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  1. had my numbers stolen from a large marine purveyor where their 3rd party cc processing system had been compromised along with all the other web sites using them. No matter how hard you try to protect yourself, there is only so much you can do. The POS tried to buy a stereo online with their address FBI got involved and the low life got 8 years at the Grey-bar Hotel. Don't you just love a happy ending? Via my Credit Union, I have alerts sent to my phone on any purchase over my defined limit. This is set up for both credit and debit cards Also have au
  2. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ny-70-year-old-woman-60-year-old-man-sex-child-florida-20191204-fouvz2224fgujjrkuiev2n5wpm-story.html#nt=oft-Single Chain~Flex Feature~new-left-chain~seniorsex-602p~~1~yes-art~curated~curatedpage Get off my lawn and get a room....
  3. being an attention whore can have its downsides.. https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/musk-trial-day-1-he-didnt-literally-mean-sodomize-me-submarine Some are asking who is bankrolling this, as Vern Unsworth refused to settle out of court..
  4. OH SHIT I find myself on the same side of an argument as Clean... Tesla is saying they will not release their pickup until 2021. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30025520/dubai-police-tesla-cybertruck/ Ford says their pure EV will out "in a couple of years" whatever that means. Could be a f150, or the Rivian which they are heavily invested in. mental masturbation on both sides to gain mind share as so much can happen in 2 years. Reminds me of Emo Phillips who used to say "I fancy myself quite the lover, and one day I shall find a women who will have me and find o
  5. Ford says the Tesla test was bs and wants to challenge. Will it be a tug of war, with a F-450? https://www.ford.com/trucks/super-duty/models/f450-xlt/
  6. A pickup is not a sport car. It is meant to do work. Sure there are folks who never scratch the paint in the back, but big 3 build them to take a shit ton of abuse. Where I live there are 3 professions. Farmers, watermen and retirees. Only the last one can get away with a pickup with no payload. So it is a toy for fans of Elon as they are not cheap. Look at that bed. Reminds me of the old VW pickup in the 80s or a Subaru brat. how much gravel or mulch you going to dump in it each load? You going to trailer your boat with it? WHat happens when the bottom gets
  7. Back in the late 90s, Jeep of New England had marketing program where if you showed up at the ski area of the week in a Jeep, any Jeep, they would hand you 2 tickets to downhill for the day. You could also compete in NASTAR racing for free. At the end of the day, there would be huge party in the main lodge with bands, swag and food. As the word spread more and more jeeps came. Toward the end of winter they held the event at Sunapee NH, which is less then 2 hours from Boston and less than 3 hours for most of New England. On a beautiful day, over 4500 jeeps showed up. Looked lik
  8. Note the 1" foam mattress. I am sure that is super comfy compared to my cushions in the boat.. And about as much headroom as a J-22 Some are calling the design the bastard spawn of the Pontiac Aztec. Remember that angled POS?
  9. may want to hold off on that down payment... https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/balls-steel-twitter-calls-bllshit-musks-video-proof-cybertruck-window-stunt-worked May not be as indestructible as they say.
  10. Awesome movie and well worth paying to see it at a theater with a solid Dolby Surround sound. If you get wood hearing a 427 AC Cobra motor down the road making car alarms go off, you will LOVE this movie. Ain't nothing like a 427 with a hot cam at 7,000 rpm Even my wife who is not a motor head loved the movie. Shit, she was hitting me up to trade in her volvo for a new v8 Mustang tonight.. Hope they put out a movie sound track. Not the Motown tunes of the 60s, but the staccato of those big block beasts.
  11. Maybe it is just me, but watching Wolfie and Clean go at it feels like a checkers semifinals at Special Olympics..
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/man-attempts-to-run-for-president-in-new-hampshire-as-epstein-didnt-kill-himself/ar-BBWw9Rg Lucky NH takes it's 1st in the nation primary seriously, else this clown could win just for the townies wanting to piss off the press. Something tells me they will remove nicknames on ballots after this...
  13. Hey Bitch Call AOC. Maybe she can find a seat on a train headed that way for you... ;>)
  14. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/bizarre/olaf-targeted-642935
  15. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ny-florida-woman-busted-with-pipe-bombs-dozens-of-mass-shooting-books-20191004-gyr3s6fn7fh2vm2qorpvifliwq-story.html
  16. Do kids toss coins in front of her to see if they get flatten like those left on a railroad track?
  17. Remove receipts or log books showing maintenance that had been done Leave all those scars on the keel and hull where the boat had "encounters" with for all the world to see. Be sure the battery is dead so one cannot determine if the electronics work or engine cranks Leave the motor in partial disassembly or make sure it is out of tune to put the fear of God in them. If possible leave spider webs and bees nests intact to run them off. be sure all the seacocks are frozen solid. Nothing will shake a buyer like 6 inches of barnacles below the waterline.
  18. lets get things back on track... https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ny-crime-florida-drunk-bicycle-sex-police-car-squad-car-cruiser-20190916-sytuaedazbeqxfa7eyonynzf6a-story.html AND https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-florida-man-dressed-as-pirate-jack-sparrow-died-paddleboarding-20190916-hetdfvlr3zhahpqkigvu3oanaq-story.html
  19. I can answer that for you. My first new car was a Toyota Pickup. I instantly became the go to guy when someone had to move, or move something large. Of course they expected you to come with said pick up to help them. After a couple years I had enough. I think it was the dance with a rather large fridge down 3 icy flights of stone steps in a snow storm outside of Boston. Bought a SUV, class 3 hitch and a solid dump (as in to go to the dump) trailer. Whenever some needs to move, I hand them the $6 registration for the trailer, point at it sitting there and t
  20. Now I know where the saying "Going Commando" comes from..
  21. Time to give a break to Florida man Let's look at this clown pulled over in Oklahoma https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-12/man-found-stolen-vehicle-uranium-rattlesnake-whiskey-during-oklahoma-traffic-stop He pretty much checks all the boxes: X - stolen car X - DUI on Kentucky deluxe Whiskey X - handgun in console X - Rattlesnake in terrarium in back seat X - Canister of radioactive uranium in the car. This MFer knows how to party.. And he is not from FLA... Come on Florida. Time to step up...
  22. finish the dream.. https://norfolk.craigslist.org/boa/d/jesup-finish-the-dream/6915693410.html
  23. being a big PF fan, I never missed a concert after the breakup and used to A:B the two as their tours were usually a couple weeks apart. Waters is genius with lyrics. When it comes to playing, David is the master. Even the Wall tour. Once you strip off the theatrics and listened to the music. And the Radio KAOS tour. Lord save us was that ever lame....
  24. captain drinks beer, smokes weed, does cocaine, holds fisherman hostage with a gun. https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/boat-captain-arrested-threatening-holding-passengers-hostage-fishing
  25. https://gcaptain.com/incident-video-msc-cruise-ship-crashes-into-pier-in-venice/
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