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  1. 7 hours ago, Al Paca said:

    Piss off Boomer. There’s a lot of good young people making great music. 

    Sorry you are butt hurt Al, but just look up major concerts on livenation.com (eg largest concert ticket web site)

    Fucking crickets..

    And before you whine about COVID, the Country and Western tours are already in high gear.

    Local rock radio stations play nothing but rock from the 80s-2005.

    I am not talking about your cousin Eddie and his wicked cool garage band.

    I am talking names that everyone knows and will pack a stadium.

    Joe Bonamassa and Kenny Wayne Shepard click the boxes, but I consider them blues and not true rock and roll.

  2. 1 hour ago, justsomeguy! said:


    On a tour of a WW bridge in Thailand we came back on boats with those "outboards".

    They used larger truck motors as each boat held a dozen tourists.

    Loud, wet, dangerous and LOUD.

    Ride was pretty cool.

    Enjoyed the ride until we passed a dead dog floating down the river.

    About half mile further downriver the locals are brushing their teeth in that river.

    Didn't eat dinner when we arrived in Bangkok..

  3. both my backyard of Zoyia grass and front yard of crabgrass (I think it may be the finest crabgrass in the entire Commonwealth) are growing great this year.  Both have retaken territory clover had invaded.

    My secret?   I did not fertilize.  But more importantly, I have aerated the lawn every 6-8 weeks usually before a heavy rain.  The normal Southern baked clay below the topsoil has remained loose and more importantly, the mulch clippings are not clogging as the aerator punches holes through the thatch.

    As simple as attaching this to the lawn tractor after cutting and doing a lap of the yard with a cold one in the drink holder that is transferred to my stomach.



    it does not just make holes. It pulls out and flings 1/2 x 1"  plugs so water and clippings can get into the soil.   You do need to strap 4 solid concrete blocks on top to get proper penetration.  After the rain, the plugs that were laying on top of the grass has dissolved.

  4. He had pulled out of the new tour for a heart operation a couple weeks ago



    Was discussing the sorry state of Rock and Roll Yesterday with the Admiral.

    Things are rough when they are touring octogenarians.

    Between Grunge and crooning assholes on star search programs the last decade, the number of talented rockers is drying up fast as nobody seems to know how the handle an axe with talent and ingenuity.


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  5. 23 hours ago, longy said:

    Mitsubishi - primary builder of the Zero. Along with Hitachi.


    Mitsubishi modified their emblem in the 90s and called it " the triple diamond".


    The old bucks from the Air Corp called Bullshit and said it was a modified version of a Zero propeller which had always been their emblem during WWII to the change.

  6. On 8/21/2021 at 5:06 PM, El Mariachi said:



    There used to be a permanent sign on an overpass over US 93 north of Concord NH (main drag to the mountains & lakes).

    They changed it to a flashing light if over 55 as every idiot wanted a photo record of their high speed pass.

    Sign was encouraging the lead footed behavior.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Mid said:

    substandard no matter what .

    to get the full cinema experience you will need a quality surround sound processor, 4 speakers for the corners, sound bar and sub woofer .


  8. Having owned that boat and have replaced the mounts I can give you a bit of information.

    The boat came with the mounts lagged bolted in place.

    If the lag bolts are still tight, you can reuse the lag bolts.  The mounts remove the vibration and at only21 hp, we are not talking big block chevy motors requiring a chain to the firewall to keep from snapping the mounts when dropping the hammer...


    Forget the Westerbeke crap motor mounts.  Use PYI motor mounts:

    - Cheaper in price.

    - S/S instead of rusty steel means adjustments in future are hassle free

    - Plastic covers to keep any oil from dripping on the actual rubber.

    - Same bolt pattern as the Westerbeke.


    spray old ones with PB BLaster a couple days beforehand above and below. use a s/s brush to knock any rust off all the threads and let the blaster do its job. Your knuckles will say thank you when the time comes to do the job.

    also be sure to get some serious light in the aft end of that engine compartment.  The factory lighting does a lousy job and again, your digits will thank you by the time you are done. 

    Replace the mounts one at a time.

    Loosen bottom nut and run it to the mount.

    Remove top bolt.

    Remove both lag bolts.

    Lift mount and then slide out from beneath.

    Installation is the reverse.

    Be sure realign the prop shaft when done. You will be in the neighborhood, but not quite there. Needs to be done while the boat is in the water.






  9. 12 hours ago, Not for nothing said:

    It's the present weather patterns  the same as the perfect storm , high pressures from the mid west moving east , The remnants of Fred moving off of Maine , then add ts/hurricane Henri moving to Cape Cod? Any thoughts?

     The 1991 Perfect to Storm, also known as The No-Name Storm (especially in the years immediately after it took place) and the Halloween Gale/Storm, was a nor'easter that absorbed Hurricane Grace, and ultimately evolved into a small unnamed hurricane itself late in its life cycle. The initial area of low pressure developed off the coast of Atlantic Canada on October 29. Forced southward by a ridge to its north, it reached its peak intensity as a large powerful cyclonehttp://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/noaa/noaad1.gif?1430959785

    and this week is the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Bob that tore up southern New England.


    I was in Hong Kong the week before Bob hit.   Tracking it on this new Internet stuff..

    Meetings ended and I had to get home as the SHTF was forecast-ed.  Got my ass pummeled for 4 hours in a 747 as we flew through a typhoon over Japan to get to SF.  Got back 2 days early and secured everything at home.  So the next day I went to Horseneck Beach on the MA/RI border with my Formula 18.  It was already rolling in.  Was flying hulls off of rolling waves for hours.

    Still have a picture on my wall flying a hull with the wing in the water with the ugly grays of Bob sneaking up behind me taken by a friend on the beach.

    When I packed up you could see the renters coming in with cases of beer and the owners leaving with everything they could get out of their summer homes.

    Went home and remember the next day watching Boston TV cameras in New Bedford as a neighborhood a racing buddy lived in get tore up.

    Went back a week later.  Horseneck beach was gone. Nothing but rocks as the sand had disappeared for miles in either direction.   The causeway had been breached.  The only things standing was the WW II concrete pillbox and a portapotti.  Tough MFer.

    Then down to Hyannis to get some parts and see a buddy.   We went out for a sail.  In the evening gloom and fog power boats were bringing back 2-3 monohulls at time, while some big boat were leaning against houses around the harbor.


    Hope you all have it easier than Bob..

  10. Yeah but what does it do going down Tuckerman's Ravine on Mt Washington?   55 degrees, pure ice,  no fucking brakes..   ;<)



    he broke his record which stood at 6:09 in 2014.

    that means he has taken 45 seconds off the record himself.  That is incredible considering the greats who have set times on this road.

    15%  faster.  Think of a TP52 that was 15% faster.

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  11. On 8/17/2021 at 11:13 PM, hasher said:

    My 350 Honda had Hooker pipes.  It was the CL.  There was also a CB and SL.  Honda owned the motorcycle market.

    Owned a SL.  Put a big ass rear sprocket on it and it was cheap ass trail bike that could climb vertically.


    There was also the CJ 350 made in 77 and 78.   A stripped out bike to compete at cost with the stripped out version of the KZ400.   The CJ had the worlds most uncomfortable seat and a steering head so tiny you could feel the bike flex underneath you.  Also had a 2:1 exhaust to reduce costs rather than for performance.   Rode with a guy who used to drag race. He took a CJ and modified it to run on alcohol.  Also ripped the baffles out of the pipe.

    Only took it out on Friday nights looking for suckers to street race.    Had to be a sicko to drive that POS at speeds the boys in Japan never had in mind.

  12. I had an expensive custom system that had worked ok and likely I could have just replaced the pellets, but the new units are much more effective.

    My new unit uses 1/4th the salt of my old system.


    2 days later it was at my house.


    The head (eg control until that runs everything) is a Fleck unit.  same unit used by just about everyone.

    Plumbed it a couple hours this winter.  Footspace is about 60% of the old system

    Came with everything.  Then i got the "well while I am at it" disease and that took about 5 more hours putting in new sediment filters, valving to allow work on any piece without water dripping, upgrading the well pressure switch etc.

    Very pleased with its performance.  

    very good instructions come with the unit.

    Lots of installation videos on YouTube to do the installation.  If you can install a garbage disposal, you can handle this.

    Biggest hassle is getting rid of the old tank(s) as they are heavy and bulky especially when they still have water in them.   Best to have a friend when carting the fibreglas tanks to the dump.


    Get a water sample and take it to a lab that does water tests for mortgages.   Cost me 20 bucks to find out the PPM.  You enter that at set up and it knows how much water it can then process before a backflush.  the lower the number, the more gallons it can do per cycle.


    do not worry about the salt




  13. 19 gusting to 24.

    4,000 houses without power.

    Give me a frigg'n break..


    The only destruction from TS Fred is to the Weather Channel's credibility as they have been hyping 24/7 since Thursday night no matter what the NHC or European models were showing.

    MF'ing attention whores flipping tricks to snag some cash.

    Talk about Crying Wolf.  When a real one arrives nobody is going to be listening due to those chumps...

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  14. building is not always the cheapest method.

    Buddy ( hobby is woodworking) and I decided to build a set of Maine Wooden Boat  Nutshell pram

    You can:

    Buy plans

    Buy pre-cut kit and assemble.

    Buy a completed boat.


    We went with the plans route with a grainy late 1970s vcr tape from some stoner on how to build it.

    Worked on it several times a week for 3-4 hours over the course of a winter.

    Each time, we would consume 2 bottles of a nice Aussie Shiraz.     Built our own jigs for laying up frames etc.

    The boats came out very nice.

    Due to the wine expenses, it would have been much cheaper to just buy completed boats from Maine Wooden Boat.


    Good learning experience that helped kill time on winter nights.

  15. Clean the heat exchanger and end caps with a sandpaper or a Scotchbrite  Get a the crud out of so you have clean metal.

    Order 2 end cap gaskets and O rings.

    when you bolt up, do not over tighten.  You will only tear up O ring on the bolt and that is where it will leak.

    if you wish to spread a smiggen of silicon grease at the mating surface so as not to tear the rubber, that is fine.

    After you have run it a couple times, check for leaks and snug a bit, but again, do not crank it down as you will just tear the O-ring.

  16. the 3M Finese-it is good stuff.  be sure to use a quality buffer with horsepower so it is cutting as Gelcoat is tough stuff.    Those  big vibrating things are useless except to shake the flabby skin on the bottom of your old lady's arms (you do have you old lady do all the buffing and waxing right?).   :<)

    Once done, Put on a coat of wax  BY HAND and remove it with a terry cloth towel BY HAND.  When you use a machine to remove it, it removes 80 of the protection.  Now the UV will start chaulking the gelcoat again.  A hand wax should last the season.

  17. Still remember a Sunday afternoon watching the Stanley Cup finals with Tony in the nets.

    Did an interview with his league scoring brother Phil whose Bruins had been knocked out of the playoffs.

    Phil says, you are easy to score on

    what?  said Tony.

    Yeah said Phil, I just fake the shot, you always go down to your knees and I then shoot for the upper corners.

    Forget who the Black hawks were playing, but from from that interview on, they had Tony's number and beat him like a snare drum.

    Tony was PISSED at Phil for exposing him on National TV.


    One of the greats

  18. 2 hours ago, Liquid said:

    FYI: VW has been top dog for many years.

    They are no longer spending $ on combustion R&D

    If you read the first paragraph of the article, it stated Toyota and VW swap the lead all the time and that VW's growth is due to buying companies to increase its market share.

    Ask GM and Ford how that strategy worked for them late 90s/early 2000s...


    VW HAD to do something as their original strategy to push diesels blew up in their faces when they were caught cheating by screwing with the software and had to buy back 350,000 vehicles for 7.4 billion USD (eg Dieselgate).


  19. On 8/5/2021 at 9:29 AM, Wet Spreaders said:

    From WSJ today...

    and here is the word from the largest auto manufacturer in the world, doing it the old fashion way of building what people want instead of just overpaying for other brands to gain market share (eg Ford, GM, VW etc).


    Basically the head of Toyota research also spoke to the US Senate this week outlining what many of us have been saying.

    You have to solve all the infrastructure issues for electric autos to be successful.   Just saying it is better will not cut it.





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