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  1. 4 minutes ago, Left Shift said:

    Does that on-deck cell phone ban include the one (or the iPad) you are using to navigate with?  

    Only if the integrated instruments were to fail. 

    Or the sky looks like the end of the world is upon us. I will allow someone to pull up the local TV station's radar site to see how bad an ass kicking we are due for, and if we should tack early to be lifted by the squall. Then it gets put it away..


  2. On 8/2/2021 at 10:33 PM, daan62 said:

    maybe not dumb but at least useless! it does not contribute to solving the problem!

    Ahem brother.

    Have lost a crew overboard while under a spinnaker.  Could not have enough hands and eyes on that deck to ensure we got that boat stopped while not losing sight of Mr Limpet even with a MOB button.  If you sailing in big seas, you also want to get the motor warmed up just in case the person cannot swim and that means you have to ensure all lines are accounted for before engaging the transmission or things are going to get even worse.

    We were successful in getting them aboard, swaddled in dry towels and headed home.


    I have a rule on my boat. No cell phones on deck during a race.   Nothing but a distraction.  Unless you are awaiting a call from "The Admiral" that she just delivered you a bouncing baby grinder, that &^%$ phone stays below.  You have a job in addition to looking for wind shifts and "boats coming out of nowhere".   Have told members who should have known better the next time I saw that thing in their hands I would toss it into Davey Jone's locker without warning.


    10 years ago, the folks at Boston or Corinthian YC in Marblehead had the US Sailing doctor (think he was out of Chicago) in to talk about man overboard drills in cold waters at a winter get together of PHRF-NE.   Of all the great advice he laid out after discussing several tragedies, "be sure to film the carnage" was not one of them.

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  3. a bit of fast and loose with "facts"

    That bit about Beijing having terrible pollution in Jan is not from cars but with fine dust of the deserts of Mongolia blowing 400 miles into town.  Worse than smoke.  Been there before all the cars arrived and folks were still peddling their ugly asses on bicycles.  It sucked.

    Every flick like this likes to go after big oil and GM for ripping up the trolleys.    Well that was 70 years ago.  Since then many cities have rebuilt their public transit using fuel taxes as their fares have not allowed a profit by a long shot.    Fact is due the pandemic the need for cities has decreased as we have found we do not need to go into the cities.   The cities must now understand they must come up with a reason for people to come back.  High taxes, bums shitting on the streets, and defunding the police is not the right answer.


    Brazil went to bio because they had destroyed their economy and devalued their currency so many times, they could not buy foreign oil and not because they were out to change the world.   this was done across the board and not just energy.    It worked for them, but now they are a victim of their own success.  They started to sell to Europe which brought in hard currency and in 2019 passed laws that green-lighted growing biomass anywhere.  Now the rain forests are being cut down to grow sugarcane.  Gee, how did that happen?


    That BS about nothing in the fuel system in a new car to preclude flexfuel.   We have seen carburetor floats and other fuel syste bits dissolve due to corn squeezings.  You do not fix that with a software path via the ORBII port.  Expert was talking out his ass.


    Sounds swell in US, but the fact is today, Biomass, biofuels, and wood only make up 4% of our energy. 


    They have a long way to gear up to be a game changer so we can shut off the oil.


    The major oil companies do not own the drilling/pumping anymore.  They are moving to refining and distribution.  More money and no risk  refining fuels, plastic and run convenience stores.  Exxon's latest numbers were superb due to plastics production.  Chicken and egg.  You get the people to want ethanol or methanol and they will get rid of mid grade and offer it.   They also make less than a quarter the amount for federal and state gas taxes to provide the product.   Congress-critters like to make them look evil in kabuki theater of house and senate investigations.  The numbers are big due to the volumes.  Look at the breakdown on a gallon of gallon of gas.


    Where are all the batteries for solar powered cars going to come from?  Already issues with lithium, cobalt and other rare earth metals where 90% are sourced from China.    https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/world-will-run-out-ev-batteries-2025   .

    Was reading the other day Ford may be in serious trouble rolling out the new electric F-150 pickup as it cannot get the batteries it needs never mind the requirements for the E-stang. Remember each of these vehicles needs 4000 batteries.   And NOBODY wants to talk about what to do with all the expired batteries 10 years down the line.   No clue how the dispose of these chemicals.   Will make nuclear waste small potatoes due to volumes.


    But there are good points to consider:

    Check out 25:00 into that flick of gas prices going up triggering an economic crash.  Anyone notice fuel is up .90 a gallon since the inauguration?  Have you also noticed just like they say in the film that everything else will start to increase in price before a major crash several months later?    Buy any food lately?   Anyone paying attention to the banks giving back money to the federal reserve because they do not want to loan it out due to the risk of it not being paid back.   800 billion dollars in past 3 weeks with estimates of 2.5 trillion in next 2 months.  What do the banks see coming down the pike that makes them not want to lend money anymore?  Highly suggest you check out some Steve Van Metre videos from the past 2 weeks on Youtube.  Very sobering.  The backed up demand of the pandemic is hiding a bubble ready to blow and high fuel prices is a natural spark.


    China will compete for energy and it could lead to war .   The Pentagon has been preparing for this for years.  You heard in that film the Indonesian VP saying GM sells more cars in China than in the US.  Explains why so many US corporations have sold out the US for market share in China over the past 20 years.    The same corporations who donate lavishly to both parties to do their bidding.  The Chinese are wise enough to know whores when they see them them and use them as such.


    To be taken seriously, one has to be honest with ones facts.

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  4. Back in the 90s the company I work for had it's 64 bit mainframe chip used in the automated guidance system to the 1st ISS.

    A buddy working on the software explained to me the system needed to dock to the ISS by getting within half an inch of the docking ring at 18,000 mph 3 dimensionally in outer space.

    30 years ago, that was quite the achievement with the technologies available.

  5. 1 hour ago, tommays said:

    A local agent would be best as there pretty similar but can work out differently depending on the total picture 

    The basic Medicare is easy assuming he worked enough to qualify for Social Security 

    I picked a plan N supplement as it meant my Needs BUT to make things difficult you have to pay separately and it can be monthly or quarterly by debit or mail a check 

    I picked a drug Humana supplement and this is the biggest decision as the coverage can vary quite a bit and you need to research the drug requirements BUT the payment comes directly out of your Social Security 



    Just did this for the Admiral.

    An independent insurance agent who specializes in Medicare supplements can save you a fortune.

    Mine taught this for 12 years before going on her own.

    Learn a metric shitload in the 90 minutes in her office.


    An independent agent can tailor to one's needs using various companies for each part.


    Sorry for your buddy.  Lost my main grinder to the bottle.   Drank himself to death.

    Wish he was still with us..

    Good job taking care of your buddy.  That is what a REAL friend does..

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  6. Damn, I would have put money Frank Beard would kick the bucket first.

    Saw them open the MGM Grand casio outside Washington DC 3 years ago.  Frank was still chain smoking the entire performance.


    Acoustically perfect hall.   Only holds 3,000 people.

    They were honored to open the new hall.

    And they kicked ass and took names that evening.

    Better then when I saw them play the tour for Afterburner


    RIP Dusty


  7. To me,the more interesting piece of that story is how the US knew the sub had imploded via sound devices in the Pacific.

    That happened in 1974.


    Fast forward to  2014 when Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappeared without a trace.

    Hard to believe with 40 years to refine their technology to better hear subs as they all got more quiet that NOBODY (US, Austraila, Japan, UK, China, Russia) did not hear that plane smacking the water.

    At the time, there was speculation that certain countries knew where it hit but did not want to "show their hand" intelligence wise as to just how well they could monitor the Pacific.



    Been seven years and nobody was has said "Go look here" or even done the same via some "expert's" wild ass conjecture to trigger a search pattern.

    Remember the Titantic search was a ruse to cover for a secret navy investigation of 2 of their subs.



    Maybe they know it is in a trench so deep they cannot access it so it is not worth showing their hand.  Or they are keeping mum until they can use it as a cover story to check out some other sunken sub.

    But someone has to have heard that plane auger in when they rewound the tapes for the time of flight and checked every listening device for such a short period of time...

  8. 2 hours ago, ZeroTheHero said:

    last summer we were looking for a lake boat.  Every boat that popped up on Craig's List was sold before I could even respond.  Missed 3 possible boats and I was replying just a few hours after the listing hit.  Finally picked up a Chaparral 23 with less than 10 hours on it.  it was more than I wanted to spend but it was brand new and came with a slip and trailer.  I have heard of guys walking the dock in our marina asking people if they want to sell their boats for cash.

    While working on my boat in a boatyard this spring in Virginia, we had guys stopping by every couple weeks looking for used boats to buy.  They were coming from Florida.

    Marine version of We Buy Ugly Houses

  9. Different back problems require different remedies.

    I originally blew my back up 30 years ago trying to hoist a Hobie 21 mast with nobody on the forestay& extension line helping. Something clicked and it was never right.  I lived with it.

    Got worse over time mostly from crashing and burning doing giant slalom ski racing.

    A highly stressful job with 12-14 hr/day in a chair did not help as my core got soft.


    Used to have 2 therapists tag teaming trying to loosen muscles hell bent on not letting me do anything to the point their hands were worn out after each appointment.   Then they put me onto a table where I was strapped down and this machine basically kept trying to tear my head off using hydraulics. Scared me so much I only got worse.  

    I got to the point I was popping Oxycontin with triples of mt gay rum day and night, do not remember shit for those 2 years,  and could give a shit if I lived never mind the kidney and liver damage.  I was spiraling downward fast.  Sometimes a nerve would trigger spasms causing my back muscles so smash the disks together over and over and there was nothing I could do but scream as my wife freaked out.  Not a good time..

    Then I found someone who had their shit together.   MRI showed I had so much crap (basically broken off pieces of bone and cartilage) between 4 disks irritating them all the time, nothing short of a operation to remove all the crap was going to help as the disks were constantly swollen and angry.  My surgeon who was the head of neurosurgery at Lahey Clinic had the same sailboat as I and he took good care of me.  I felt 20 years younger 2 days after the operation.  I would have been dead by now if not for him.


    So sometimes a bit of Aleve or ibuprofen will do the job.  It is a good place to start.

    If that does not work, I highly recommend back exercise books by Dr Robin McKenze.  The guy was a kiwi doctor who forgot about a patient for over an hour.  Instead of wracking pain, the patient was feeling better than ever.  So he devoted his life to understanding why and coming up with a half dozen easy to do exercises that build your core and really work at making pain go away.  Most techniques are based on his work 30 years ago.  Check your library. 

    If that does not work, try a traction bed where you hang upside down for 5 minutes to pull the disks apart. This is really good if you have sciatica going down your legs which usually is a pinched nerve between the disks.   You can try one at a exercise joint for free or ask your family/friends.   I like the heavy duty models as some models are so flimsy you swear you will fall over and just stress your back muscles.  If it works, you may need to do this a couple times a day for 10 minutes, but if it rids you of pain, it is a small price to pay.

    If that does not work, see a specialist in backs.  First ask who is the best and it does not have to be at your local hospital.  There are some real hacks out there and they can fuck you up permanently.  If the same name keeps coming up as "GOD with a scalpel", that is the one you need to get a referral too. Be persistent as the best do not come cheap and insurance companies like to stall.


    Good luck. True back pain is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.  Abusers of drugs have made it very hard for doctors to prescribe proper pain medication due to all the new rules, reporting requirements and laws.  I feel so sorry for those with real back issues who cannot get proper pain meds due to these jackasses.

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  10. On 7/21/2021 at 3:13 AM, random. said:

    So why would he bother doing that to a great bike?

     My brother cannot help himself.  Never had kids and got bored sailing so he has money to spend.

    And it is not just scoots.  Same on his cars, trucks, snowmobiiles etc.  They are all over the top and kept in pristine condition.


    He used to buy Harleys and drop 15-20k into bigger jugs, pistons, high flow heads, exhausts etc.

    SOBs were still slow and handled like crap.  He would get pissed when I would destroy it on the backroads and he would trade it in for a new one and start all over again.  DId 4 Harleys before his Victory.


    The Victorys not only have a modern motor which is easy to hot rod (just saw a video for a supercharger..), but the aluminum double wishbone frames were sorted out before they went into production.   I come from riding big bore ricers.  The Victory is the first time I thought about getting a bagger.  They handle and brake very well.  In fact i LOVE how it sucks up the bumps on crap roads.  And  I hear there is rear shock/spring built by Penske for $800 that makes the bike handle even better.


    But to answer your question, there is a old saying you cannot have enough good looks, money or horsepower...   :<)

  11. 18 hours ago, SloopJonB said:

    Animals are smarter than we think. Part of the reason for the over-abundance of Canada geese here is because they won't cross the border - the wall of flak that goes up is similar to a night bombing run over Berlin so they stay in peace in our parks & marshes.

    I beg to differ

    you  go just east of Annapolis / Kent Island to the Delaware border and come November the corn fields have thousands of geese heading south from Canada eating the corn on the ground and they sure did not summer in New Jersey.  When the fly off the sky looks black from all them.


    Hunting is down as development has not only encroached on deer, but also for hunters.  The rules about not shooting near homes has limited where they can shoot and the deer have caught on.  As highways have become "safer", many are posted for no parking so the hunters cannot just pull off the road and hunt.

    Also teenagers no longer put their 30-06 on the rack in their pickup  rear window and drive to school for afternoon hunting like my generation.  This has reduced the number of younger hunters.

    The last place for development is just off a highway (away from ramps which are commercial) due to nobody wanting live near a highway.  So the deer bed down in the woods right off the highway until the area gets so developed suckers are willing to buy homes built just off the highway with big concrete wall to reduce the noise.  Come night where are they going to go?  Why in the open fields with grass (aka you highway).


    On my street, there are 2 wooded lots an investor bought decades ago and just left.  Got to be 14+ (number I counted last time they all crossed the road in front of me).   Stupid bastards eat any foliage I plant to the point I now have to ask if deer hate something at the nursery before I purchase.  Had 3 in yard when I went to run an errand yesterday, but I cannot do a thing as the houses are on 2+ acre wooded lots so one cannot take a shot due to the houses nearby.  No predictors, plenty of water, a corn field 2000 yards away.   So they breed like crazy.


    Like Raz'r said, there are so many hits down here (most roads have 50-55 for a speed limit down here) the county sheriffs and state police do not even pull them off the road.  We have a large population of big black buzzards the pick the carcasses clean in a couple hours. 

  12. On 7/19/2021 at 9:39 PM, warbird said:

    Is it a variable cam timing motor?

    Just checked the factory manual.

    No it does not.


    Each cylinder head has valves opened/closed using individual overhead cams via roller rocker arms.

    Each cylinder has its own cam chain and chain adjuster.

    So no high tech in the heads other than 4 valves in an spherical head.


    Shit, my 1977 Suzuki GS750 had more tech 45 years ago when I started riding.

    But then again, it was not a bagger...  ;<)


  13. 6 hours ago, Bump-n-Grind said:

    I never hit a deer, but I had one jump into the side of my truck once. Driving back to DC from southern VA up 17... damn thing stood on the side of the road as about 5 cars in front of me went past. Fucker jumped right into the side of my truck.. His nose left a long smudge of deer snot in the mud on the side of the truck. 

    I don't think he got hurt all that bad. None of the line of cars behind me did anything weird that I could see in the mirror. 

    My neck of the woods. 

    Rt 17 is not to be trifled with after the sun sets, so keep the speed around the speed limit.

    I guarantee you if you go from Gloucester to Fredericksburg you will encounter 4-8 of them along the way.

    Passed 4 of the in 10 miles last Wednesday starting to head to Atlanta.

    They like to munch on the grass on the side of the road and only look up when you get really really close so that their eyes light up and "There they are"

    Nothing but water, rural woods and a farm fields out here.  The Trifecta for a deer environment.  Have seen some seriously big bucks with monster racks on their heads.

    I like to rib the long gun boys at the gun range they suck as deer population seems to be getting bigger instead of them becoming an endangered species.

    Hit one with a Impala once that jumped over the hood only leaving clumps of hair in the grill.


  14. your video from you Op manager reminds me of my trips to Valbonne France.

    From Saint-Tropez to Monaco, you could drive the coastal route, or through the mountains.

    If you did the coastal drive, you had to watch your mirrors for Ferrari coming out of nowhere, passing you on the little straight away before the curve.

    If you drove the mountain route, you had to watch your mirrors for the Paris-Dakar bikes coming out of nowhere and passing you on the the little straight away before the next curve.


  15. 5 hours ago, MikeHunt said:

    Cams and a remap from 94hp?  I'd bet you a beer you don't get over 110 hp.  130 is a 38% increase... and that's a HUGE ask.



    Brother has the same bike since new.

    Did the LLyodd's cams, bigger injectors and remap a couple years ago

    When done, it was run on a mobile dynometer for motorcycles in RI.(he wanted proof the changes work).

    Was showing 129 hp.  Close enough for government work as they say...

    There is all kinds of potential in that motor as it was designed from a clean sheet of paper using modern technologies. 

    Great explanation in laymen's terms here:

    The Indian motor is based on the Victory engine as Polaris saved some engineering money when they folded the brand to focus at H-D with a single spear.



    We shall see how those numbers come out.

    First I need to master this thing.

    After 40 years of riding large bore rice rockets at speeds that I carry my lawyer's business card in my wallet, this bagger rig is fucking with my head big time.

    Regular riding is fine. Well except for the instruments being completely blurry from my head shaking like it is in a blender from wind buffeting above 50 mph.   Just measured and ordered a new windscreen for the fairing that should eliminate that bs.

    Real issue is slow speed as the floorboards are foreign to my noggin.  First I will log a coupe thousand miles to make the bike an extension of my arms and legs and surrender to the Zen of the friction zone, then take a motor cop slow speed handling course to unfuck my head.

    Either way, win or lose, having a cold beer and talking scoots is always a good time...

    Let you know the numbers when I hot rod the motor..

  16. Saw this on cycle trader and drove to Atlanta to pick it up this week.

    Used the money I saved painting my boat myself this spring.



    2011 Victory Cross Country - Cory Ness limited edition.

    Only 350 of them were made.

    Clean as a whistle and low miles.

    94 hp, 129 ft/lbs of torque.

    Once I get the new cams and remap the injectors, horsepower goes to 130.


    Did a ride this morning.

    About to go out on the boat to try out the new spinnaker with some friends and cold ones.

    Life is good....


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  17. 1 hour ago, bmiller said:


    Sturrow Drive in Boston is the same way despite the the signs, flashing light, pvc pipes to hit a quarter mile earlier...


    70 percent of those trucks in the video are Freightliners.   The local dealership must be doing huge sheet metal repair.

    Must have full roofs ready to go.

    One thing for a Penske or Ryder Freightliner to wreck.  Local one time renters who does not know better.



    But there is some company (white trucks with a star in their logo)  in that film with not 2, 3, or  4 but 5 different freightliners hitting that bridge.

    You think the transport manager would outlaw being on that street under penalty of firing.

  18. On 7/11/2021 at 12:34 AM, Big Bob said:

    I have a 2300 psi Generac with a Honda motor. The pump leaks at one of the seams. It has had a lot of use over the years but still runs excellent. How hard is it to change the pump? Or should I just buy a new one, as they fairly cheap?

    pretty straight forward as this is a generic unit looking at their owners manual online.

    find a replacement pump on Amazon that matches the shape and specs.

    Once it arrives, tip the pressure washer on its side after making sure the gas tank is empty (you can take the cap off and put a piece of plastic bag between cap and tank to make it leak proof if there is fuel in tank).

    Undo 3-4 bolts.

    pull old pump off.  Sometimes if the leaking has been for an extended period, you may have some corrosion/mineral build up on the shaft.  Just tap the old pump with a hammer as you pull downward.

    Bolt up your new pump.  the bolt patterns are usually not symmetrical, so you need to rotate the unit until all the holes align.  This keeps you from screwing up.

    Right the unit and fire her up.

    about 30 minutes with time for a celebratory beer.  Time and difficulty of rebuilding a 2 speed winch.


    I will suggest if you are going to do such TLC, hit the hardware store and get some replacement o rings for $2.   replace on your pressure hose along with a slathering of silicone grease.    Will make your hoses last longer and more importantly, not spray all over you while washing the house. Heck throw in a new spark plug and it will be like new!


    Lots of videos to do the deed on Youtube under replace pressure washer pump.

  19. 11 hours ago, Mid said:



    And then one day you find ten years have got behind you

    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

    Some things never change, no don't ever change
    And I'm feeling the cold
    Thinking that we're getting older and wiser
    When we're just getting old


    PF  -   Near The End

  20. Congrats


    I joined the club 7.5 months ago after busting ass for 46 years.

    First 7 months were 6-7 days a week rebuilding the boat and setting it up for single/double handing.

    Lost 30 pounds doing it.

    That is done and I am starting to get used to this retirement gig.


    I only do what I want to do (well unless the Admiral has a priority task..).

    I take the boat out from 8-11 each morning before it gets too hot and there is a breeze.  Used to be so jealous of the boys in Sydney who used to surf or sail before heading into the office.   Now I can do it and NOT go into the office.


    2 credos I have always lived by are true today in retirement:

    Live each day like it is your last because one morning you are finally going to be right


    Life it too short to sail ugly boats, drink cheap booze, or put up with argumentative women.

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