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  1. Clint Eastwood Don Schula Judge Ruth Ginsburg
  2. No. If you cheat and lose, we chalk it up to Karma kicking your ass cause you had it coming...
  3. Sydney Morning Herald coverage of maxi finish. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/sailing/wild-oats-xi-leads-on-home-stretch-of-thrilling-sydney-to-hobart-20181228-p50oin.html
  4. but C only put .1 mile on all 3 in 10 minutes even though going 15 knts faster. And WOXI is sailing almost rhumb line now. Sooner or later C is going to have to gybe...
  5. foul current? Once had a compass saying we were headed south as the GPS said we were headed north at 2 am. Put a flashlight on the water and spied a lobster pot. We were going backwards due to strong current even though we had enough zepher to keep the boat pointed in the right direction.
  6. Most the SJ21 looks ridden hard and put up wet. But the folks who class race them LOVE them and it seems a very healthy fleet. Good on them. Cheap entry into 1 design if that style is you.
  7. I think I saw this maneuver before.. Never turns out well either..
  8. well it is next to it in the forum index. Musta jumped the firebreak what with with arsonists anarchists around here. Getting dangerously close to the SAILING section of the forum. Point Break!!!! QUICK, we need a back fire to stop it before this gets outta control !!!! ;<)
  9. https://norfolk.craigslist.org/boa/d/columbia-87-sailboat-200/6733856080.html Never buy a boat that costs less than the fuel and tolls to see it. Sort of like Taco Bell. I don't eat a meal that is cheaper than Dog Chow for my Golden Retriever . Then we have this delusional twit https://norfolk.craigslist.org/boa/d/vagabond-14-sailing-boat/6721122293.html
  10. Work associate told me as a young man, he took a job running a small ferry on a river in West Virginia during the summer while he was completing his electrical engineering degree. Everything was going fine until the day they had a killer fog settle in the valley. Little traffic but he had to check the other side of the river as there was no such thing as cell phones in the early 1970s. He headed out on a run thinking he knew what he was doing,, but soon was totally lost in the fog, and panic started to settle in as he was not a real boater. Not wanting to have a coll
  11. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/fashion/this-is-what-your-tatt-will-look-like-in-40-years-14-old-people-with-tattoos/news-story/c94ae9206051432dab2f636930dc0114 Some scary looking chicks on there. I am wondering just how drunk do you have to be to hit on some of them.. http://www.kiwireport.com/tattoos-really-look-like-years-later-2pp/ Of course the worst ones are the chicks who have eyebrows tattooed on to save time doing makeup in the morning. After a year or so, they always looks like crap...
  12. if you have your own private septic system, pull the disposal out and replace with $12 of drain and pvc pipe. Food belongs in the trash and not the plumbing.. You may grind food up real good, but you are putting a lot of crap into your holding tank. That is not real good for it. If there is too much grease and oils and if it overflows the grease baffles in the holding tank, you can take out your leech fields which is not cheap to fix. And dumping hydrochloric acid down the runs is illegal nowadays. My brother is a civil engineer who designs septic systems from housing develo
  13. Quick update:' Sequoia as of Saturday morning. Buttoned up nice and tight by the craftsmen at Chesapeake Boat Works
  14. She still is under shrink wrap on the rail at Fishing Bay in Deltaville VA. Sailed by her Friday after diving my boat at FBYC. Wish the dicks and their lawyers would get their act together. Would be nice to see her floating again. She deserves better. and Fuck Jimmy Carter for selling her in the first place to make a point nobody cared about, along with his Mr Rogers sweaters (another useless point). God did 1977 suck the big one.... forever (still feeling the pain...)
  15. Bad move by Tesla to sue Martin Tripp. Obviously Elon is trying to find a fall guy for missing their 5000 cars a week promise at the end of the month. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-20/tesla-sues-former-disgruntled-employee-sabotage-and-espionage Cannot wait to see who is Tripp's lawyer and how quickly they start discovery of who know about his misdeeds and when. Did Elon know about it before his set of promises were made. Would not put it by a couple Wall Street shorters to fund a good ball busting barrister to help take Tesla management's attention off thei
  16. Tesla is going to be toast within a year. Wall Street is smelling blood in the water. Report out Thursday shows basically no additional model 3 deposits coming in since last November should he ever get production running smoothly. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-14/analyst-calculates-tesla-model-3-cancellation-rate-disastrous-66 The tax break disappears at the end of the year. He admits to make a profit, they need to sell fully optioned model 3s and not base models. Those are not cheap. The competitors are about to unleash their own models they have
  17. NY State wants first dibs at that Wu Tang Club album... http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/new-york-state-claims-dibs-profits-shkreli-assets-article-1.3950360
  18. Went from smug little asshole to crying like a baby to the judge while lying like a rug to save his hide “I am terribly sorry I lost your trust. You deserved far better.” Luckily the judge saw through it. It is federal, so I don't think he gets a break on time, but there are others here who would know better. Just hope it is to a real prison and not a some work camp. He will make someone a nice prison bitch once they break him in.
  19. http://jacksonville.com/news/national/2018-01-19/family-tom-petty-died-accidental-overdose-according-medical-examiner Guess deferred means he took drugs and died...
  20. those foils look dangerous. Thinking about when the Aussi...errrr Japanese Softbank team just about cut their opponents on GBR Rover boat in half in the Bahamas when they flew over their hull. These foils look like they could kill someone if they come over the the windward boat, or if they drop heel due to lack of air flow and jam their foil into the opponent's deck like a biker stabbing his wooden leg with a knife. That would not end well for either team. Thought Death Race 2000 was supposed to be run in autos..
  21. smoking from age 16 (USA today) and doing heroin for 5 years (NYT) has a way of screwing up your long term plans... YMMV
  22. I would not want to live within 5 postal codes of this guy, because when all the bad karma comes back to bite him, it will be epic... http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/book-parodies-waldo-search-flight-mh370-article-1.2405687 What publisher thought this would be a good project to get involved in? DUH!
  23. Fricking awesome wing keel. Sonnabitch can fly upwind !
  24. Transfer to the University of Florida Gators in his future? From there, drafted by the NE Patriots (aka Arron Hernandez)
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