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  1. Annual US offshore championships start tomorrow off Annapolis using the USNA Navy 44s. Course are as such file:///C:/Users/sabre/AppData/Local/Temp/US-Offshore-SIs-2021-v-1.5-9-19-21.pdf see Page 16. Anyone know the best position ashore to watch the teams battle for each course? Thanks
  2. Years ago (pre-GPS) i had a buddy who lived in a similar cookie cutter community outside Ottawa. Every fricking house looked the same in the brand new development due to the regulations. Was bringing him home after dinner and a night on the town. Fuck all if he could tell which house was his. 2 am, we are hammered and he is scared to enter the wrong house. All the cars in in garages, so he cannot cheat by looking for his or the wife's car in front It was so fucked up on could only laugh. After about 30 minutes and a lot of alcohol impaired logic, he figured out which door was
  3. Did mine this past winter. Use a pull scraper and keep the carbide blades sharp to get the really ugly stuff off. Tarp on ground to catch the debris. Should take maybe an hour. Then roll on a stripper from a pan and a 3/8" roller cover. I just took 7 years of Pettit sr60+ off with Citrus Strip from Home Depot/Lowes. Shitload cheaper than anything with an anchor on the container, and no fumes. The trick is to press a layer of plastic sheet on it while wet. Thin film is fine, but I like the slight thicker stuff so the wind does not fuck with it and use the 4 foo
  4. can go both ways. grab a list and then come back to grab new victims later. Most the time, they sell your information on the dark web for quick cash. They will sell the same list to dozen of people. My point is if the data does not exist to steal, there is nothing to worry about. as I said, why do companies take the risk? The only thing you can do with it is to offer to have the cc number on file for repeat customers. We did not think the risk was worth it.
  5. as part of a simplification project for a couple retirees, I had the Tides Marine track installed along with a custom stack pack by Evolution sails this spring. For racing, we lower the lines on the stack pack and loop a sail tie around the boom to keep it tidy. For normal sailing, I just leave the stack pack as is. When single handing, I can furl the 135 genny, spin the boat and drop the main in less than a minute. 2 weeks ago we were racing short handed in 20-25 knots of wind. We would reef for upwind legs and shake it out on every downwind leg on short W-L courses. The Tid
  6. what you want is window glazing spline. CR Lawerence is big in this business and they have locations around the US. You need to measure thickness of glass, the opening of the frame, and the depth of the inside of the frame. You can then pick what profile you need. https://www.crlaurence.com/crlapps/showline/default.aspx?GroupID=8985 they used to sell sample rings contain one of each spline so you could test it out on your window/frame. May wish to ask their local office if they still do this. MUCH cheaper to order 100 feet from them than to try and get
  7. This is not the first time Defender has been hit. I got burned years ago when I got a call for an electronics retailer asking if I was drop shipping high end stereo gear to the other coast. They stopped the order when I said no I had not ordered anything. Next day I got a call from the FBI in Hartford. Evidently Defender's web site had been hacked via an underlying commercial web package they used, along with a couple dozen other web sites. I had to cancel all my cards and was leaving for a vacation in Aruba the next morning. Luckily had a couple grand in traveler cheques at ho
  8. Well that is an insightful response... If you had actually read my post I explained how Nick Johnson looked at it. I explained he wants folks to get off their ass to make their cities better. You just immediately went into defensive mode. That is EXACTLY the problem. Circle the wagons and start shooting anything that moves. If you cannot be honest, it will never get better be it Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, or Oakland. I do not know your expertise, but I have been around the world many a time over 40 years. From the Cote d'Azur on
  9. Nick Johnson has over 400 videos on various places in the US. Tries to get stats and input from locals before actually driving a city and recording what he sees. Detroit rated #2 in shit holes in his America video. Don't feel bad. My B-i-L lives within 10 miles of 2 of the top 10 (philly/nj) and cannot understand why people would say that. Like boiling a frog. If you grow up in such an environment, you never see just how bad it is. Nick's point is not to throw stones in a fit of superiority (he admits he comes from a shit hole in Cali), but to try to get the local
  10. great new video showing the level of arrogance and incompetence. Also a shout out to the dangers of group thing we should all guard against.
  11. This little beauty just showed up in my local Lowes store from 3M. In fact it is not even on their web site yet. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/d/b00051160/ After I dove my boat last week with to wipe it down, I used this with some 400 wet sandpaper. First light stroke had a bit of friction from the original 320 sanding on the hard. 2nd stroke confirmed the bottom was perfect. I wear gloves with little nubs that make most bottom paint feel like concrete. after that 1st pass, it was as smooth as the topsides paint. The handle is can be rotate
  12. tommyDsports going out of business at the end of the month. Got this yesterday. Was a great place to get wetsuits and dive gear for us folks in larger sizes and decent prices. Last call before liquidation: You are receiving this because you most likely purchased some items from us over that last few years. We are unfortunately announcing our closing after almost 20 years in the business. No excuses, no regrets, just moving on. With that said, we have a fair amount of inventory we need to move along before we do. We have reduced everything on our website
  13. while coming up with tips for Edson wheels, I suggest a large flat rubber washer from the hardware store with hole cut to match the shaft. Put it between the wheel and nut. It provides enough friction to hold the nut solid without having to crank it down with a wrench. Much easier when the time comes to remove it for cocktails.. Also less chance of stripping Edson plastic wheel nuts which they no longer sell so you need to buy a 50-119 dollar nut.
  14. this showed up on my YouTube play list last week. fascinating. Myself, I just slink into my local marine machinest and hand him my fuckup. 1 day and a lighter wallet later, all is fixed...
  15. the following stores are in your local area: Ace Hardware Harbor Freight Lowes Home Depot Each sells 1-2 brands of spray silicone lubricant. I use the stuff without issue in my foil. Only one I see with an issue is HF, as they are out in the local stores near you (closest is outside Richmond). warning: the teflon stuff leaves a white dust all over the place.
  16. I roll my hard paint (Trinidad 75). I use a quality mohair 3/16" nap for 2 coats thinned 10% (about a gallon total on a 32 footer). extra paint applied to water line and foils. Stand pads are done the next day in a couple hours. Third day I use a random orbital sander with Mirka 320 grit grids on a shop vac to lightly sand it. Just have to be careful not to burn through the paint else you will have to patch it. Smooth as a baby's bottom. A bit more work than spraying, but I am abiding by yard rules. $350 total I find if you ask for a rolled
  17. Read the first couple paragraphs of this as Bill Gross scorches your "emotional" art yesterday. Bill is no slouch though he no longer in his prime. Started Fidelity, has serious coin and is well connected... When his daughter got married, he had a USCG cutter (not some lowly 44 footer, but a BIG ASS cutter) 100yards off his back yard in Marblehead for 4 DAYs before the event to run protection due to the A-List attending. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/bill-gross-mocks-wokeness-lashes-out-bonds-investment-garbage I can understand Andy Worhol, but this stuff
  18. weather channel is saying Ida dropped a shit ton of rain last night. 17 confirmed dead in PA, NJ, and DE. over a hundred deep water rescues in Philly so far today and work continues. The storm that keeps on giving..
  19. that could be a ton of fun Just think of waiting for a regatta to start with no weather boat. While everyone is jockeying around at the start, you quietly anchor this thing just to windward of the mark. Watch the hilarity ensure when the fleet arrives at an inflatable mark. After they all get by and are busying trimming kites, you quietly motor away and they all look like they are insane when they scream at the RC about mark placement. More fun than watching Mr Limpett (aka Clean) pop up like a seal pup from photographing keels sliding by.
  20. looks like a county supervisor agrees with you. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/county-supervisors-blame-bad-policies-not-climate-change-california-wildfires Need to somehow divert the rains in Tenn to California.
  21. Actually Gen Russell Honore who resolved all the screw-ups of Scrub's FEMA secretary Michael Brown wrote a book on lessons learned from Katrina. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russel_L._Honoré https://www.amazon.com/Survival-Being-Prepared-Keep-Family/dp/1416599010/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=russell+honore&qid=1630229899&s=books&sr=1-4 I highly suggest anyone read this book. Chock full of great insight not only on how to survive, but more importantly the process to prepare for incidents. He had built special comm vehicles some at the Pentagon
  22. Old crew member just south of NOLA. Told him to gas up, grab the pics and documents, get some 20s out of an ATM and GTFO. Stupid shit is talking riding it out... JFC, what is in the water that causes temporary Dumb Ass disease?
  23. the tour will go on.. https://www.iheart.com/content/2021-08-25-the-rolling-stones-to-move-forward-with-us-tour-after-charlie-watts-death/?mid=693972&rid=1644152&sc=email&pname=newsletter&cid=NATIONAL&keyid=National iHeart Daily Classic Rock&campid=headline2_readmore list of US dates below. The Rolling Stones 'No Filter' USA 2021 tour dates Sep. 26 - St. Louis, MO @ The Dome at America’s Center Sep. 30 - Charlotte, NC @ Bank Of America Stadium Oct. 04 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Heinz Field Oct. 09 - Nashville, TN @ Nissan Stadium O
  24. Sorry you are butt hurt Al, but just look up major concerts on livenation.com (eg largest concert ticket web site) Fucking crickets.. And before you whine about COVID, the Country and Western tours are already in high gear. Local rock radio stations play nothing but rock from the 80s-2005. I am not talking about your cousin Eddie and his wicked cool garage band. I am talking names that everyone knows and will pack a stadium. Joe Bonamassa and Kenny Wayne Shepard click the boxes, but I consider them blues and not true rock and roll.
  25. On a tour of a WW bridge in Thailand we came back on boats with those "outboards". They used larger truck motors as each boat held a dozen tourists. Loud, wet, dangerous and LOUD. Ride was pretty cool. Enjoyed the ride until we passed a dead dog floating down the river. About half mile further downriver the locals are brushing their teeth in that river. Didn't eat dinner when we arrived in Bangkok..
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