
  17. my all time hero, even better than Sugar Ray. Pure combatant Rest In Peace brother
  18. to paraphrase Rick Pitino "Pink Floyd is not walking through that door.." https://www.iheart.com/content/2021-03-11-david-gilmour-has-absolutely-no-desire-to-reunite-pink-floyd/?mid=586753&rid=1644152&sc=email&pname=newsletter&cid=NATIONAL&keyid=National iHeart Daily Classic Rock&campid=headline1_readmore
  19. does anyone know why they have that nnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound constantly drowning out the commentators and the onboard crews? JFC, when I watch NASCAR I do not hear 40 V8s screaming at 8,000 rpm for 4 hours straight. They could put that onto one of the channels so the viewer could shut it off as it adds NOTHING to the program. Or they could noise cancel it with little fanfare. Whoever thought this was a good idea deserves one hell of a wedgie... Fucking nerds...
  20. Did you know installing new software without through exercising all functionality on a separate test platform is considered bush league and frowned upon as any unplanned side effects upset your installed base. Unless you are Microsoft...
  21. Borrow an ATN.mast climber from someone on the dock. https://www.sailrite.com/ATN-Mastclimber-Bosuns-Chair I have lent mine out many a time. You pull yourself up the mast and can stand above the mast head making repairs to windex, instruments a lot easier than a bosom's chair.
  22. This is where those fat ass crew members earn their brewskis. Grab a halyard and have them pull the boat over. That mast give LOTS of leverage. Once watched a BIG guy repeatedly dunk himself ("He's a witch!") when his j-80 got sideways to the swell. Funny as shit to us onlookers heading out to the race course..
  23. 2 stories About 30 years ago a retired couple from Westford Mass lived in Florida in winter to beat the snow and cold. They come back early April to find their house GONE!. Nothing but a driveway and a square dirt imprint where the house used to sit. WTF??? They immediately went to the Westford PD who said "We have been expecting you" Evidently the house had been converted to gas, but the fill pipe had been left on the house. Oil company flunky got the house number wrong on a delivery and had pumped about 400 gallons into the basement before they figured "Gee th
  24. Remember back in the 90s when Roger Waters had his hissy fit about who owned the band name and how David's music was "engineered" and not from the heart. At the time Roger had his band basically on the same tour as Pink Floyd with about weeks between them at the same venues. Roger wrote better lyrics but David kicked his fucking ass when it came to playing. The following year Waters shows up with his Radio Kaos tour and Gilmour & company wiped the floor with them.. Seen him play about a dozen times, always mesmerized how he could pick the perfect note to follow the l
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