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  1. I said rub it on LIKE a like wax, not put on a wax. You pour a bit from bottle onto an application pad (I use those circular foam pads) and just rub it onto the surface. Let it haze (even though you cannot see the haze) and the wipe with a clean towel. Done!
  2. I was a Mother's carunba wax (no cleaner) for 25 years on all my cars, suvs and motorcycles. Polish out car, rub it on, let it haze, then remove the haze. I switched to the Meguiars ceramic wax last summer on my Volvos. https://clean-garage.com/meguiars-hybrid-ceramic-liquid-wax-16oz-advanced-sio2-technology/?sku=G200416 Wash your car and rub on like a liquid wax. You then wipe it off with a mircofibre towel. - It does not haze so you need to remember where you applied it. - Easier to buff off reside than traditional wax - You can put it on pla
  3. sure. It has a great ROI over 7 years versus your $6 paper cup of coffee every morning. and I do not have to get in line or take any shit from some flunky who thinks they smart, or listen to the buttheads/Karens in line in front of me.
  4. This is supposed to be about stupid taxes, but to answer your question: No they are not different models. For ANY good or service, there is a price people are willing to pay. You cannot charge more unless you have a monopoly like the government. With competition, if your expenses get too high you either cut the costs or FAIL. This applies to big and small companies. Here are examples of employees thinking they were owned something for just showing up, but found out differently when their job disappeared: In the early 70s I remember the 6 pm news with strikes all t
  5. that's Polaroid man. The SOBs who bought the company totally FUCKED the employees and stole their pensions to pay off the junk bonds. for the UAW, the past 20 years have been a slow transition from sweetheart pensions something more modest for the new hires. Remember reading at the time of the resentment of the new employees getting less money, only a 401K and less health care benefits next to the older stiff doing the exact same job on the line. But Olds plant in Framingham Mass is a distant memory. And with it, that $60 gig went POOF! Defined pension plans hav
  6. who gives a shit what new dealers like? They have nothing but opinions based on clown degrees with no basis in science or economics. You can bully folks with regulations on what to pay, but in the end, economics always come into play. Just takes time. But when it does, it strikes with a vengeance. You raise minimum wage to $15 and I have 10 people making $12 recurrently in my burger joint, I am going to can 3 people for I a going to make my profit for my time and investment and I cannot just pass increased costs on in a competitive world like the government can as they are
  7. I followed Andy Miller on Boatworks to a "T". I used the 3/16 Redtree mohair rollers like Andy https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CZ2Y51K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I used quality 1" foam brushes for tight area like around hardware or where the bow and deck meet. Very little brush work (like 10 minutes total on the boat).
  8. Yes, it currently resides at Stingray Boatworks on Stingray point for 2 more weeks before launch. The boat spars had some serious pollen on it this morning, but final wipe down with prep-sol on a microfiber towel took care of that in short order. Another yard client came up and said there was a huge wind yesterday afternoon that rained yellow pollen everywhere from a giant yellow cloud. Today was clear with little pollen after the rain last night. I do have some tiny bugs near the masthead as that is next to the wetlands. They seem to love the smell of epoxy. Will let the paint dr
  9. Will complete repainting my spars tomorrow with Alexseal (got rained out today..). A couple things I learned on this journey. 1. Alexseal is tough stuff. 24 hours after application, it is tough as original Awlgrip. I cannot imagine how tough it becomes when the official 21 day curing time is complete. 2. Awlgrip is also some tough stuff. I was going to strip the spars bare, but the 37 year old primer was like new under the top coat, so I sanded off the topcoat and added a couple coats of Alexseal primer. 3. In doing my research I ran across a technical conference (geeks
  10. reminds me of the old joke about the police officer who comes upon a car crashed into a tree. As we walks up, he sees 3 inebriated passengers in the back. Clearly pissed he demands to know who was driving. One of drunks looks at him and says "None of us officer. We were all in the back singing.."
  11. I talked to Pettit tech support 2 weeks ago on this subject. The fact is the company that makes Irgarol decided to stop producing it. They own the formula so there is zip Pettit can do. They have discontinued all paints (hard and ablative) with Irgarol. There are still pockets of SR on the web. Suggest you jump on some. Irgarol is designed to stop slime. Works great for about 4 months here on the Southern Chesapeake Bay. After that you are back to periodically wiping down the hull.
  12. You missed the point. Eyesailor admits he meant to say among sailors when I called him on it. Though you may have their photos framed in your house with candles next to them, none of them will never be known world wide like Olga Korbert, Mark Spitz, or Jessie Owens. Shit, none of them ever made the front of a box of Wheaties.. Secondly, outside of us sailors nobody gives a rat's ass about sailing in the Olympics. They never rate prime time viewing, interviews of friends and family back home, or even 10 seconds of action in promotional ads leading up to the event. With
  13. Get real.. I'd put up a grand wager I can walk into the US Olympic training Center in Colorado Springs and ask the first 3 athletes I happen upon to name the sport each of these Olympians succeeded in and they would not have a clue. Sailing as an Olympic sport is in there with the little girls jumping around with a ribbon attached to stick.. https://www.olympic.org/gymnastics-rhythmic Nobody cares except their parents...
  14. 120K is not bad. Volvo was running Toyota slush boxes for a while after Ford bought them (got rid of the GM trannies). Volvo says never change the fluid. They are full of shit, but 120K is not bad. Perform or get a complete flush where they drain the pan, refill and then disconnect the line coming out of the cooler. attach a piece of vinyl tube into a milk jug. you kick over the motor and watch the fluid flow via a plastic tube into an empty gallon milk jug. At 3 qts, stop the motor, add 3 qts ATF to the tranny and repeat. by the time you have done this 3 times, the fluid
  15. One of the folks on the weather channel interviewed a fiance of a crew member. She said she had been texting with her SO earlier in the day, and they had talked about fact the boat was in harbor and went out knowing a nasty storm was forecast. According to her, he thought leaving port was a stupid move. If true and there are such texts, the shipping company is going to have to do some serious damage control. Unlikely to hear much on this angle until recovery efforts are complete.
  16. no, but that sounds like the Chesapeake due to being so shallow. But they had more fetch to really let the waves build. Interesting quote: Capt. Ronald Dufrene told CBS his offshore trawler "Mister Jug" was in the area when the incident occurred. He said winds were at least 80 mph and seas rose 15 to 20 feet. "They lost the wind gage at 80 miles an hour," Dufrene said. "They say it blew like that for more than an hour." "People who have been fishing 30, 40 years - the first time they put their life jackets on was yesterday. ... I know three boats for sure s
  17. https://weather.com/news/news/2021-04-14-capsized-boat-louisiana-missing-search Weather channel had video off a boat in the area when the storm hit. The waves were not only big but there was no time between them, just big wave after big wave slamming the boat.
  18. Lived 12 years longer than he should have. How do you fuck over widows and people doing work for the weak and poor? The SEC never caught him even after being warned something was amiss by a financial guy in Boston 3 times over a couple years. Bernie turned himself in. Rumor is besides screwing over friends, family, and charitable institutions, he also burned some folks in his luxury high rise associated with organized crime. Folks that like to make examples of those who cross them. The prison walls were not to stop him from getting out. it was to keep othe
  19. get a subscription to blue ridge motorcycle magazine. It chronicles all the great roads in the area along with places to eat, drink and sleep. https://blueridgemotorcyclingmagazine.com/slay-the-tail-of-the-dragon/
  20. You want to be one of these guys. They already own at least one of every great bike ever made..
  21. The mob has nothing on governments when it comes to shakedowns...
  22. Chapman's has a publication called Chapman's Boating Etiquette that covers this along with other hard hitting topics like Happy Hour.. ;<)
  23. The carnage is revealed at Melvin: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/melvin-capital-down-another-7-march-brings-q1-loss-49 Nothing like losing half of your investor's money. If the investors get out, the money is GONE.... If they hang in there, chances are the rest of their investment will be gone as these folks double down to try and make the money back fast.. To quote every villain in a Scooby Doo cartoon "Those darn kids..."
  24. how do these tapes hold up long term? The reviews on Oracal concerned me. There are multiple people saying the edges not sharp. How long does the CS Hyde tape hold up. That looks very close to the 3M film but it needs to last at least 5 years.
  25. Ocean I will warn you dark colors show EVERYTHING and are very finicky to roll (the paint does not like to be rolled on hot hull sides from direct sun). White is much easier easier. Alexseal is quality product but you have to follow their instructions to the letter. A little antidote: The blue paint is thin and will get under 3M green fine line performance tape in a heartbeat. On the final roll, it bled under the tape onto the white stripe painted the day before. Not what I wanted to find when I pulled the tape. I wiped the stripe with acetone (the axelseal prepwash was too weak
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